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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Measurement

    Strain Gauge Meter - ZETLAB Company

    The program Strain gauge meter is intended for various strain gauge measurements with the use of strain gauge transducers (e.g., force and torque transducers, RPM sensors, bridge and half-bridge circuits based on strain gauges, etc.) and a measurement module for strain gauges ZET 017-T.

  • Comparative Tracking Index Tester


    The Comparative Tracking Index Tester is used to test the resistance to tracking of solid insulators or parts of insulators used in electrical appliances and accessories. This test is mandatory for manufacturers of most of the electrical products such as circuit breakers, meters, switches, sockets, plugs, starter holders, connectors, etc.

  • Diagnostics & Testing Equipment

    Parker Hannifin Corp.

    Parker offers an array of diagnostic and test solutions for measuring hydraulic and pneumatic data and for troubleshooting operational problems. These include analog and digital flow and pressure meters and viscometers as well as associated devices such as sensors, vacuum and pressure controllers, quick couplings, and test point connectors.

  • Portable Appliance Tester

    PAT-815 - Sonel S.A.

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONFILESPAT-815 digital meter is used to measure the parameters of electrical equipment (power tools, white goods, etc.) which determine their safety: resistance of protective conductors, insulation resistance, continuity of connections, leakage current, power, automatic measurement of all RCD parameters.

  • Isolation Relays

    TransData, Inc.

    TransData Isolation Relays provide surge protection for energy metering installations by electrically isolating the pulse input/output wiring path to protect electricity meters, network components, energy management systems and recording devices from damage caused by transmitted or induced electrical surges.

  • Vector Network Analyzer

    ZVL - Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

    The R&S®ZVL is a compact, cost-efficient, powerful and portable network analyzer. It is ideal for use in development, production, and service. It is the only instrument to combine the functions of a network analyzer, spectrum analyzer, and power meter in a single box, making you much more efficient.



    The IP VIDEO SNIFFER is a hand-held meter used to check new installations and trouble shoot existing IP video installations. It instantly displays the communication status of both transmit and receive data lines and also indicates the status of Power Over Ethernet (P.O.E.) lines.


    6565 SERIES - Wayne Kerr Electronics, Ltd.

    The 6565 HF DC Bias Unit is intended to be used with a Wayne Kerr 6500 analyzer, either the 6500B Precision Impedance Analyzer or the 6500P HF LCR Meter. Its function is to provide a source of DC bias current through the Device Under Test (DUT) while the analyzer is making AC measurements. Each 6565 unit can provide up to 10 A of DC current, and up to six 6565 units can be connected in parallel to supply a maximum 60 A. A digital ammeter on the front panel allows the user to see the dc bias current value and an indicator LED shows when the bias current is enabled.

  • Human Potential Measuring Instrument

    KSD-4000 / KSD-4100 - Kasuga Denki, Inc.

    Electronic devices and metal tools carried by workers have individual capacitance to ground and are charged at human potential. When the charged electronic device touches the ground or a metal tool touches the electronic device, a transient current with a high peak current flows at high speed, Causing A Failure. By Using The Human Body Potential Measuring Device, The Potential Of The Human Body Can Be Measured Accurately, And It Can Be Immediately Determined Whether Or Not The Electronic Device Is Damaged By The Potential. You Can Also Find Out How Much Static. .. .electronic meters such as conductive floors, electrostatic mats, electrostatic shoes, and wrist straps reduce the human potential.

  • Primary Flow Elements

    WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG

    Orifice plates, meter runs, flow and Venturi nozzles, Venturi tubes, pitot tubes and restriction orifices are part of our portfolio of primary flow elements. All our primary flow elements are designed in accordance with the principles and requirements of international standards (ISO 5167/ISO TR 15377, ASME MFC, ASME PTC6, BS 1042, DIN 19206, UNI 10023). We offer calibration certificates in accordance with the ASME PTC6, ISPESL and IBR standards. With our extensive product range we are in a position to cover almost all industrial applications. Customised solutions can be developed to meet your specific needs.

  • 2U Family of Programmable AC-DC Switching Power Supplies to 1400W

    Acopian Technical Company

    The 2U family of programmable AC-DC power supplies sets a new standard for flexible and reliable power for your application. Available in a Rack Mounting or Benchtop at 1400W power levels with single output voltages ranging from 10 to 270V and current capabilities up to 120A. A user-friendly front panel provides reliable linear controls for finer adjustment and digital LED voltage and current meters. Standard features include; 'soft start' operation and 'no load' operation, thermostatically speed controlled fans to limit acoustic noise, short circuit and overload protection, thermal protection, internal EMI filtering, RFI shielding and remote sensing.

  • Advanced Thermal Imaging Camera

    FLIR E96 - Teledyne FLIR

    The FLIR E96 is our first pistol-grip camera with 640 × 480 thermal resolution so inspectors can survey high-voltage, hazardous targets safely and quickly diagnose electrical and mechanical failures. Interchangeable AutoCal™ lenses offer complete coverage of near and distant targets, with the laser distance meter ensuring the crisp focus needed for accurate temperature measurement. The onboard FLIR Inspection Route runs pre-planned routes to help inspectors stay organized when surveying large or multiple locations. FLIR Ignite provides automatic uploading of E96 images directly from the camera to the cloud for easy, secure storage and sharing.

  • Rebar Locator

    Profoscope - PASI srl

    The Profoscope is a versatile, fully-integrated rebar detector and cover meter with a unique real-time rebar visualization allowing the user to actually “SEE” the location of the rebar beneath the concrete surface to a maximum depth of 180 mm. This is coupled with rebar-proximity indicators and optical and acoustical locating aids. Rebar diameter can also be estimated within the specified testing range. The Profoscope combines these unique features in a compact, light device that allows the user to operate this rebar detector with one hand making the task of locating rebars a simple and efficient process. In addition, Proceq’s rebar detector convinces through its intuitive user interface making rebar detection easy.

  • Buoyancy Engines

    Teledyne Marine Webb Research

    ​​The Slocum G2 glider is pressure rated to 1000 meters. The buoyancy engine is available in both a deep and shallow configuration. These are optimized for maximum efficiency based on the depth of operation. We are available to help determine what would be most efficient for your operations.An exciting feature of the G2 design is that one vehicle can be configured for any of the available depth ranges by a simple replacement of the front end of the glider. This is easily field replaceable. For shallow gliders only, the ballast drive can also be easily replaced to change operational depth. This is an exonomical way to increase the mission capabilities of your glider. For the deep gliders, the forward section can be replaced with a shallow buoyancy engine.

  • Charger / Quick Charger / Adapter / LED Driver Test System

    6010 - PRODIGIT Electronics Co, Ltd.

    6010 Charger / Quick Charger / Adapter / LED Driver Test System is able to meet multi-types power products test requirements,and its multi-U.U.T test simultaneously capability can significantly enhance the production line throughput. It also possess multi-modular combination that includes low noise analog AC source with Triac to simulate output, four sets precision power meter, two or four sets ripple noise / timing measurement module, four sets OVP DC power supply, 3310F series & 3332F/3336F Electronic Load module and unique design 3340F series for LED power driver output test.

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