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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Meter Pulse Splitter

    SY027 - Synectic Electronics

    Our SY027 Pulse Splitter is designed to convert pulses from meters or other turbine devices and transmit the same pulse via two relay outputs to enable two separate instruments to measure the rate simultaneously. It can be used with either electricity, water or gas meters (NOT ATEX). The SY027 PSO has been designed for applications where a pulse is required to be isolated, re-powered and repeated on two separate outputs. It works with inputs from reed switch signals, Opto coupler, open collector, NAMUR or TTL pulse (up to 25V) with automatic debounce, as well as with high frequency pulses. The speed of pulses can be accommodated from either a very slow to super-fast. Isolated relay outputs can be created by the PSR version when an NPN pulse output from a meter needs to be converted to a single relay isolated output or two.

  • DC Meters/Rail Meters:

    Bierer & Associates, Inc

    Digital DC Resistive Voltmeter has a single range of 0 – 2kV. The unit consists of a meter probe, second probe, and connector cable. This unit is designed to measure DC voltage between the negative return rail and overhead positive cantenary conductor used on transit systems. The five position selector switch located on the face, controls OFF, ON, and Test. The OFF positions are for storage and transit. The ON position is for measurements from 0 to 1999 volts with one-volt resolution. The T position tests basic meter functions and the digital display.

  • Meter Test Board

    WECO 2150 - Radian Research, Inc.

    Model 2150 automated test system is a fully ANSI compliant testboard that uses a single voltage and three independently controlled isolated current sources to test all electromechanical and solid state meters up to 50 Amps. Utilizing a precision laser optics system, the Model 2150 can test meters through the most grime-coated covers with unfailing accuracy. This same laser technology makes it possible to test using the disk’s edge without wasting time with the tricky optics adjustments found with other test systems.

  • On-Board Flow Meter

    DF-2200 - Ono Sokki

    The DF-2200 On-Board Flow Meter is a compact on-board fuel flow meter developed for our FP series Volumetric Flow Detector*. The compact body is equipped with functions such as flow rate/temperature/pressure measurement and CAN communication required for fuel consumption measurement. Adopting the same size as our CT-6700 Engine Tachometer, it can be used by stacking two units in a limited space. In addition to 12 to 24VDC of power source, an AC adapter is available as an option, which is sufficient for not only on-board measurement but also engine bench evaluation.

  • Resonance Dip Meter

    NRM-2 - National RF, Inc

    National RF’s Resonance Dip Meter is a test instrument used to determine the resonant frequency of a tuned circuit or resonant network, such as an antenna system. In addition, the unit may function as an RF detector, or a secondary frequency source. The instrument is analogous to the older vacuum tube “grid dip meter,” once popular in every electronic laboratory or radio station. Unique to this updated version is a buffered output that may drive a digital frequency counter for exact measurement of resonant frequency, or connected to an oscilloscope to be used as an RF detector and waveform/modulation monitor.

  • Benchtop LCR Meter

    1692 - IET Labs

    The GenRad 1692 LCR Meter is a sophisticated, microprocessor-controlled tester that brings new levels of flexibility, simplicity and accuracy to RLC measurement. It's testing automation at its best with a range of programmable test frequencies and test voltages, as well as automatic limit comparison, automatic parameter selection, remote programmability, automatic binning and automatic zeroing. The display facilitates visual acquisition of test data and eliminates costly guesswork and errors. The 1692 LCR Meter provides a powerful combination of features designed to maximize productivity in production testing applications.

  • Precision LCR Meter

    1693 - IET Labs

    The GenRad 1693 LCR Meter Bridge gives you the best combination of features, in an LCR meter, to meet your most demanding testing requirements. It's a versatile, flexible instrument with a full range of programmable test frequencies, speeds, and voltages. An easy to understand display show both primary and secondary measurement parameters. The Digibridge is an excellent choice for metrology applications requiring accurate and repeatable measurements. The 1693 is also widely used in production testing, incoming inspection, component design and evaluation, process monitoring or dielectric measurement applications.

  • Digital pressure meter

    ZET 7012-A-VER.3 - ZETLAB Company

    Digital pressure meter ZET 7012-A-VER.3 is used for fast and simple absolute pressure measurements and measured values data transfer in digital format via RS-485 or 4-20 mA interface.

  • Digital Pressure Meter

    ZET 7012-A-VER.1 - ZETLAB Company

    Digital pressure meter ZET 7012-A in BP4-1 casing is used for fast and simple absolute pressure measurements and measured values data transfer in digital format via RS-485 or 4-20 mA interface.

  • Non-Destructive Moisture Meter

    SKIPPER Plus - Tramex Ltd.

    The SKIPPER Plus non-destructive moisture meter provides a complete, safe method for detecting excess moisture in GRP and wooden boats. Three scales of sensitivity allow moisture detection in salt or fresh water.

  • Dielectric Strength Meter

    Dielectrotest - Amperis sl

    The Dielectrotest is a fully automatic dielectric oil meter for determining the breakdown voltage of insulating liquid. It is designed for both laboratory and field use for commissioning and maintenance purposes. The test standard is selected via menu.

  • Electricity Meters Tester

    Caltest 10 - Calmet Smart Calibration Devices

    Single phase portable electricity meters tester class 0.5% powered from tested circuit with load force possibility apart from tested object. There is no need to disconnect the users during measurement

  • Combinated Lux Meters

    PeakTech Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH

    Combines a sound level, lux, air humidity and a temperature measuring device. It is therefore ideally suited for professional and private use. The sound level meter enables dB measurements and the determination of sound level ratios.

  • Conventional Prepayment Meters

    Shenzhen Star Instrument Co., Ltd.

    Single-phase DIN rail STS prepayment meter consists of a MCU and UIU which communicate via PLC/RF/Cable. User may query MCU data and input token through a UIU installed in households.

  • Laser Distance Meters

    HT Italia Srl

    Those Laser distance meters are the evolution of linear measurement with possibility of carrying out precision measurements, geometric calculations and transferring data onto your smartphone or tablet through the relevant App, available in the store.

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