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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Combination Try And Miter Square

    Smartech Inc.

    We are dedicatedly involved in offering a wide array of Combination Try And Miter Square that combines try and meter square, depth gauge, height gauge, marketing gauge and rules that can be used separately. Offered array is quality inspected by our adroit professionals, before its final dispatch. This array is available in a range of specifications to choose from. Clients can buy this array at nominal prices.

  • Sound & Vibration

    Ono Sokki

    Ono Sokki Sound & Vibration measurement products - sound level meter, microphone & amp, accelerometer, vibration, laser doppler vibrometer, and related software.

  • Pump & Motor Testing Instruments

    Aarohi Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd

    AAROHI Pump and Motor Testing Instruments - dynanometer, stator rotation direction detector, digital RPM meter, DC power analyzer, motor analyzer.

  • Capaciter Tester

    KS-1600 - Konstar Electric Industrial Co., Ltd

    It is a dial instrument, and has the stable function and high reliability. It is driven by the battery. The instrument makes use of the indicator plate(102*79mm), thus displays clearly.This instrument can test the data of on-line capacitive resistance and on line impedance. It is an excellent instrument and an ideal tool for the people in labs, factory and household. When testing the mounted capacitor, it does net need to be completely out of power nor do the meter, and the meter can be testing continuously.

  • Contact Voltmeter

    CVM-780 - Eurostat Group

    • The New CVM-780 Contact Voltmeter combines the ease of use of a digital voltmeter with the high input impedance and low input capacitance of a true electrostatic voltmeter in a small, portable, battery operated package.• Being a true electrostatic voltmeter, not a field meter means that it reads real voltage, without confusing it with electrostatic field strength, which can be distinctly different.• Ceramic Probe Tips allow Accurate Measurement

  • Laser Source

    TW3110 - Techwin(China) Industry Co., Ltd

    Laser Source TW3110 is the most rugged small size instrument in the industry. It integrates super small size and strong function in one unit. With 3 pieces of 1.5V alkaline batteries, it can work continuously for more than 40 hours. The total weight is only 110g. Together with the TW3205 Mini optical power meter, it provides an excellent solution for fiber optic network and for field work.

  • Measurement

    Frequency Meter - ZETLAB Company

    Frequency Meter is used for measuring the frequency of the signal coming to the input channels of ADC modules and FFT spectrum analyzers. The indicator displays the measured frequency value (frequency of periodic oscillations) and signal cycle time corresponding to the measured frequency. It is possible to change the averaging of the displayed value (0.1; 1, or 10 s) and to select a necessary channel of the ADC module, FFT spectrum analyzer or a virtual channel.

  • Moisture Pen + Flashlight

    FLIR MR40 - Teledyne FLIR

    The FLIR MR40 is a pocket-portable, rugged 2-pin, single-scale moisture meter with an integrated flashlight for wood and common building materials — ideal for builders, building inspectors, remodelers, moisture remediation technicians, pest control professionals, and residential roofing and flooring contractors. Providing reliable and accurate measurements offered at a highly affordable price point, MR40 is a quick and easy-to-use tool to find and quantify moisture content.

  • Oxygen Gas Analyzer

    KM 5490 - Kusam Electrical Industries Limited

    • As it uses a high quality oxygen sensor, it is very precise and its performance is stable.• It uses the advance technology design and has multiple functions.• With highlight backlight display and acousto-optic alarming, it is easily configured.• The in built temperature compensation makes the meter measure the correct value of oxygen in the environment temperature of -10 ~ 40�C.• As its case is ergonomically designed, it looks elegant, and is easy to carry.

  • PRO Waterproof 3-in-1 Conductivity / TDS & Temperature Tester

    EC59 - Milwaukee Instruments

    The Milwaukee EC59 PRO Conductivity (EC) & Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Tester is designed for aquaculture, food, wine, laboratory, water treament and many other applications. It is the ideal meter to help make sure that your EC/TDS/Temp. needs are being met and are reliable results for your analysis. Keep EC/TDS/TEMP. in your target range to help your achieve best results.

  • Require External Wireless Module

    Moisture Meter - MEET International Ltd.

    External wireless connectivity moisture meter is designed for use in wide applications, such as :*For locating water leaks behind walls, above ceilings and below floors.*For wood working, measure moisture content before finishing, painting processing.*For textile industries, regular check moisture content of fabrics and leathers, quality check to prevent mold.*For printing industries, check moisture content of paper before printing.

  • ST Switch

    SecuControl inc.

    The ST Switch is a test block for interfacing substation devices (protection relays, fault recorders, revenue meters, etc.) to the voltage and current transformers and to other equipment on the system side of a power grid. The ST Switch uses disconnect pins to isolate the substation devices from the system side equipment. Once isolated, secondary injection can be performed using banana jacks on the front side of the test block.

  • Turbidimeters

    GAO Tek Inc.

    Turbidimeters are instruments used for measuring the turbidity of liquid substances. Turbidity is the optical properties of a liquid that causes the intensity of light rays to decrease. Turbidimeters assess the degree of this turbidity, which is an indicator of the environmental health of the liquid. This measurement is carried out in wavelengths in a cell with modifiable constant temperature. GAOTek turbidity meters are imperative tools for monitoring water quality and are for sale to the United States, Canada and globally.

  • Versatile 5-Channel Industrial Amplifier/ Conditioner Instrument

    MODEL TIO-3000 - Transducer Techniques, Inc

    The TIO-3000 System was originally designed to perform precision summing on 2, 3 , or 4 load cell signals for weighing applications. Development has progressed into accessory modules with considerable versatility for user defined configurations in a compact economical five (5) slot system with built-in meter and channel selector. Please see below for more information on the four available plug in modules and for available system configurations.

  • High Precision Pointer Multimeter

    AM-360TRN - Ketai instrument (kunshan) Ltd.

    7 Function 20 range DC voltage can be measured 0~1000V AC voltage can be measured 0~1000V DC current can be measured 0~10A buzzer, on-off resistance can be measured 0~20MΩ battery measurement transistor measurement db measurement input impedance 20KΩ/ DVC 9KΩ/ACV Accessories include: battery 1.5Vx1, meter pen, manual, color box

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