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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • High Accuracy Revenue Meter

    JEMStar ll IEC - Ametek Power Instruments

    AMETEK’s JEMStar II has the highest accuracy in the market, provides many communication options and monitors your power quality to make it the ideal choice for any metering application. An impressive color display makes it easy to view power measurements, phasor displays and meter diagnostics. The JEMStar II is easy to use and configure with our intuitive JEMWARE software and the meter display provides a user menu to show and edit configuration details. The JEMStar II has 1 GB of non-volatile memory to store your metering and power quality data for as long as you want. The meter has a single base model that can be used for simple revenue and billing applications as well as more complex power quality monitoring applications.

  • Hand-held 3-Phase Meter Tester

    3 Series - Powermetrix Systems

    Powermetrix continues its industry leadership with the introduction of Powermetrix Remote Manager (PRM) for the PowerMaster® 3 Series. Powermetrix Remote Manager enables wireless control of essential and various metering site accuracy tests contained within PowerMaster® 3 Series from any Windows compliant system up to 100 feet in any environment, including high EMF environments! Customer load Meter Testing, CT/PT ratio testing, CT/PT burden measurement, meter register/demand testing, and wiring verification are all easily performed with this extremely portable, hand-held 3-phase power analyzer. In addition, with the new Model 335, phantom load meter testing and CT burden added testing are available to complete your field-testing needs.

  • Gas Flow Meters & Controllers

    Sierra Instruments, Inc.

    Accurate Mass Flow Measurement Sierra designs and manufactures a wide range of today's most advanced analog and digital gas flow meters, mass flow meters, controllers and switches across three core technologies: Capillary Thermal, Immersible Thermal, and Mass Vortex. Each gas flowmeter or controller meets exacting standards, and we can also customize your flow rate sensor to meet application requirements (often free of charge).

  • True RMS Clamp Meter

    FLIR CM72 - Teledyne FLIR

    The FLIR CM72 clamp meter gives you better access to wiring in hard-to-reach places. Made with a narrow jaw and high-powered LED worklights, the meter makes it easier to take measurements in dark, crowded panels and cabinets. It’s compact and light to carry in your back pocket wherever you go. The CM72 features AC measurement, Autoranging, True RMS, and more, to help you stay competitive and ensure accurate readings.

  • Handheld Optical Power Meter

    JW3402 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW3402 Optical Power Meter is a highly cost-effective portable power meter and it’s newly launched by the Joinwit Company. It can be used for the optical power measurement within the wavelength 800~1700nm. JW3402 also has a wide measurement range which is more than 70dB. It’s designed with the common wavelength calibration points, such as 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm. The instrument is widely used in fiber-optic link construction, testing and maintenance.

  • Fiber Optic Power Meter

    M2 Optics, Inc.

    The handheld Fiber Optic Power Meter is a user-friendly tool for engineers testing and maintaining fiber optic systems & networks. Both compact and rugged, these devices can be used for absolute optical power measurements, as well as relative loss measurements. In addition, high accuracy and a user self-calibration function result in an excellent overall value.Ideal for single mode and multimode testing (800-1700nm), the power meter also includes batteries, protective rubber boot, and a soft carrying case.

  • Transformer Turns Ratio Meter


    We are considered as one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Transformer Turns Ratio Meter With/ Without Phase. The equipment is widely used in power generation and engineering industry for testing of transformers. We engineer and develop this testing equipment in accordance with industry standards using best grade components and raw materials. This Transformer Turns Ratio Meter With/ Without Phase can be also optimized according to client's specific requirement. We offer this testing equipment at competitive price.

  • Handheld Capacitance and LCR Meters

    U1700 Series - Keysight Technologies

    The U1731C/32C/33C LCR meters allow you to measure frequencies as high as 100 kHz, a capability typically found only in benchtop meters.Gain better noise immunity and save money with Option-SMD. Each of the order comes with an Option-SMD that consists of a handy soft carrying case and SMD tweezer for better value of your money. The SMD tweezer is suitable for making measurements on SMD components and is used with the guard terminals on meter for better noise immunity.

  • General Purpose Power Meter

    OM120A - Advanced Fiber Solutions

    The OM120 is a general-purpose power meter suitable for a both premise and outside plant applications. These units are ideal for measurement of optical power and optical loss/attenuations in a fiber optic network.

  • Portable and Bench Turbidity Meter

    HD25.2 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    Portable and bench turbidity meter equipped with 3 photodetectors and two light sources; it measures according to the standard EPA 180.1, ISO-NEPH (ISO 7027), EBC and ASBC.

  • Sonin Digital Moisture Meter

    50218 - Sonin

    The SONIN Digital Moisture Meter puts time, effort, and money saving professional quality within the reach of homeowners, do-it-yourselfers and small contractors at a value price.


    GF211B - Beijing GFUVE Electronics Co.,Ltd.

    GF211B onsite handheld digital phase angle meter can measure alternating voltage, alternating current, frequency, phase angle, active/reactive power, power factor and so on.

  • Electronic Bypass Flow Meters

    4912 - Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker Conflow’s Code 4912 is an Intrinsically Safe electronic bypass flow meter that is designed for high flow, high pressure situations on mining roof support systems.

  • pH 2700 Benchtop Meters

    OAKTON Instruments

    Oakton 2700 meters meet GLP requirements - meters stamp all calibration and stored data with time/date. Nonvolatile memory stores up to 500 data sets to simplify documenting large volumes of pH or mV measurements. Meters automatically calculate and display electrode slope and offset - ideal for checking electrode quality. Order RS-232 and optional RS-232 to USB adapter separately. Advanced set-up options allow for a large degree of user customization. Datalogging intervals can be programmed into the meter for convenient continuous monitoring. Programmable limit alarm alerts you when readings fall out of range. Calibrate up to 6 points for pH using USA, NIST, DIN, or custom buffer sets. Optional password protection prevents changes to meter setup and calibration. Oversized 3-1/4" x 2-7/16" (8.3 x 6.2 cm) graphic LCD can be viewed from across the room. Bright backlight and large digits allow readings in all conditions. Informative display shows pH or Redox measurements together with temperature, electrode status, cal points, time and date all at once! Cal-due alarm lets you know when recalibration is necessary for measurement accuracy. Visual stability indicator informs you when measurements have stabilized, eliminating guesswork. Comprehensive self-diagnostics make troubleshooting a breeze.

  • Digital Micro OHM Meter

    Neutronics Manufacturing Co.

    NMC's Digital Micro Ohm Meters are low cost, compact, light weight, 3½ digit resistance meter suitable for measurements of resistances of cables, wires, transformers, motor windings, coils and contact resistance of switches, connectors, relays and track resistance of PCB's etc. The value of resistance is displayed on 7 segment LED display. Four terminal measurement systems provide measurements free from errors due to contact resistance and test lead resistance.

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