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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Earth Resistance Tester

    2678 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    RK2678 series Earth Resistance Tester is used to measure the grounding resistance of the electrical equipments’ internal. It’s suitable for measuring the ground wire resistance of the various motors, electrical appliances, instruments and meters, household appliances and other equipment enclosure etc.

  • Three-phase Fully Automatic Test System

    TS33 - Calmet Smart Calibration Devices

    The Calmet TS33 portable test system consists of a three-phase reference meter of accuracy class 0.02%, 0.04% or 0.1% and an integrated three-phase current and voltage source up to 3x120A/600V. The TS33 is designed for analysis of complete metering installations and local mains conditions.

  • External DC Bias Adapter

    16200B - Keysight Technologies

    The 16200B test fixture is designed to operate with high frequency LCR meters and impedance analyzers. It allows you to supply a bias current across the device of up to 5 Adc through a 7 mm port by using an external DC current source.

  • HV-Test System for Capacitor Packages

    LXinstruments GmbH

    The system is used to characterize the leakage currents of capacitor packages. LXinstruments implemented a project-specific PCBA for the required HV switching. The measurement technology consists of Keithley source meters and USB based devices. The DUT adaptation with safety technology was realized in cooperation with ATX.

  • High Voltage Probe

    PD-28 - Kusam Electrical Industries Limited

    Most Digital Multimeters can measure AC Voltage up to 750 /1000V and DC Voltage upto 1000V DC. To extend the measuring range of the digital multi meter for low - power , high - voltage , high impedance circuits such as TV, Video Monitors.

  • CAT-5 Cable Equalizers

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices high speed, differential receivers and CAT-5 cable equalizers compensate for the transmission losses of UTP and coaxial cables up to 300 meters in length. Our design techniques for products such as the AD8123 optimize performance for low noise, short-to-medium range applications, while also providing the high gain bandwidth required for long cable equalizations. Various gain stages are summed together to best approximate the inverse frequency response of the cable. Logic circuitry controls the gain functions of the individual stages so that the lowest noise can be achieved at short-to-medium cable lengths.

  • Linear Bench Power Supplies Triple Output, Local Control, Ultra Low Ripple/Noise

    Series MPS - Kepco, Inc.

    Series MPSThe MPS is a 70 Watt, triple output MIL-STD-461 compliant power supply specifically designed to meet the needs of IC/microprocessor experimenters. It is actually two linear (series pass) power supplies in one.The first has a single 0-6V, 0-5A output backed up by an adjustable current limiter and overvoltage crowbar for digital work. The second has two tracked outputs, 0 to +20V and 0 to -20V, both rated at 0-1 Amp. The two power supplies are completely isolated from each other, sharing only the front panel meters and the chassis.

  • Multi-Interface Frame Grabber

    Xtium 2 CLHS PX8 LC - Teledyne DALSA

    The Xtium™ 2 CLHS PX8 features CameraLink HS standard on the PCI Express™ Gen 3.0 platform. This single cable, single slot solution supports up to 4-CLHS lanes, each operating at 10.3 Gbits/s, to acquire images at up to 5.0 GBytes/s and transfer them using PCIe x8 slots to the host memory. The Xtium2-CLHS supports Active Optical Cable (AOC) to extend the cable length beyond 100 meters. Built-in data-forwarding and multi-board sync capabilities deliver a platform for distributed processing for high-speed, computational intensive machine vision applications.

  • Multi SDI Monitor

    LV 5381 - Leader Electronics Corp.

    The LV 5381 is a waveform monitor that can monitor up to four SDI signals simultaneously.It is optimized for the level adjustment of the outputs of multiple installed cameras. In the video signal waveform display, vector display, and picture display, multiple input signals can be displayed on top of each other or lined up next to each other.It is also full of useful features such as a level meter display for embedded audio, an error display that indicates transmission errors, and a 5-bar display that shows video signal peak levels using five bars. Furthermore, the LV 5381 can show different combinations of these displays in its multi-screen display.

  • Process Timers

    TCT101-1ABC - Datexel

    The Process Timer TCT101-1ABC is a panel mount 4 digit 2 line display meter that can be set up for various Timer functions, such as Timer Off, Timer On, Pause Timer, Timer On and Off, Propotinal Timer. The TCT101-1ABC has 2 relays that can be used for various functions and has 5 Amp contacts. The timer periods can be set in multiples of 1 hundredths, 1 tenths of a second, seconds, minutes or hours. With the aid of the front touch panel or digital input it is possible to interrupt the timer. The unit also has a function that can set the output to toggle on and off over a period of time.

  • Purpose-built Pick & Place Machine For LED Assembly

    MCLEDV4 - Manncorp

    The MCLEDV4 Pick and Place machine features four vision-equipped placement heads mounted on a high-precision, ball-screw-driven gantry for fast, accurate LED assembly on rigid LED tube boards up to 47"/1.2 meters long, circular LED bulb boards and flexible LED strips. MCLEDV4 handles standard and irregularly shaped LEDs, including domed LEDs, from 0.6 x 0.3 mm to 8 x 8 mm (20 x 20 mm available with optional bottom vision). Special tape feeders with brushless motors hold up under round-the-clock production.

  • RA Family Of Arm-based MCUs

    RA6 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

    The RA6 Series offers the widest integration of communication interfaces as well as the best performance level. These MCUs deliver up to 120MHz of CPU performance using an ArmⓇ CortexⓇ-M4 core and a memory range from 512kB to 2MB Flash. The series offers Ethernet, USB Full Speed and USB High Speed, QSPI, CAN, and TFT display driver integration. And, its embedded Secure Crypto Engine is full of features you can leverage in your higher-level solutions. The RA6 Series addresses a broad range of applications for IoT endpoints such as white goods, meters, and other industrial and consumer applications.

  • Bench Power Supply, Adjustable, 2 Output, 0 V, 32 V, 0 A, 3 A

    72-8690A - Tenma

    The 72-8690A from Tenma is a dual channel general DC power supply suitable for laboratory use. The dual channel (CH1 and CH2) can work in CV or CC mode and these two modes convert automatically according to the load. The CH1 and CH2 have auto tracking function. In this condition, the output of CH2 tracks the output of CH1. This function is usually used when adjustable symmetrical and double polarity power is required. Both CH1 and CH2 display the output voltage or current with a 6 digit LED meter. The main outputs can be connected in parallel or in series. This product comes with 2 years warranty.

  • Bench top DC Power Supply

    R4K-80 Series - MATSUSADA Precision Inc.

    R4K-80 series is higher performance and next generation model of existing RK-80 series DC variable power supply, which has been receiving good reputation for its innovative compact size and variable range feature. 4-digit meter and high resolution D/A, A/D converters are added newly for more precise setting and reading. Needless to say, the innovative compact size, variable range feature and high operability are remaining same as conventional RK-80. R4K-80 series is the best suitable DC power supply for a variety of applications from laboratory experiment to line productions.

  • Nonwovens Solutions

    OptiBond™ - Nordson Corporation

    The capability to monitor and / or control dispensing in real-time helps improve production efficiency and reduce waste. Available as standalone systems or melter-integrated capability, flow monitoring and closed-loop flow control help produce disposable hygiene products faster, more efficiently and at lower costs. Nordson offers a broad range of products to help you improve product quality, reduce material waste, and increase production efficiency. These include: TruFlow meters, dividers / splitters, and applicators. GP 200 remote metering stations, Harmony applicators; Concert flow controllers and VersaBlue Plus or AltaBlue Plus melters.

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