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  • Water Manometers

    DP Measurement

    The AC6 Manometers are available in standard or high pressure versions. The AC6-SP Manometer can be used to measure differential pressure in the range 0.5-200 KPa and the AC6-HP Manometer operates in the differential pressure range 2-600 KPa. These electronic water system commissioning test sets have in built valve and orifice plate Kv values which enables the instrument to calculate and display flow rates during commissioning.

  • Water Meters

    GAO Tek Inc.

    Conductivity meters are used to analyze the conductivity of a substance, usually reported as an inverse function of resistivity. ‘Resistivity’ is always measured in ohms/cm. ‘Conductivity’ is measured in mhos/cm.

  • Water Potential

    MRC ltd.

    ARIMAD helps you schedule irrigation wisely! While most monitoring systems only monitor one of these influences, the ARIMAD Pressure Chamber takes all four into consideration when taking a direct plant based measurement.

  • Water Sensor

    miniWIPER - Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc.

    The miniWIPER is a self-contained, completely submersible, wiping device that can be used with a variety of sensors. It can be programmed to wipe at various intervals, and is powered from two AA Lithium batteries. A small brush rotates over the sensor in order to perform a complete wipe of the sensor surface, and then rests away from the sensor to allow for accurate and continuous monitoring.

  • Water Quality Meters (Pure Water Tester)

    Lutron Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Measures conductivity , salinity, TDS (total dissolved solids), and temperature. Determine water purity in boilers, coolers, water conditioning, waste water, photography, environmental testing, aquariums, labs, industrial and quality control.

  • Smart Water Meters

    Henan Suntront Tech Co., Ltd

    Smart prepaid water meter adopts a contactless IC card to store water volume and monitor water consumption. Customers purchase water volume at vending points and upload water volume by swiping his IC card on the induction area of installed water meter inside or outside home to activate valve, which will open automatically to supply water.During the period of water supply, the built-in microcomputer of water meter will automatically check and subtract the used water volume. Water meter has twice alarm function, when the purchased water volume reaches to alarm volume, water meter will close valve and stop water supply. Customer can resume water supply by swiping his IC card on water meter. When the remain water volume is used up, water meter will stop water supply completely and the customer needs to charge his IC card again.

  • Water Quality Sensor

    AQUADX Upgrade Kit - CDx, Inc.

    The AquaDx hand held water quality tester is for anyone who has ever been concerned about the quality of their well water or drinking water, and wants to get their water tested. AquaDx will test for a broader range of chemicals in water than most water testing kits and works with water testing labs and technology developers to make sure you have access to water testing services to check for the safety of your drinking water.

  • Water Activity Probes

    Rotronic Instrument Corp.

    Water activity – a measure for the energy status of the water in a system’ specifies the relationship between the water vapour pressure of a product and the saturation pressure of pure water at the same temperature. It is stated in ‘aw’ in the range 0…1 aw and is an important indicator for product quality in the industrial production of, for example, plastics. The determination of water activity is also very important in the food, tobacco, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Water activity should not be confused with the water content – the ‘chemically bound’ water – of a product.

  • Water Quality Sensors

    Sutron Corporation

    As an important measure to help protect waterways and aquatic ecosystems, water quality and water level monitoring can provide data and valuable insights that help scientists and water managers better understand the conditions of water resources and how those conditions change and are affected by development, agriculture, and other activities. Information such as water temperature, water level, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity, pH, and turbidity can be invaluable in helping governments and municipalities control water pollution and make more informed water management and conservation decisions.

  • Meters for Reclaimed Water

    Badger Meter

    Badger Meter offers precise revenue-generating measurement for non-potable water distribution. If your community is faced with increasing water costs and limited water resources, you may be considering installing or upgrading a reclaimed water distribution system. If so, make certain your system is equipped with meters from the Badger Meter family of Disc and Turbo Series meters exclusively for measuring non-potable water in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

  • Water Content Testers


    Water content tester, cloulometric Karl Fischer titrator, crude petroleum water content tester

  • Smart Water Meter


    The water enters the meter from the inlet of the meter body and impacts the vane wheel at the tip of the vane blades to make it rotate. The water flows out from the outlet of the body. The rotation of the vane wheel (proportional to the velocity of water flow) is transmitted directly to the central gear in the vacuum-sealed register by the magnetic coupling. The sealed register totalizes and indicates the water volume passing through the meter.

  • TOC & Water Analysis

    Elementar Analysensysteme GmbH

    The content of total organic carbon (TOC) in liquid and solid samples is one of the most important screening parameter in water and environmental analysis. Whether you look at the evaluation of water quality or at the recycling of residues – there is no way around TOC.Our products for TOC and water analysis offer fast and easy determination of total organic carbon in water and solids. The robust design guarantees highest possible uptime for routine operation.

  • Industrial Water Chiller

    Wewon Environmental Chambers Co, Ltd.

    The industrial chiller is a kind of cooling water equipment which can provide constant temperature, constant water flow speed and water pressure. Industrial process chiller is usually a closed loop system, which can provide instantaneous cooling for the factory or lab production process and save water by recirculating cooling.Industrial chiller system be divided to low temperature chiller and normal temperature chiller in the temperature control. The normal temp is generally controlled within the range of +4 ℃ to +35 ℃. The low temperature water chiller is generally controlled in the range of 0 ℃ to -100 ℃.

  • Water Activity Meter

    LD-LWTM-A10 - Labodam

    Water Activity MeterLD-LWTM-A10is a real portable water activity meter, with a weight of only 1.5 kg, lighter than a mobile phone. It has 0 to 1.0 aw range and offers operating temperature range from 0 to 50˚C. Designed with 6 bit backlight LCD digital display and integrated nonconductive humidity sensor. It measures fast activity of water within 5 minutes and under-voltage alarm indication function. It is easy to measure water activity anytime and anywhere also used in free water in the state of food balance.

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