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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Pen-Type Food Thermometers

    Bestone Industrial Ltd.

    This thermometers look like an extra-large needle with a temperature gauge on the end. It delivers reliable results when you want accurate measurement readings of both internal and ambient temperatures. This electronic temperature meter can also be used in getting food temperatures. The probe can measure temperature that range from -50°C~ 300°C (-58 ~ 572°F). The easy-to-read digital readouts has a large screen that quickly displays temperatures in either Fahrenheit (°F) or Celsius (°C) with just one press

  • LED Driver & Bulb Testing Instruments

    Embuilt Technologies

    Providing you the best range of Driver Testing Machine, Digital Power Analyzer, THD Power Analyzer, AC Production Tester, Smart QC Meter and Power Supply Tester with effective & timely delivery.

  • Component Testers

    B&K Precision Corporation

    Unlike other handheld instruments such as LCR meters that make measurements using an AC signal with a specific test frequency, the 830C measures capacitance by applying a constant current that briefly charges, then discharges the connected capacitor.

  • Dielectric Strength Test Apparatus

    CX-KD12 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    To improve the insulation board and creepage dielectric properties, surface brushed polished, bottom bracket the minimum distance from the edge of >35mm, the altitude of 2000 meters designed to meet the strength test requirements of 12KV

  • Curing System by Ultraviolet-Ray


    This is the relay amplifier box for the multi-point type UV monitors. Received UV light intensity is converted to electric signal for transmission. This allows distance between the light receiving inlet and the controller to 10 meters maximum.

  • Frequency Counters

    DS Instruments

    Combines a calibrated RMS RF Power Meter, a wide-band frequency counter, and a RF Signal Generator into one miniature USB device. Incredibly useful in production verification environments and other automated test setups.

  • AC Hipot Tester (Digital)

    KT-5000PD-2D - Kast Eng Co. LTD.

    This Hipot(puncture) Tester is shows a leakage current on digital meter while test.Also good, bad, test, enable signal exchange from External equipment, and it is a precision measurement equipment the system connection is easy.

  • CW Test Signal Generators

    TesCom USA

    Applied Instruments CW test signal generators generate CW carriers that are extremely clean and stable. Because of their excellent frequency and amplitude accuracy, they are also great for calibrating signal level meters and spectrum analyzers.

  • Viscometers

    PCE Instruments

    A viscometer, viscosity meter or rheometer is a measuring instrument used to determine a fluid's internal flow resistance or viscosity. The term viscosity typically refers to shear viscosity, i.e., how a material reacts to being sheared. Rotational viscometers with rotating spindles or rotors, also known as "cup and bob" or Searle viscometers, are the most common tools used to measure the shear viscosity of fluids. However, a fluid's viscosity also may be measured on the basis of stretching. The technical term to refer to this is extensional viscosity.A viscometer is frequently used in laboratories, but it also has practical applications in factories and other industrial environments. A viscometer can be an important component in process and quality control. Companies can save money by placing a viscometer in a production line and making fluid viscosity measurements in real time.PCE Instruments offers a variety of handheld, portable, benchtop and in-process, real-time viscometer products that measure the absolute / dynamic (shear) and kinematic viscosity of fluids. Handheld or portable viscosity meter devices allow users to take simple, single-point measurements in the field and in the lab. Benchtop or stationary viscometer devices are complex rheological measuring systems that allow for a more detailed examination of liquid samples.

  • Palm Size Digital Multimeter, Calibrated, 1999 Count, Mean Value, Manual Range, 3.5 Digit

    72-7770 CAL - Tenma

    The 72-7770 CAL from Tenma is a palm sized digital multimeter with 3 3/4 digit LCD. It is 3 1/2digits with steady operations, fashionable design and highly reliable hand held measuring instrument. The meter measures AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, temperature, diode and continuity. It is an ideal tool for maintenance. The multimeter features square wave output, data hold, low battery indicator and display backlight, This meter complies with the standards CE, IEC61010, in pollution degree 2, overvoltage category (CAT I 600V, CAT II 300V) and double insulation.

  • Digital Protective Relay Test Set

    K1066+ - KINGSINE Electric Automation Co., Ltd.

    1. Adopts 6.4 large LCD screen, and provided with VGA video interface, making it available to connect to projector for training;2. With alarm function of housing grounding testing and external voltage input, to guaranty personal security;3. Offer independent Aux. DC to tested devices, 0 ~ 300V/0.6A(Poleless and adjustable);4. Two in one of meter and source, with function of both internal and external testing, self-calibration, oscillograph, and the duration of each oscillograph reaches 50S (optional function);5. Function of transducer and energy meter testing (optional function);

  • 400A True RMS AC/DC Watt Clamp-on - Measures Watts, Current, and Voltage

    Extech 380940 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    The compact Extech 380940 is a 400 Amp mini True RMS AC/DC power clamp meter with a small diameter jaw designed to reach in small areas while providing power calculations up to 240kW. With the added convenience of instant watt readings, a feature normally reserved for full-size meters, this mini power clamp is useful for essential troubleshooting tasks in plant maintenance, electrical, HVAC, and telecom work, as well as residential electrical repairs, energy audits, fleet maintenance, marine, and motorcycle repair. Complete with test leads, 2 AA batteries, and carrying case.

  • Closed-Link Field Test Kit

    630 - The Eastern Specialty Company

    TESCO’s Closed-Link Field Test Kit (Catalog No. 630) with Power Factor has been designed to reduce the weight of field test equipment to the lowest possible limit when testing electric meters without potential links or with the links closed. The unit is protected within its ergonomic carrying case by a durable powder coated aluminum shell. The total weight of the meter test kit including leads, and digital reference standard is only 30 lbs! The test kit carrying case also incorporates ample storage space for the cable set and other tools.

  • Test Leads

    AL-34WB 10A - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Wire length: 1m approx.    Silicone insulated wire (700mm) with wire connected to straight input plugs (150mm PVC wire), and wire for clamp (150mm PVC wire).● Outside diameter of silicone insulated wire: 6.4mm   Outside diameter of PVC wire: 4mm● Input plug color: Red•Green•Black•Blue  ● Current rating: 10A● Voltage rating: 300V● Designed for Milliohm meter, Micro-ohm meter, Low resistance measurement with high current injection. ● Conductor size: 40mm maximum● Safety standard: IEC/EN 61010-031  CAT IV 300V

  • Test Leads

    AL-34WB - Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd

    ● Wire length: 1.2m approx.    Silicone insulated wire (1000mm) with wire connected to straight input plugs (130mm PVC wire), and wire for clamp (100mm PVC wire). ● Outside diameter of silicone insulated wire: 5mm   Outside diameter of  PVC wire: 3.5mm● Input plug color: Red•Green•Black•Blue  ● Current rating: 5A● Voltage rating: 300V● Designed for Milliohm meter, Micro-ohm meter, Low resistance measurement with high current injection. ● Conductor size: 40mm maximum● Safety standard: IEC/EN 61010-031  CAT IV 300V

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