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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • DC Bias Current Power Supply

    TH1775 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    TH1775 is a DC Bias Current Source (or DC Magnetization Current Source) used for inductance measurement of inductors and transformer windings with DC bias current. Except for constant current output, low additional error and wide frequency response range are important for bias current inductance measurement. High frequency LCR meter could be used, when the frequency response range is wide enough. MPU controlled auto current balance technology is adopted to realize AC+DC current overlap and constant current output from 0 to ±20A. Two TH1775 can be paralleled to supply a maximum current up to 40A.TH1775 permits high frequency measurement up to 1 MHz and can be directly controlled by TH2816A, TH2817A, TH2818 and TH2819. TH1773/TH1775 with its low additional error, wide frequency response range and sweep output function is widely used in DC biased inductance measurement. TH1775 also provides a perfect solution for magnetic material analysis.

  • Mini OTDR Fiber Optic Reflectometer with VFL OPM Laser Source

    MT-1300 Plus - Guangzhou Wanglu Communications Co., Ltd.

    - Display: 3.5 inch color TFT-LCD screen- Handheld design, light weight and easy operation- Single mode: 1310/1550 nm- Dynamic range: 24 / 22dB (can test about 60 km)- Automatic measurement mode: 1310/1550 nm dual wavelength can be tested simultaneously- Applicable fiber: SM- <8m extra-short event dead zone- Wavelength: 1550nm- Up to 24dB High Dynamic Range- Distance Range: 4,8,16,32,64,128,256km- Pulse width: 3ns-10us- RJ45 cable TDR test & cable sequence test- Optical power meter, Visual fault locator, Laser source- Event Map, can display the length of the link, the type of event point and the position of break point.- USB interfaces, supporting USB stick and printer and direct cable download to PC via ActiveSync- LED light- Built-in friendly-environment lith ium battery with high capacity for over 12 hours of operating life

  • Digital Multimeters

    PCE Instruments

    The digital multimeter, also known as a Volt-Ohm meter, measures electrical magnitude in different fields of electronics. Every digital multimeter has a large, clear display and fits in the palm of your hand making it versatile and easy to handle. The digital multimeter is invaluable to professional technicians due to its high level of accuracy when taking measurements of low to high voltages. The digital multimeter is used in research, in professional training and education, by technicians in the field, by the industrial sector and in workshops, by military, mechanics, and in many other electrical analysis applications.We offer a digital multimeter that has manual or automatic range selection and with or without an RS-232 interface for transferring data to a computer. The corresponding test cables for the digital multimeter come with the device as well as batteries so that it is ready to use straight out the box. The digital multimeter can be accompanied by an ISO calibration certificate either when it is ordered or included as part of an annual recalibration.

  • Fused Test Probes with Silicone Test Leads

    AL-57FL - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● AL-57FL is an ideal tool which shows the indication of live voltage even with blown fuse.● 2 replaceable fast-acting fuses are built-in. The specs of the fuses are 1000V, 11A with internal rating of 20kA AC/DC.● Provide additional testing protection.● Help to prevent a possible mis-indication when there is voltage present.● CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V, 10A with protective cover.● 2mm probe tips, removable 4mm brass caged banana probe tips are also included.● Include High-quality silicone test leads, 1.5 meter long.● Wipe the fused test probes and silicone test leads periodically with a damp cloth and detergent. Do not use abrasives or solvents.● Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C (-5 °F to 120 °F)● One year warranty● Can't be used on current mode with blown fuse.● Rating : EN 61010-031 CAT Ⅲ 1kV 10A / CAT Ⅳ 600V 10A

  • Extended Excursion Underwater ROV with Tether Lengths up to 2,000M (6,000ft)

    vLBV300-L - Teledyne Marine Seabotix

    - Long line excursion capability - Tether lengths up to 2,000 meters (6,000ft)Powerful variable vector thruster configuration - Vectored thruster configuration provides a standard pulling power of 18.1 kg f (40 pd f) adjustable to 22.5 kg f (50 pd f) of Bollard thrust.- Flexible payload/sensor platform - a highly operator customizable system providing a flexible payload capability.Built in serial and Ethernet data transfer - Built in ports for Ethernet (100mbps), serial RS232 (115k baud) and serial RS485.- Ultra low drag, strong tether - At 8mm (0.3in) nominal diameter and 100 kg f (220 pd f) working load the tether has minimal impact on the performance. To cope with the longer tether lengths the tether utilizes a multi-mode fiber for data and video.- Intuitive control system - user friendly operator control unit and integrated control console.​

  • Test Bench for Starters and Alternators

    MS004 COM - MSG Equipment

    Compact tabletest bench is used for quick and quality diagnostics of starters, alternators and voltage regulators without applying any additional measuring devices. The test bench possess high power, thus, units can be diagnosed under different loads. The equipment has small dimensions, it can be placed both in small service centers and big shops specialized in selling equipment.The bench includes the following diagnostic functions: testing of 12V and 24V alternators under load, 12V and 24V voltage regulators, 12V and 24V starters in idle running mode.Power supply is single-phase 220V, thus, there is no need industrial power supply.The device carries out testing of different alternators under load up to 100A.Connection of the 2nd battery is conducted from outside to the terminals on the bench body to achieve power supply of 24V for more convenient connection. Thus, usage of the 2nd battery is optional.New algorithms of testing have been implemented, meter accuracy has also been improved.

