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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Voltage Voltmeter

    Voltstik - SensorLink

    The Voltstik is a distribution voltage voltmeter designed for use on lines and in substations. This meter is employed onto a line by using a hot stick and universal chuck adapter. It is capable of measuring voltage phase to phase, and phase to ground. This high impedance instrument is an excellent choice for solving multiple problems associated with operating a medium voltage system. Its key applications are defined under three groups, safety confirmation of the voltage present, troubleshooting voltage problems, and phasing.

  • Phasing Voltmeter/Sensor (2 in 1)

    STB Electrical Test Equipment, Inc

    STB unit replaces 3 separate units manufactured by competitors - line phasing, capacitance phasing and line to ground Versatile, lightweight and easy to useEach portable meter has a single rangeMeter usage: Voltage detection and phasing at capacitance test points or voltage detection and phasing on bare energized conductors (overhead & underground)Probes can be separated to be used as a voltage sensor or capacitance sensorFive position selector switch used to select voltage sensing on capacitance tap or direct line and phasing on capacitance tap, direct line or a battery test positionNo exposed conducting terminals or meter circuitryLocking cable connector provides positive contactScale is large enough to be easily read 8'-10' when mounted on a suitable hot stickLine to ground voltage readings are accurate within 3% at full scaleMaximum operating temperature range -20°F to 165°F (-30°C to 75°C)25' coiled cable includedAccessoriesMODELDESCRIPTION50118-G-10Hot Sticks (full set - 6)10104-P-02Shepherd's Hook10104-P-03Probe Tip30142-P-01Shot Gun Adapter50111-P-01Regular Bushing Adapter10275-P-01Universal AdapterModelsMODELDESCRIPTIONWeight50101-G-07Phasing Voltmeter 9-36kV16 lbs.50101-G-08Phasing Voltmeter 9-36kV with Hot Sticks (full set - 6)21 lbs.Request QuoteOperating Instructions9-36kV Phasing VoltmeterProduct Summary/OptionsProvides safe and convenient testing means for paralleling 3-phase high voltage circuitsConsists of two resistance elements connected in series with an indicating meter in the series connectionTwo ranges, 9kV and 36kV, with a range selector switch mounted on the back of the meter housingSwitch is clearly marked for the range of the voltmeterTypical use: Line-to-ground voltage measurements and phase for paralelling operationsScale markings on the voltmeter have a minimum of divisions and the figures are large enough to be easily read 8'-10' away when mounted on a suitable hot stickInput impedance: Approximately 72 megohmsMaximum operating temperature range -20°F to 165°F (-30°C to 75°C)Ready to attach on hot stick10' cable, a proof tester, battery and shepherd’s hook and probe tip includedOperating InstructionsRequest QuoteOperating InstructionsModelsMODELDESCRIPTION50100-G-010-2kV DC Voltmeter 30’ cable, magnetic track adapter50100-G-020-1500kV DC Voltage Meter50100-G-030-1500kV DC Voltage Meter with Hot Sticks50100-G-04DC Voltmeter 1500kV DC w/Extension Probe and Ground Lead50100-G-050-1500V DC with Hot Sticks and Lighted Dial50100-G-060-1500 DC Voltage Meter with Lighted DialDC Voltmeter​Product Summary/OptionsLightweight, easy to use, hand-held meterHard wired unit Scaled 0-1500vDC, in 100 volt incrementsProvides a 2/3 full scale deflection when applied across 1000vDCMaximum current flow through instrument at 1000vDC is 0.05 milliampersNo polarity, sensitivity issuesMay be used to determine whether the third rail of a transit system is energizedInput impedance of approximately 24 megohmMaximum operating temperature range -20°F to 165°F (-30° C to 75°C) Request QuoteAC VoltmeterProduct Summary/OptionsTwo-position toggle switchPortable instrument for quickly and easily measuring AC voltages Locking cable connector provides positive, electrical contactResistive voltmeter - medium range voltage measurements in the fieldTypical use - measure voltage between ground and the line or bus connector20' ground lead includedInput impedance - approximately 36 meghomsMaximum operating temperature rangeAccuracy of +/- 3% full scaleShare to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to PrintShare to EmailMore AddThis Share options

