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  • Box Compression Tester

    BCT-02 - Jinan Leading Instruments Co., Ltd.

    BCT-02 Box Compression Tester isprofessionally used to test the compression resistance property of carton box, corrugatedbox, honeycomb cardboard box and other packaging. And it's also applicable tocontainer compression test of  plasticbucket (edible oil, mineral water), fiber drum, carton, paper, cans, containerbarrels (IBC barrels).

  • Box Compression Tester

    BCT-03 - Jinan Leading Instruments Co., Ltd.

    BCT-03 Box Compression Tester is professionallyused to test the compression resistance property of carton box, corrugated box,honeycomb cardboard box and other packaging. And it’s also applicable tocontainer compression test of  plasticbucket (edible oil, mineral water), fiber drum, carton, paper, cans, containerbarrels (IBC barrels).

  • Deep-Well Level Probe

    NTB Series - Kobold Instruments, Inc.

    The KOBOLD NTB Series deep-well level probe offers a cost-effective solution for hydrostatic level measuring in wells, reservoirs, clarification plants and other water-holding vessels. It is easy to install and ideally suited for monitoring and protecting submersible pumps in deep water wells. The slim, 22mm-diameter level probe is perfect for tight applications.

  • Electromagnetic

    T-Vlf - IRIS Instruments

    The VLF receiver is specially designed for high productivity surveys, in ground water and mining exploration. No orientation of the operator with respect to the direction of the transmitter is required since three magnetic sensors measure the components of the VLF field. Tilt or horizontality of the sensor unit is neither required since two inclinometers correct for tilted position.

  • Environmental Simulation Testing

    Innovative Testing Solutions, Inc.

    We have multiple chamber capabilities of simulation most environmental conditions. Our chamber range in capacity from 1 ft3 to 64 ft3 volume. Specialty chambers include air-to-air thermal shock, inert gas injection oven, high/low pressure water spray and direct-injection LN2 chambers.

  • High Pressure/High Set Point

    J705 - Whitman Controls

    The J705 Pressure Switches are among our most durable products, affording the end user higher set points to complement more severe environments without sacrificing set point repeatability. These switches are designed for use with various oils, waters, and assorted gases, and are resilient against impeller spikes from pumps.

  • Moisture Master

    T-M-170 - James Instruments Inc.

    The James Instruments Moisture Master utilizes the latest electronic technology to measure the quantity of water within its sensing field. The unit has two modes of operation the pin mode, and search mode. In the pin mode, two pins are pushed into the material and a high frequency field is created between these two pins.

  • Oxygen and Temperature Measurements

    miniDot Logger - Precision Measurement Engineering, Inc.

    The miniDOT logger is a completely submersible instrument that logs dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements. The oxygen sensor is an optode that measures dissolved oxygen concentration in water through a fluorescence method. Data are recorded to an internal SD card. Operation of the miniDOT logger such as setting the time and sample interval can be accomplished via the USB cable.

  • Temperature Calibration

    Process Instruments Inc.

    Process Instruments maintains primary temperature standards for the calibration of Standard Platinum Resistance Thermometers. SPRT''s are measured against a Thomas-type Ten Ohm Standard Resistor (a Leeds & Northrup 4211-B), using a Measurements International automated bridge. Primary thermometry points are maintained at the Water, Tin, Zinc and Gallium points.

  • Total Phosphorus Analyzer Liquiline System

    CA80TP - Endress+Hauser AG

    Total phosphorus analyzer for environmental monitoring, industrial and municipal wastewater. Phosphorus is the decisive factor for excessive algae and plant growth in water bodies, that's why continuous monitoring of this parameter is essential. The Liquiline System TP analyzer offers precise online measurement of total phosphorus and ensures highest process safety.

  • MINI Data Logger for Temperature Humidity and Carbon Dioxide

    MINI-THCO₂ - ZOGLAB Microsystem Co., Ltd.

    Large-screen display of temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide, with battery, memory, recording status show together High precision, mass memory for long-term logging Free of toxicity and halogen as FDA / HACCP / ISO22000 require Resistant to water and dust, suitable for cold chain systems of fresh food, fruit, vegetables or wine

  • Doppler Cloud Radar

    RPG-FMCW-94 - Radiometer Physics GmbH

    The RPG-FMCW-94 radar is a continuous wave cloud radar. It provides high resolution vertical profiles of dBz and LWC (Liquid Water Content). Velocities profiles derived from Doppler spectra. The scanning capability allows 2D cloud profiling while the integrated passive channel providess an accurate LWP detection.

  • Eddy-Current Dynamometers

    WB Series - Magtrol Inc.

    Eddy-Current Brake Dynamometers (WB Series) are ideal for applications requiring high speeds and also when operating in the middle to high power range. Eddy-Current Brakes provide increasing torque as the speed increases, reaching peak torque at rated speed. The dynamometers have low inertia as a result of small rotor diameter. Brake cooling is provided by a water circulation system, which passes inside the stator to dissipate heat generated by the braking power. The water cooling in the WB provides high continuous power ratings (max. 140 kW). The WB dynamometers have accuracy ratings of 0.3% to 0.5% full scale ( 2% for WB 2.7), depending on size and system configuration. Additional options include: high-speed version, speed pickup, mechanical rotor blocking device, OEM version IS and vertical mounting.

  • Raman spectrometer

    Viserion® - Indatech

    Viserion® Raman Spectrometer instrumentation relies on the interaction of a laser with the sample. The major part of the photons are elastically scattered. A very small part is inelastic scattered (10-7) at a different frequency than the laser one. The Raman Spectrometer scattered signal provides an information on vibrational, rotational and electronic energy of a molecule. The Raman Spectrometer instrumentation Spectra provide therefore information regarding the product chemical composition. One interesting point with Raman Spectrometer instrumentation is that it is much less sensitive to water (that usually limits NIR performance of NIR). In application such as Biotech where low concentrations of glucose need to be evaluated within the water media, this technology is of great interest. Molecule identification is also easier thanks to sharp peaks (example identifying different alcohols or sugars).

  • Solar Cables And Connectors

    Circuit Assembly Corp.

    All of our Solar Connectors are thoroughly tested and TUV 1500VDC and UL1000VDC approved. These connectors provide reliable, waterproof and anti-aging features, and are proven to withstand any heavy environmental conditions. Other Solar Connectors typically have a water permeability rating of 66 or 67. Our IP68 rating ensures that our Solar Connectors will hold up in the most severe environmental conditions including sand storms and water submersion up to 3 meters. Our solar connectors are compatible with any solar connectors in the industry. We have designed our connectors to complement other solar connectors as well as replace them. Whether you’re looking for solar connectors to use with your current ones or searching for solar connectors to start a project, our solar connectors will be right for you.