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sense, display, measures; gas, water, electricity, particles, vibration, light or quanta.

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  • MTS-50 Meter Test System

    MTS-50 - Kongter Test & Measurement Co., Limited

    K-3986 is not only a battery charger or load unit for battery String. It is comprehensive unit with one-stop-solution for battery maintenance. With charging and discharging for the same battery string, it will greatly simplify your maintenance for batteries. Extra functions like wireless online monitoring and battery activation will enable you to know your batteries comprehensively. With optional DAC, you could also have a real time monitor for the whole process of measurement. For charge and discharge of single cell, we also have BCD-3932T Battery Charger/Discharger.

  • Power Meters and Calibration Cells

    Sciencetech, Inc.

    The Solar Reference Cell consist of a 20 x 20 mm monocrystalline silicon Photovoltaic Cell encased in a 92 x 70 x 16 mm metal enclosure with a protective quartz window and a temperature sensor. The temperature sensor is a 100 ohm platinum Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD).The Solar Reference Cells come with a Certificate of Calibration and compatible set of connecting cables. The following parameters of the reference cell are certified: Isc, Imax, Voc, Vmax, Pmax, Area, Fill Factor and Efficiency. The certification is accredited by NIST to the ISO-17025 standard and is traceable both to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and to the International System of Units (SI). A compatible cable set is also supplied with each Solar Reference Cell.

  • Handheld EC/ER/SP Meter

    LandMapper ERM-02 - Landviser, LLC

    This portative device can measure three important electrical properties of solid, semisolid, and liquid media: electrical resistivity (ER), conductivity (EC), and potential (EP). Using the most accurate four-electrode principle LandMapper ERM-02 measures ER or EC to help you to delineate areas with contrasting soil properties within the fields quickly, non-destructively, and cost-efficiently. Using the device prior to soil sampling you can significantly reduce the amount of samples required and precisely design a sampling plan based on the site spatial variability.

  • Portable Density/Specific Gravity Meter

    DA-130N - MRC ltd.

    Measuring method Natural Oscillation typeMeasurement object Liquid sample test materialsRange 0.0000 ~ 2.0000 g/cm3Precision 0.001 g/cm3Resolution 0.0001 g/cm3Temperature range 0 ~ 40.0CTemperature compensation Up to 10 entries for temperature compensation coefficient and converted temperatureAutomatic calibration All density values of pure water needed for auto calibration can be stored.Number of data 1,100 samplesExternal outputPC or Printer can be connected. (not both) IrDA interface is standard equipped. Connection via RS-232C requires optional infrared RS converter (98-029-0007).

  • Passive Component LCR Meter

    41R_ - MRC ltd.

    Simultaneous 20,000/10,000 count backlit display of the primary parameter.Set Hi/Lo limits using absolute values or percentage limits.Paralle or series equivalient circuit.Max/Min/Avg; Auto power off with disable.Automatic blown fuse indication.Built-in test fixture or use external test leads.Open and short zero removes unwanted stray impedances from the measurement.Relative mode, zero, or supplied reference.Complete with test leads, 9V battery, software, cable, and protective holister.

  • Portable Digital Tesla Meter

    HT20 - Rinch Industrial Co.,Limited

    This instrument is convenient for operator to measure magneticinduction of DC magnetic field accurately. It is characterized by its wide range, clear display of LCD, and indefectible structure of sensor.A piece of 9V dry battery, which acts as its power supply, can servefor 4 hours continuously. Meanwhile, regulated power supply (enclosed) is available to 220VAC.

  • Electromagnetic Flow Meter With Integral

    Aarohi Embedded Systems Pvt. Ltd

    *Pulse, frequency & isolated 4-20 mA output.*Empty pipe detection.*Online data can be transferred by using GSM modem.*Low maintenance.*Rate indicator , Totalizer & Batch function.*Easy installation & maintenance.*User friendly operating.*Computer interface measurement.*Linear & accurate measurement.

