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  • Backflow Test Kit Repair Calibration & Certification

    Process Instruments Inc.

    Meeting Water Safety regulations and standards has become a primary concern for all industries. Most municipal and state regulators demand that Backflow Prevention Testing be carried out no less than once per year and that testing devices be calibrated and if required, certified regularly.

  • DashBox

    Brultech Research Inc.

    *Complete computer system configured as a stand-alone dashboard style website.*Designed to host data from one or more Brultech monitors.*Capable of displaying real-time energy, water or gas consumption as well as temperature.*Net metering capable for solar or wind generation systems.

  • Portable Engine Dynamometers

    Taylor Dynamometer, Inc.

    Cost-effective Portable Engine Dynos from Taylor Dynamometer are water brake style systems for diesel applications up to 1,250 hp (932 kW) and 3,000 ft-lb (4,068 N) of torque. Mount yours right on the engine in minutes for fast, convenient and reliable testing.

  • Clippers

    infraTest Prüftechnik GmbH

    The device consists of a sturdy frame with step motor drive, which moves the water box with the Scherbüchsenunterteil. For the measurement of shear force, shear path and settlement electronic transducers are provided. The device control with measurement data acquisition takes place via PC with software PROPRESS.

  • Data Acquisition System

    Synergy Qb - Hi-Techniques, Inc.

    The Synergy Qb offers the same Synergy input capabilities in a field rugged product offering IP51 environmental resistance against dust and water. This DC-operated system can acquire standalone to its internal low-power PC with solid state drive, or to an external PC via Ethernet.

  • IP and NEMA Ingress Testing

    Environment Associates Inc.

    Environment Associates offers dust, water and solid ingress protection testing to multiple specifications including EN/IEC 60529 and NEMA 250 for electronics enclosures, SAE standards for automotive components, RTCA DO-160 for commercial aircraft and various MIL standards for associated military hardware.

  • Fibre Optic Video Link

    V-250 - Scitec Instruments Ltd

    Fibre optic video links offer immunity to the effects of radiated interference, high voltage differentials, water, ground loops and the effects of hazardous environments. The systems offered here are fully compatible with B&W or colour NTSC, SECAM, PAL and D2MAC video standards.

  • Logger version 2-D electro-magnetic current meter for deep ocean

    INFINITY-Deep AEMD-USB - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    INFINITY-Deep is an autonomously deployable data logger for current speed measurements in the deep oceans. The currents in the deep oceans are very weak. It is too hard to accurately measure the deep water currents by some ADVs (Acoustic Doppler Velocimeters) that detect the Doppler-effect by scatter with the suspended particles in the water, because the concentration is very low. INFINITY-Deep measures 2-D current data through a magnetic field according to Faraday's law. Therefore, even if the suspended particles do not exist around the sensor, it can provide the accurate current data. The depth rating is 6,000m. Compared to INFINITY-EM, the instrument has a depth and a tilt sensors to monitor mooring status. Also, the battery capacity doubles for long-term current velocity measurements.

  • EZ-View Flow Meters

    Badger Meter

    Hedland EZ-View flow meters provide a lower cost alternative to standard Hedland flow meters. Made from high-impact thermoplastics like polysulfone and Radel, these variable area meters (rotameters) contain a minimum number of moving parts, offering a reliable, trouble-free flow rate indicator. Fittings, available in brass, stainless steel and PVC, with NPT or BSP ports, allow the meter to be installed in a wide variety of applications. Meters can be used in oil and water processes, with the ability to add a flow switch, which can be used to trigger alarms.

  • Industrial GigE Camera 29x29 mm

    LUCID Triton - ViTec Co. Ltd

    Industrial GigE cameras;Protection class IP67;Dust and water resistant;Vibration and shock resistance;Wide operating temperature range (from -20 to +50);Sony II, II and IV generations sensors from 0.4 to 24.5 megapixels;Linear camera Triton Line Scan 2k 60 kHz Model;Polarization models Triton 5.0 MP Polarization Model ;HDR model Triton 5.4 MP Model ;C-mount;Connectors: M8 / M12;Dimensions: 29x29 mm;Weight: 67g;Price: from 365 $.

  • MAX PH/mV/EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp Bench Meter With Logging

    MW180 - Milwaukee Instruments

    The Milwaukee MW180 5-in-1 MAX pH/ORP/EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp. Logging Bench Meter has won fans around the world with its reliable, fast and simple operation as well as its tough, sleek design and small benchtop footprint. It is accurate to ± 1% of reading for EC/TDS/NaCl and up to +/-0.002 pH,  with automatic or manual temperature compensation and a built in dedicated GLP key. Ideal for use by education, horticulture, labs, food processing, water treatment and many other applications with challenging pH/ORP/EC/TDS/NaCl/Temp. measurement needs.

  • MAX PH/ORP/Temp Logging Bench Meter

    MW151 - Milwaukee Instruments

    The Milwaukee MW151 MAX 3-in-1 pH/OPR/Temp. Logging Portable Bench Meter has won fans around the world with its reliable, fast and simple operation as well as its tough, sleek design with a small lab footprint. The MW151 MAX is accurate to ± 0.002 pH with automatic or manual temperature compensation with a built in dedicated GLP key. Ideal for use by brewers, wine makers, growers, labs, food processing, water treatment and many other applications with challenging pH measurement needs.

  • Pocket Digital & Long Stem Thermometers


    Known for their rugged design and Super-Fast® response time, ThermoWorks pocket digital thermometers are in widespread use in restaurants, food plants, labs, and by health inspectors throughout the world. Choose from a variety of designs, probe lengths, and temperature ranges as well as water resistance, NSF certification, and trim calibration functions. All models feature big, easy-to-read digits and fit easily into lab coat, apron, or shirt pockets. Perfect for chefs, line cooks, concrete curing, and food production lines.

  • Portable Density/Specific Gravity Meter

    DA-130N - MRC ltd.

    Measuring method Natural Oscillation typeMeasurement object Liquid sample test materialsRange 0.0000 ~ 2.0000 g/cm3Precision 0.001 g/cm3Resolution 0.0001 g/cm3Temperature range 0 ~ 40.0CTemperature compensation Up to 10 entries for temperature compensation coefficient and converted temperatureAutomatic calibration All density values of pure water needed for auto calibration can be stored.Number of data 1,100 samplesExternal outputPC or Printer can be connected. (not both) IrDA interface is standard equipped. Connection via RS-232C requires optional infrared RS converter (98-029-0007).

  • Automation Services


    Yastronics has a group of dedicated and experienced professional engineers in this division. This division carryout the work to automate various production plants to PLC control system-designed for your specific and modern technology of this century. In Saudi Arabia, we can announce honestly that our team of specialists has automated most of the Ready-mix Concrete plants as well as Asphalt plants. Also some of the old model heavy mechanical machine units, water treatment plants, also small or big plants to the entire satisfaction of our clients in a highly professional way.

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