  • DC Electronic Load

    Model - KM-mPD-501 - Kusam Electrical Industries Limited

    KM-mPD-501 DC electronic load mainly focuses on the testing of power circuit on PCB. KM-mPD-501 offers a solution for function test of Switch step up, Stepdown, Regulators and Driver IC . Engineer puts components, such as CPU, DSP, FPGA; etc on a PCB after the power circuit has been tested. It’s not complete to use a meter to measure the voltage. KM-mPD-501 offers engineer OVP, OCP and OPP functions that help engineer know the value of overload current . On the other hand, engineer can use a programmable DC power supply (mPP series) to offer external power and connect PCB’s output to KM-mPD-501. Then engineer can easily get output watt, figure out the efficiency of power circuit and check if inductances, capacitances and resistances perfectly work with the power circuit. KM-mPD-501 not only offers loading emulation of current but also provides OVP and OPP. User can use these functions to test solar power battery, rechargeable battery and motor driver. In school laboratory, KM-mPD-501 helps students do experiment on power circuit, linear circuit and driver circuit.

  • Protective Bonding Testers

    RMO-E Series - IBEKO Power AB

    The RMO-E instruments are designed and ideal for testing protective bonding (grounding) of equipment following the standard IEC 61010-1. Also, they can measure the resistance of high, middle and low voltage circuit breakers, high-current bus bar joints, cable splices, and welding joints. The instruments accurately measure not only in factory environments but also in high-induction fields and substations.Both models generate a true DC ripple-free (less than 1 %) current with automatically regulated test ramps. During a test, the protective bonding testers automatically generate increasing current before measuring and decreasing current after the measurement. Consequently, this significantly decreases magnetic transients and ensures great accuracy.These instruments can store up to 500 measurements in the internal memory and have a built-in thermal printer available as an option.DV Win software communicates with the RMO-E earth resistance meter via USB or RS232 interface. It allows a user to run the test remotely from PC, as well as to download test results, analyze and generate fully configurable test reports.The RMO-E series contains two models, RMO60E and RMO100E. The main difference between these two models is in the maximal test current:60 A DC for RMO60E100 A DC for RMO100E

  • Relay Test Set

    RNT-5A - Neutronics Manufacturing Co.

    This is a portable testing kit in one unit, suitable for testing protective relay, over current relay, earth fault relay, protective device, circuit breaker, tripping coils etc.The set is designed for both laboratory and field use. TECHNICAL FEATURES: INPUT : 230 Volts, single phase, 50Hz. AC. OUTPUTS : : 1) Current Output: a) 0- 1Amp. At 6/60Volts. (Continuous duty). b) 0- 5 Amps. At 6/60 Volts. (Continuous duty). c) 0- 10 Amps. At 6/60 Volts. (Continuous duty). d) 0- 20 Amps. At 6 Volts. (for30 min. duty). e) 0- 50 Amps. At 6Volts. (For 10 min. duty). f) 0-100 Amps. At 6 volts. (For10 min. duty). g) 0-200 Amps at 6Volts. (For 30 sec. duty). Current output is continuously variable and the output is taken out through a multi range C.T. The secondary is connected to an ammeter scaled in 0 to 100%. Output current range 1Amp. To 20Amps. Are selected by current range selector switch with common output terminals and for other three ranges three brass terminals are provided of proper ratting. 2) AC Voltage Output: Continuously variable 0 -230V AC. Capacity- 240VA (Max). OR DC Voltage Output: Continuously Variable 0-240V DC. Capacity-240VA.(max). One change over switch should be provided for selection of Volt. Meter for AC or DC voltage output & either AC or Dc voltage should be available at a time. 3) Time Measurement: 0-9.999Secs. & 0-99.99Secs. in two ranges. Accuracy: 1% CURRENT CIRCUIT: Loading transformer: Double winding loading transformer of suitable burden to provided corresponding current output specified before. One change over switch in current ckt. To be provided for voltage selection i.e. selection of 10volt. Or 50volt. Measuring CT: Multi ratio wound primary current transformer Ratio : 1-5-10-20-50-100-200A/5A. Variable auto transformer: For smooth variation of current output at various ranges selected. Tripping circuit: The current output will be cutoff incase of any overload for the range 200A or even if the relay under test actuated.

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