  • Proactive Downstream Spectrum Analysis

    SpectraVizion - ZCorum

    SpectraVizion is an innovative, software-based diagnostics tool that leverages new advancements in remote spectrum capture, allowing cable operators to address downstream spectrum impairments proactively, before subscribers call in with service complaints. “Troubleshooting downstream spectrum issues has always been a reactive process for cable operators,” said Arthur Skinner, Vice President of Worldwide Sales for ZCorum. “Often they’re not aware they have an issue until a customer calls, and that’s when they then send a technician to the home with a hand-held meter to start a search for the problem.” SpectraVizion takes the guesswork out of problem identification and location by presenting on a simple dashboard a list of devices that are experiencing common downstream issues like Standing Waves, FM Noise, Suck-outs, Roll-off and Tilt. The tool leverages the spectrum data available from cable modems and set-top boxes that support full band capture, and advanced detection algorithms automatically identify devices experiencing downstream impairments. The operator can click on any device in the list to view a capture of the full spectrum from that day, or up to 30 days in the past.

  • High Capacity Vectored MiniROV with Extended Depth Rating

    vLBV950 - Teledyne Marine Seabotix

    - ​Deep water highly capable MiniROV - The SeaBotix vLBV950 is a deep water solution rated to 950 meters (3,116 ft) while maintaining the same compact dimensions of the vLBV300.- Powerful variable vector thruster configuration - Vectored thruster configuration provides amazing control in all horizontal directions, making it ideal for use in demanding offshore conditions.- Optimized mechanical design - The vLBV950 has undergone extensive mechanical design to optimize stability, capability, flexibility and serviceability.Flexible stable platform - vLBV950 is able to accept a wide range of cameras, sensors, tools and more.- Ultra low drag, strong tether - The vLBV950 uses the low drag tether that SeaBotix has used in all its ROV systems. At 9.05 mm (0.35 in) nominal diameter and 100 kgf (220 lbf) working load, the tether has maximum strength and minimal impact on the vehicle's performance.- Intuitive control system - SeaBotix MiniROV controls have been regarded as the most intuitive of all small ROVs with a user friendly operator control unit and integrated control console.

  • Reach-In Altitude Test Chamber

    ACMAS Technocracy Pvt. Ltd.

    Weiber Altitude Test Chamber combine temperature and altitude to test basic components or subassemblies designed for use in a variety of industries. With altitude test chambers, user can control the temperature environment for testing while simulating various altitudes from site level to 10,400 meters (25kPa). Altitude testing may be continued without temperature control up to 600,000 meters (0.1 kPa).High Low Temperature Altitude Test Chamber is used to test temperature and low-pressure altitude conditions simultaneously. Two common applications of High Low Humidity Altitude Test Chamber are testing of avionics or other aerospace equipment to simulate actual conditions, and simulate high-altitude conditions found in mountainous regions or other regions. All models are factory tested, with an ergonomic and maintenance cum user-friendly design. These CE approved test chambers are created with multi-layered insulation with double vapour barrier is of low 'K' factor, high density and of non-hygroscopic in nature. Weiber test chamber are made in accordance with the international standard. Weiber Test Chambers are GMP complaints and are also ISO and NABL certified.

  • RA Family Of Arm-based MCUs

    RA4 - Renesas Electronics Corp.

    The RA4 Series bridges the needs for reasonable low power with the demand for connectivity and performance. These MCUs deliver up to 48MHz of CPU performance using an ArmⓇ CortexⓇ-M4 core with up to 256kB of embedded flash memory. The series offers a wide set of peripherals, including USB, CAN, ADC, capacitive touch, a segment LCD controller, and additional security IP integration, making it suitable for industrial equipment, home appliances, office equipment, healthcare products, and meters.