  • High Precision LCR Meter

    MCR-8000H Series - Matrix Technology Inc.

    New 32-bit processor with first-class performance7 inch true color TFT display20Hz-5MHz test frequency, continuously adjustable frequency0.05% basic measurement accuracy, fast test speedGraphic scan analysis function, support frequency/level/offset scan, insight into the characteristics of the device under testALC function for automatic level control of test voltage or current30Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω, 10/CC output impedance of four different signal sourcesBuilt-in comparator, 10 files sorting and file counting function-5V~+5V (-100mA~+100mA) internal DC bias10-point list scan function

  • High Precision Power Meter

    MPM-1010/1010B - Matrix Technology Inc.

    MPM series intelligent electrical parameter measuring instrument is a set voltage test, current test, power test. Multi-functional measuring instrument with integrated power factor and high-speed processor inside.

  • Adjustable AC Power Meter

    APS6100/6200/6100B - Matrix Technology Inc.

    Output voltage AC 0-300V adjustable and power 1000VA A/P/PF upper and lower limit Settings, with voice alarm functionThe four Windows display V, A, P, Apk/PF/F switching

  • Three Phase VAF Meter

    DVAF-3 - UMA Electronics Enterprises

    Microntroller based reliable designCapable of measuring Voltage(Phase to Phase, Line to Phase), Current,FrequencyOption for Setting CT/PT Ratio through front buttons

  • Three Phase Multifunction Meter

    DMFM-3 - UMA Electronics Enterprises

    DSP based designParameters : Line to neutral Volages, Line to Line Voltages, Current, Frequency, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Active Energy, Reactive Energy, Apparent Energy and Power Factor.Display : Five row 4-Digit Bright Red Seven Segment DisplaySimple and Smart User interface.Measurement : True RMS MeasurementDSP Based Accurate and Reliable.Accuracy : Class 0.5Voltage Range : 300 V/ 600 V AC Phase to neutral .Current Range : 5 A/10 A/ 20 A ACFacility to set the CT & PT ratio.

  • Portable Line Frequency Meter

    UMA Electronics Enterprises

    Measures AC-Line frequency from 20 Hz to 99.99 Hz

  • SmartQC meter for measuring AC/DC

    SMART-QC - UMA Electronics Enterprises

    Parameters : AC Voltage, AC Current, Wattage, Power Factor,Apparent Power and System Frequency Ideal for testing SMPS, Power supply, and other Power converters Measurement : True RMS AC Voltage : 3 - 300 V AC AC Current : 10mA - 2A AC DC Voltage : 3 - 300 V DC DC Current : 10mA - 2A DC Frequency : 40 to 70 Hz Power Factor : 0.05 Lead to unity to 0.05 Lag Resolution : Floating Decimal Point Aux.Supply : 230V ± 20% Accuracy : Class 0.2 for AC Voltage, Current , Active Power & Apparent Power ± 0.05 Hz for Frequency ± 0.005 For Power Factor Dimension(mm) : Front - 131 ( H) by 280 (W) . Depth 230

  • Simple Handheld Resistivity Meter

    LandMapper ERM-01 - Landviser, LLC

    LandMapper® ERM-01 measures electrical resistivity or conductivity of soils and related media for express non invasive mapping and monitoring of agricultural fields as well as construction and remediation sites. In a typical setting, a four-electrode probe is placed on the surface and an electrical resistivity value is read from the digital display. The device measures electrical resistivity in a surface layer of the depth from 2 cm down to 20 m, which is set by varying the size of a four-electrode probe. Measurements are based on well-known four-electrode principle, which allows to avoid influence of electrode contact potential on measured electrical conductivity or resistivity of the media and obtain accurate readings. The field tests were performed by our customers in USA, Russia, China, Canada, Sweden, France, Germany, Iraq, Dubai, Brazil, Panama and many others.