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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Video Level Meter

    VLM1 - NG Systems Ltd

    This meter provides a direct reading in volts of peak white and sync levels of a CCTV signal on a 4 digit LCD display. An input impedance switch provides slection between terminated (75Ω) and unterminated (high impedance) input.

  • Extinction Ratio Meter

    Shenzhen Golight Technology Co.,Ltd

    The extinction ratio meter can achieve accurate measurement of up to 40dB PER dynamic range. The instrument is precisely controlled by micro-machines, which can quickly and accurately measure the extinction ratio, polarization angle and optical power of the polarization-maintaining device.

  • Power Quality Meter

    Qualstik - SensorLink

    The Qualstik Power Quality Meter has been developed specifically for measurement of four important items of power quality in the electric utility industry. These are Current, True Power Factor, Total Harmonic Distortion and the Direction of Current Flow.

  • Digital Panel Meter

    Nippen Electrical Instruments Co.

    To be supplied with the right meter, simply furnish the following details in your order: Model Number, Description of the Meter. Accuracy Class. Voltage Input (110 Volts from PT, 240 Volts line to neutral or 415 Volts Line to Line). PT Ratio specifies the High Voltage Primary first ( 33 kV.110V). Current input (5Amps or 1 Amp secondary ) CT ratio (e.g. 100/5 Amps. etc.). Aux. Supply : 50/60 Hz (240VAC of 110/VAC). Dimension : 96 x 96mm or 48 x 96 mm or 144 x 144 mm.

  • Live-dead_Live Meter Verifier

    LDL-1100 - Allied Edison LLC

    The Live Dead Live (LDL) Meter Verifier is a small, lightweight, robust, portable, handheld power supply. It supplies just under 50 volts, AC (rms) or DC with a maximum current of less than 5 mA at rated voltage. The LDL 1100 Meter Verifier is specifically designed to facilitate voltage verification tests on most digital multi-meters, electronic voltage detectors, voltage testers, neon test lights, tic tracers and other commonly used electrical voltage test apparatus, while keeping the user as electrically safe as possible with its extremely low “volt-amp” output.

  • Process Panel Meters

    Shimpo Instruments

    Rugged and reliable, the 1/8 din panel meter line is designed for both the OEM and retrofit markets with an array of flexibility enabling usage in a broad range of applications. Our Panel Mount Tachometers are ideally designed for speed, rate or time monitoring applications with potential connection to PLC’s and networks with available outputs. The dedicated Process Meter line-up allows usage in virtually any application with their voltage, current or temperature input selections along with a myriad of optional output signal and communication combinations. The similarly designed Process Counter line completes the offering, geared for frequency or encoder input applications.

  • Ultrasonic Flow Meters

    WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

    In-line ultrasonic flow meters provide accurate gas flow measurement by calculating the transit time difference ratios between ultrasonic paths into a pipe. WIKA ultrasonic flow meters are intrinsically safe (ATEX/IECEx) and approved for custody transfer (MID 2014/32/EU, OIML R137). These solutions ensure low power consumption and easy and quick installation and commissioning, and are suitable even in the most demanding applications. Sound velocity, signal-to-noise ratio and other additional measured variables are available for condition monitoring, as well as connectable pressure and temperature sensors for achieving integrated volume conversion.

  • 50Hz-100kHz LCR Meter

    Chroma 11022/11025 - Chroma Systems Solutions, Inc.

    The Chroma 11022 and 11025 LCR Meters are passive component testers that can give you the most cost effective alternative equivalent to the high priced meters. They are designed for the demanding applications in production test, incoming inspection, component design and evaluation. Programmable test signal level settings are from10mV to 1V in a step of 10mV, and the VM/IM signal level monitor functions allow you to evaluate your devices at the level you specify. Ten test frequencies of 50Hz, 60Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz, 50kHz, and 100kHz, can be used to evaluate passive components and transformers/ LF coils.

  • Carbon Monoxide Meter

    ET110 - Klein Tools, Inc.

    The ET110 is an easy-to-use meter that detects and measures concentration levels of carbon monoxide (ppm) and temperature (oF/oC) making it the perfect choice for HVAC professionals. Backlit display with CO measurements (0 to 1000 ppm) and temperature (°F/°C ).

  • Moisture Meters for Agriculture

    Delmhorst Instrument Co.

    Producers know the key to high quality crops is proper moisture monitoring from beginning to end. Whether you''re growing hay, cotton, grain, hops or tobacco, there''s a Delmhorst moisture meter that''s right for you.

  • Optical Power Meter

    PM203 - Irradian Ltd.

    The PM203 optical power meter can be used to measure the radiometric power in a beam of monochromatic or narrow band light. Using the internal calibration table the micro-processor controlled PM203 displays directly the optical power in Watts or dBm or the calibration wavelength.

  • Slip Speed Meter

    VSS-01 - Veer Electronics

    VEER make Slip-Speed Meter VSS-01 is portable instrument which is very useful to find RPM, Corrected RPM, Slip and Frequency of electric Motor. It is very simple and easy to use Instrument so, any one can operate it easily.

  • Leakage Clamp Meter


    Digital clamp meter designed for leakage current measurement. Least affected by external stray magnetic field. The minimum resolution is 0.1mA. Four AC current ranges:400mA/4A/40A/400A. Data hold function,peak hold function

  • Digital Power Meter

    66203/66204 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    Chroma 66203/66204 Power Meters are designed for mul t ipl e pha s e powe r me a surement applications. The wiring mode function allows the user to take accurate power measurements for various wiring modes 1P2W/1P3W/3P3W/3P4W as well as providing accurate standard power measurements common for most electrical devices. A unique feature of the 66203/66204 is its stateof- the-art DSP digitizing technology instead of less accurate and slower traditional analog circuits. The internal 16 bits analog/digital converters with sampling rates of up to 250kHz provide both high speed and high accuracy measurements which is unprecedented within the industry for this class of power meters. The instruments include a four part display with 7-segment LED front panel readouts. Users can easily select desired parameters and readouts with a touch of a button. The 66203/66204 meters also include remote control using USB or GPIB interfaces via rear panel connections.


    1600 - Telemann Corp.

    The optimal satellite signal meter to test and measure both analog/digital signals(DVB-S, DSS). Especially, these models give users the capacity to measure 'C/N' very easily and correctly, which are very important measurement factors for the satellite broadcasting signal

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