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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • Handheld Optical Multimeter

    JW3209 - Shanghai Joinwit optoelectronic Tech,co.,Ltd

    JW3209 Handheld Optical Multimete integrates the functions of an intelligent optical power meter module and of a highly stable light source module in one unit. It can also provide data storage and upload functions. It is widely used in installation ,measurement and maintenance of DDN, Telecom and CATV networks.

  • HF-Analyzer

    HFR-4 - ROM-Elektronik GmbH

    HF measurement technology from 1 MHz to 10 GHz! latest circuit technology Best Quality supported by universities confirmed by reportsOur high frequency meter HFR-4 at the unbeatable price incl. Two EMV measuring antennas and charger in the high-quality measuring case and more.

  • Humidity and Temperature

    Humidity wood - PASI srl

    The BM15 moisture meter, which is incredibly easy to use, is ideal for the quick and reliable determination of the moisture content of wood and building materials using the resistance principle. The T510 is a professional hand-held measuring instrument for the precise determination of the moisture content of wood and materials using the resistance method.

  • Insulating oil tester

    3810-55S - Musashi Intek Inc.

    Other oil withstand voltage test, withstand voltage test can be hot-Armor 置針 breakdown voltage meter display remains easy to use automatic step-up type Small compact size Supplied with oil cup with a micrometer Safety features start with the zero volt

  • Intelligent Optical Loss Tester

    OLT-50 - Wuhan Sunma Technologies Co., Ltd.

    OLT-50 Intelligent Optical Loss Tester combines stabilized laser source and optical power meter which can perform automatic bidirectional loss test on single fiber with Pass/Fail assessment to offer user-friendly operation and avoid potential operational mistake. The rugged and easy-to-use OLT-50

  • Leak Detectors

    SubSurface Instruments Inc.

    eak Survey Tool is designed specifically for "water leak surveys" done by water departments, water districts, and other government and private agencies concerned about "unaccounted-for water losses." The LD-8 is a “rod-based” acoustic listening instrument for listening for water leaks at hydrants, meters, and valves:

  • Liquid Test Fixture

    16452A - Keysight Technologies

    The 16452A provides accurate dielectric constant and impedance measurements of liquid materials. The 16452A employs the parallel plate method, which sandwiches the liquid material between two electrodes to form a capacitor. An LCR meter or an impedance analyzer is then used to measure the capacitance created from the fixure.

  • Mass Flowmeters

    KROHNE Messtechnik GmbH

    All meters have been designed to reduce constraints on the user with regards to installation – simply follow good engineering practice to obtain the desired results. Another highlight is the diagnostics platform, which is unique in this class of device. It not only monitors the device itself but also the process environment.

  • Portable Appliance and Welding Machines Tester

    PAT-806 - Sonel S.A.

    PAT-806 digital meters are used to measure the parameters of portable electrical equipment (power tools, white goods, etc.) which determine their safety: resistance of protective conductors, insulation resistance, continuity of connections, leakage current, power. Specifically the instrument is dedicated to measure the welding equipment.

  • Portable Test Equipment

    MTE Meter Test Equipment AG

    Single- and three-phase portable test devices over the complete range of accuracy classes used for on-site testing or in laboratories. Light in weight and with user friendly keyboard layouts and menu-driven software, the devices are easy to operate and your solid partner for on-site testing of different kind of meters.

  • Water Level Indicator

    BFM-FF - PASI srl

    Water level indicator with removable downhole indicator; flat cable, stainless steel tape with 2 copper wires, coated with transparent antiscratch protective film in transparent LLDPE.Black millimeter graduation over total length, centimeter and decimeter indication in black, meter indication in red.

  • Audio Function Test Equipments

    Aplab Limited

    APLAB's Distortion & Level Meter Model 2007 are versatile instruments useful for testing audio & communication equipments. Harmonic distortion is one of many types of distortions created in audio and communication equipments. Harmonic related frequencies caused by non linear elements in amplifiers, create a poor distorted signal to the listener. Aplab's Distortion & Level Meter Model 2007 help to measure the total of this distorted frequency components present in the signal, quickly and very easily in a frequency range of 30Hz to 300KHz. Thus it is used as an ideal test equipment in electronics labs & in production test setup. It can also be used as an AC voltmeter for general purpose voltage & gain measurements over a wide range of level & frequency.

  • DC Gaussmeter

    GM1-HS - Alpha Lab, Inc.

    The Model GM1-HS measures the strength and polarity of magnetic fields up to 799.99 gauss. The thin sensor is at the end of a 100 cm flexible cable. The sensor tip is also flexible and can be bent for a variety of situations. The sensor can be held against the surface of a steel part to check for residual magnetism, or it can be bent into an "L" shape to measure inside a DC Solenoid. This meter has a resolution of .01 gauss (1/50 of the Earth's typical field) which is finer resolution than the Model GM1-ST. It is also used to map fields from large magnets (If fields are over 800 gauss, use the Model GM1-ST). The meter has immediate turn-on and updates 4 times a second. There is no setup required, making this the fastest gaussmeter available.

  • Digital Tank Test Kit

    4109 - M. C. Miller Company

    The voltmeter included in the kit, the “Model DPM” voltmeter, is designed for ease of use by meter readers and corrosion technicians alike and the voltmeter comes with an integrated RE-5 reference electrode attached for “metallic structure-to-soil” potential difference readings. The kit also includes a special test lead that has a brass thumb screw on one end which allows the test lead to substitute for the RE-5 reference electrode. This substitution allows the voltmeter to take “structure-to-structure” potential difference readings. The voltmeter offers two ranges, ±2VDC and ±20VDC with a 20MΩ input impedance. Since the voltmeter is digital [in contrast to the meter in our analog tank test kit (Cat. # 4108)], both negative and positive voltages are displayed. `

  • Field Power Sensors

    Bird Technologies

    Bird offers a comprehensive range of field sensors, meters and monitors, all easy-to-use solutions for users of all skill levels. The Field Sensors range from the economical, element based Directional Power Sensor to the multi-functional Wideband Power Sensor capable of measuring a broad range of critical metrics for modern telecommunication systems. The 5000-XT is a rugged, handheld meter capable of interfacing with all Bird Field Sensors and includes advanced features such as multiple languages and data logging. The Monitor family includes a range of products that not only measure power and VSWR but also provide hard contact alarms to protect your system in the event of a system failure the IP-enabled, BPME is even capable of emailing a failure notification.