  • Concentric Ring Set

    PRF-911 - Prostat Corporation

    - Measures surface resistance per ANSI/ESD STM11.11- Measures volume resistance per ANSI/ESD STM11.12- Meets the requirements of IEC 61340-2-3- Approximates surface & volume resistivity per ASTM D-257- Incorporates a spring loaded, self-aligning center electrode feature to reduce calibration frequency- Includes an insulated and metal dual test bed- Designed to work with a wide range resistance meter and one 5 lb. electrode- Certificate of calibration traceable to NIST included

  • 10 Digit Rate/Batch Counter (Analogue)

    CS2-TM-Analogue - Chuan Sheng Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The CS2-TM Totalizer controller provide high accuracy measurement, display, control and communication (Modbus RTU mode) of 0~10V/4~20mA from flow meter or mV from Shunt for Amp-Hour.There are two display screen and 3 external control input (DI) in standard and the optional 4 Relay, 1 Analogue, 1 Pulse and RS485 port available. They are also support fantastic control function as like as N, R, C mode for totalizer and batch control.

  • Handheld Cable Fault Locator

    TM800H - T&M Tools Limited Co

    TM800H Handheld Cable Fault Locator adopts TDR (Time Domain Reflection), new signal process and data collection technology. It can locate the distance of cable break and mix faults accurately. TM800H can be widely used in the communication installation, maintenance and general wiring. It can troubleshoot not only the local Telco-cable, but also Network cable. Its high sampling rate makes the measurement dead zone as narrow as 1 meter. This makes it a straightforward, user-friendly test solution.

  • Low Current Probe 80A

    695 - Electronic Specialties Inc.

    Great tool for accurate measurement of low current. Use with your graphing meter or lab scope to view current waveforms on fuel injectors, fuel pumps, primary ignition coils and more. Also works very well with digital multimeters. Resolution of 10 milliamps is low enough for most parasitic drain testing. In addition, the clamp opening of 1/2 inch is large enough to clamp over most negative battery cables for those parasitic drain tests.

  • Acoustic Calibrators

    Castle Group Ltd.

    When you're ready to take noise measurements, it's strongly recommended that you perform a field calibration using an Acoustic Calibrator. You should calibrate your sound meter before you start to measure, and then once you've finished you should perform a reference check against the calibrator and make note of any drift that has occured. You can find out more about performing Field Calibrators by reading this post and watching a short video.


    SecuControl inc.

    The FTS is a test block for interfacing substation devices (protection relays, fault recorders, revenue meters, ... ) to the voltage and current transformers and to other equipment on the system side of a power grid. The FTP is a test plug keyed to a particular configuration of FTS test blocks. Once inserted into the corresponding test block, the FTP plug isolates the substation devices from the system side equipment while at the same time allowing connection of test equipment for secondary injection tests.

  • Premise Toner Drop Cable Continuity Tester

    RPT-AAA Series - Ripley Tools LLC

    Electronic testing tool designed to check the circuit integrity in new or installed cable up to 5,000 feet (1,500 meters) in length LED indicates DC shorts, splitters & other self-grounding devices in cable while a loud audio tone identifies the line carrying the signal Equipped with a right angle male push-on connector to maneuver in tight areas & a female push-on connector for speed toning Tool includes a pocket clip & (1) AAA 1.5V battery.

  • Hygro-Thermometer Psychrometer

    Extech RH300 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    The RH300 is a compact meter that is ideal for field applications. Simultaneously displays relative humidity (10% to 90% RH), air temperature and dew point or wet bulb. Calculates T1-T2 differential (air temperature minus external probe temperature) using optional probe (TP890), and T2 minus dew point. Built-in protective sensor cap. Other features include Data Hold, Auto Power Off, and MAX/MIN reading. Complete with 2 AAA batteries.

  • 50 kS/s/ch, 5 Arms, 24-Bit, 4-Channel C Series Current Input Module

    NI-9227 / 781099-02 - NI

    50 kS/s/ch, 5 Arms, 24-Bit, 4-Channel C Series Current Input Module - The NI‑9227 was designed to provide high-accuracy measurements to meet the demands of data acquisition and control applications. It includes built-in anti-aliasing filters. When used with a … C Series Voltage Input Module, the NI‑9227 can measure power and energy consumption for applications such as appliance and electronic device test. You can not only measure and meter current and power but also look at quality factors such as noise, frequency, and harmonics.

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