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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Test Leads

    AL-34WB 10A - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Wire length: 1m approx.    Silicone insulated wire (700mm) with wire connected to straight input plugs (150mm PVC wire), and wire for clamp (150mm PVC wire).● Outside diameter of silicone insulated wire: 6.4mm   Outside diameter of PVC wire: 4mm● Input plug color: Red•Green•Black•Blue  ● Current rating: 10A● Voltage rating: 300V● Designed for Milliohm meter, Micro-ohm meter, Low resistance measurement with high current injection. ● Conductor size: 40mm maximum● Safety standard: IEC/EN 61010-031  CAT IV 300V

  • Test Leads

    AL-34WB - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Wire length: 1.2m approx.    Silicone insulated wire (1000mm) with wire connected to straight input plugs (130mm PVC wire), and wire for clamp (100mm PVC wire). ● Outside diameter of silicone insulated wire: 5mm   Outside diameter of  PVC wire: 3.5mm● Input plug color: Red•Green•Black•Blue  ● Current rating: 5A● Voltage rating: 300V● Designed for Milliohm meter, Micro-ohm meter, Low resistance measurement with high current injection. ● Conductor size: 40mm maximum● Safety standard: IEC/EN 61010-031  CAT IV 300V

  • Digital Input Scanner (Category)

    Ajinkya Electronic Systems

    Our range of products include multi channel scanner, glass led displays, charge discharge type battery monitoring ampere hour meter, digital counters, square root timer and alternator test bench.

  • Digital Clamp-On Multimeter

    CMP-2000 - Sonel S.A.

    Universal clamp meter, enabling the maintenance of current measurements up to 2000 A, with the diameter of the clamp as 57 mm, and bus bar to 70 * 18 mmThe instrument has an electronic overload protection of all functions and ranges.


    SVP - Pacific Gyre Inc.

    SVP drifters track currents at depths of 5 to 100 meters, and are equipped to accommodate a range of additional sensors. Standard drifter sensor configurations include sea surface temperature, air pressure, wind velocity, and salinity

  • Millohm & LCR

    Amprobe Test Tools

    Help prevent failures in motor windings, generators and transformers with a quick and easy resistance test using an Amprobe milliohm meter. To efficiently inspect and verify electronic components for quality control, choose an Amprobe LCR tester.

  • Ohm-Stat Ground/Circuit Tester to Test ESD Ground

    Static Solutions Inc.

    Tests ground for all 110v electrical circuitsWill determine the status of all electrical groundsEasy to use LED lightsWarranteeProduct conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standardsIdentify electrical problemsUsed with the Ohm-Stat RT-1000 resistivity meter

  • Transformer Polarity Checker

    865 - The Eastern Specialty Company

    This instrument is used to check the correctness of polarity markings on transformers. In operation, the two leads carrying the test current are connected to one of the transformer windings. The other two leads from the indicating meter are connected to the other winding.

  • Data Loggers

    FlashLink BLE - DeltaTRAK

    Monitor temperature and locationTracks route and conditions inside vehicles during deliveryTracks conditions in storage, processing and packing facilitiesView data on mobile device up to ~100 feet / 30 meters awayNo need to open doors and locate logger for downloadingWirelessly transmits data to smart devices with appCustomize settings: ID/name, logging interval, high/low alarm limitsEmail PDF and CSV reports from mobile device and web appData stored in a cloud-based applicationAnalyze information from any web enabled device to make cold chain management decisions

  • Frequency Scaler

    SY024 - Synectic Electronics

    The SY024 Frequency Scaler/Multiplier can be linked to most frequency generating devices. It can be set to multiply or divide the frequency by a simple set up. When a frequency output device like a flow meter gives insufficient pulses to give the accuracy you need, or too many pulses for your Programmable logic controller or frequency counter to handle, or if you have more than one frequency output device and the rates are different you can match them by multiplying or dividing and re-transmitting to match the outputs to one another or the capabilities of your PLC etc.

  • IR Thermal Camera

    AMG8833 - Adafruit

    This is the Thermal Camera FeatherWing: thanks to the Panasonic AMG8833 8x8 GridEYE sensor, it adds heat-vision to any Feather main board. Using our Feather Stacking Headers or Feather Female Headers you can connect a FeatherWing on top of your Feather board and let the board take flight!This part will measure temperatures ranging from 0°C to 80°C (32°F to 176°F) with an accuracy of +- 2.5°C (4.5°F). can detect a human from a distance of up to 7 meters (23) feet.

  • Measurement

    Multichannel Strain Gauge Meter - ZETLAB Company

    The Software Multichannel strain gauge meter is used for performing all types of strain gauge measurements using strain gauge sensors (for instance, force and torque sensors, bridge and semi-bridge circuits based on resistive strain sensors), strain measurement data acquisition modules ZET 017-T and digital strain gauge sensors of ZETSENSOR series. The program enables simultaneous processing of up to 128 measuring channels using strain gauge station and up to 500 measuring channels in the case if digital sensors are used.

  • Multi-Interface Frame Grabber

    Xtium2 CLHS FX8 - Teledyne DALSA

    Building on the field proven capabilities of Teledyne DALSA’s Xtium™ family of frame grabbers, the Xtium™2 CLHS FX8 features fiber optic cabling for the CameraLink HS interface on the PCI Express™ Gen 3.0 platform. The Xtium2 CLHS FX8 boards feature CLHS X-protocol for high efficiency transmission, support up to four bidirectional SFP+ modules to delivery aggregate bandwidth of 4.8 GBytes/s and can reach cable lengths beyond 100 meters - all in a compact, half-length, single slot solution.

  • Near Field Probes

    Com-Power Corporation

    A typical emi emission test is performed using broadband EMC antennas such as biconical, log periodics, Combilogs and horns. These antennas usually placed at 1, 3 or 10 meter distance as required by the test specification. These is considered far field measurements and the emission limits are given for the specific distance by the specification. During EMI compliance measurements, the emissions levels from products are compared with these limits. If the product exceeds these limits it is considered failing. These tests are typically conducted in a open area test site IOATS) or inside an anechoic chamber.

  • QAM And PCM Analyzers

    GAO Tek Inc.

    GAOTek provides a wide range of high performance and inexpensive QAM/PCM analyzers. Quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) and pulse code modulation (PCM) analyzers are convenient instruments with top to bottom estimations and adaptable setups. Additionally, these devices have integrated functions of  analog signal generators/receivers, BERT, signaling generators/receivers, selective level meters, ring generators/ identifications, dialers, DC loop circuits (ICT, OGT), balanced bridges and reflecting bridges into solitary instruments. These analyzers are ideal for installing and maintaining digital and analog networks.

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