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  • Anti-Condensation Heaters


    Anti-Condensation Space Heaters are designed to maintain the temperature of an electrical enclosure. Anti-Condensation Heaters are used for elimination of water vapor contained inside the enclosures. They also provide frost protection by keeping the internal temperature of electrical enclosure above the freezing temperature. The Anti-Condensation Space (Panel) Heaters prevent condensation through convection.

  • Ultra Sonic Flow Meters

    R&B Instrument Inc.

    RB Flow meter manufactures and Supplies Ultrasonic flow meter, non-intrusive, Clamp-on Ultrasonic flowmeters, insertion ultrasonic flowmeters, handheld flowmeter, heat meter, BTU meter, water meter, portable flowmeters, ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flow meters, portable flow meter, handheld flow meter, and more.

  • Vibrating Wire Peripherals

    Campbell Scientific, Inc.

    Many Campbell Scientific vibrating-wire peripherals enable dataloggers to read vibrating-wire sensors (also known as vibrating-wire or vibrating-strip transducers). These sensors measure strain, load, pressure, and water level, and they output a frequency signal generated by a vibrating filament. Campbell Scientific also offers vibrating-wire dataloggers that read the sensors directly.

  • Total Phosphorus Analyzer Liquiline System

    CA80TP - Endress+Hauser AG

    Total phosphorus analyzer for environmental monitoring, industrial and municipal wastewater. Phosphorus is the decisive factor for excessive algae and plant growth in water bodies, that's why continuous monitoring of this parameter is essential. The Liquiline System TP analyzer offers precise online measurement of total phosphorus and ensures highest process safety.

  • Futura Series

    KPM Analytics

    The Futura Analyzer Series of dedicated continuous-flow wet chemistry analyzers identify and measure contaminants in water and soil using a melange of technologies capable of handling both simple and complex analyses. The systems are fully automated and measure many parameters, such as phenols, cyanides, detergents, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, and many more.

  • Box Compression Tester

    BCT-02 - Jinan Leading Instruments Co., Ltd.

    BCT-02 Box Compression Tester isprofessionally used to test the compression resistance property of carton box, corrugatedbox, honeycomb cardboard box and other packaging. And it's also applicable tocontainer compression test of  plasticbucket (edible oil, mineral water), fiber drum, carton, paper, cans, containerbarrels (IBC barrels).

  • Box Compression Tester

    BCT-03 - Jinan Leading Instruments Co., Ltd.

    BCT-03 Box Compression Tester is professionallyused to test the compression resistance property of carton box, corrugated box,honeycomb cardboard box and other packaging. And it’s also applicable tocontainer compression test of  plasticbucket (edible oil, mineral water), fiber drum, carton, paper, cans, containerbarrels (IBC barrels).

  • Flow Logger Sensor

    NUL-224 - Neulog

    This sensor allows for a stream of water to flow through its inlet and outlet pipes, thus revolving a rotation wheel within it. The wheel is not connected mechanically to anything else, but rather floats on a bearing for minimum friction and the enhancement of its minute accuracy. The measuring is done by monitoring changes in the sensor's surrounding magnetic field.

  • 3 In 1 Metal Voltage Stud Detector

    NT-6352 - Prokit's Industries Co., Ltd.

    Combined unit to accurately detect live or dead electricity cables, water or gas pipes and wooden studs or battens.LED & buzzer indicators.Depth penetration 18~20mm.Using precision screwdriver for easy unit sensitivity adjustment.Power source: NEDA1604/6F22 (9V) x 1pcs(Not included).Size: 178 x 120 x 34.7mm.

  • Electromagnetic Conductivity Meter

    CMD-DUO - GF Instruments, s.r.o.

    CMD-DUO electromagnetic conductivity meter completes our family of advanced digital conductivity meters with the instrument for deep surveys. Easy operated set with variable dipole distance allows multidepth field survey with results suitable both for apparent conductivity and model sections (inversion by IX1D). geological survey, water management (searching for potable water sources, groundwater protection, ground contamination monitoring), raw material prospecting, investigation of underground objects.

  • Solar Cables And Connectors

    Circuit Assembly Corp.

    All of our Solar Connectors are thoroughly tested and TUV 1500VDC and UL1000VDC approved. These connectors provide reliable, waterproof and anti-aging features, and are proven to withstand any heavy environmental conditions. Other Solar Connectors typically have a water permeability rating of 66 or 67. Our IP68 rating ensures that our Solar Connectors will hold up in the most severe environmental conditions including sand storms and water submersion up to 3 meters. Our solar connectors are compatible with any solar connectors in the industry. We have designed our connectors to complement other solar connectors as well as replace them. Whether you’re looking for solar connectors to use with your current ones or searching for solar connectors to start a project, our solar connectors will be right for you.

  • Hydrophone

    TC4047 - Teledyne Marine RESON B.V.

    The TC4047 miniature hydrophone offers a useable frequency range from 1kHz to 170kHz. The hydrophone incorporates a high quality 20dB low-noise pre-amplifi er which provides optimal conditions for signal transmission. The high sensitivity provides excellent signal to noise ratio and immunity against induced cable noise. The hydrophone is omnidirectional up-to 100kHz and has uniform receiving characteristic from 1kHz to 100kHz. An insert calibration circuit enables remote testing of the hydrophone condition. The hydrophone comes with a SEACON connector. The sensor element is permanently encapsulated in Special formulated NBR to ensure long term reliability. The rubber has been specially compounded to ensure acoustic impedance close to that of water. The strainrelief and outer jacket of the cable is made of high density polyurethane. TC4047 can be used in sea or fresh water.

  • Utility Locator

    VM-810 - Vivax-Metrotech Corp

    Using the correct frequency makes a world of difference when locating buried utilities. The depth of the utility, size, material, and amount of congestion (proximity of other utilities) all need to be taken into consideration for the correct frequency selection. Large diameter, direct buried pipes with bell housing ends that use insulators and rubber gaskets, such as water or gas require a higher frequency while smaller diameter, well-grounded direct buried or long distance in conduits work, better with a lower frequency. The VM-810 operates at 83.1kHz which is ideal for water and gas utilities which generally are larger pipes with bell housings and gaskets. The VM-810’s higher frequency is also good for locating ungrounded small diameter drop wires and inducing signals through the soil, onto services when direct connecting is not an option.

  • Eddy-Current Dynamometers

    WB Series - Magtrol Inc.

    Eddy-Current Brake Dynamometers (WB Series) are ideal for applications requiring high speeds and also when operating in the middle to high power range. Eddy-Current Brakes provide increasing torque as the speed increases, reaching peak torque at rated speed. The dynamometers have low inertia as a result of small rotor diameter. Brake cooling is provided by a water circulation system, which passes inside the stator to dissipate heat generated by the braking power. The water cooling in the WB provides high continuous power ratings (max. 140 kW). The WB dynamometers have accuracy ratings of 0.3% to 0.5% full scale ( 2% for WB 2.7), depending on size and system configuration. Additional options include: high-speed version, speed pickup, mechanical rotor blocking device, OEM version IS and vertical mounting.

  • Infrared Radiometers

    Apogee Instruments, Inc.

    Calibrated to a custom black-body cone with a measurement uncertainty of 0.2 C from -30 to 65 C when the sensor (detector) temperature is within 20 C of the surface (target) being measured. Radiometers are only sensitive from 8 to 14 m (atmospheric window) to minimize the influence of water vapor and CO2 on the measurement.

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