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  • Miller 400A

    44500 - M. C. Miller Company

    Rugged, lightweight case - safe to use on wet ground• Weatherproof, even with lid removed - IP67 rating for dust and water intrusion• Convenient case lid removal for ease of movement, with test leads attached, to new measurement locations• Resistance measurement range from 0.01Ω to 1.1MΩ • Resistance measurements are unaffected by any stray interference signals that may be present in the earth during readings, due to the use of narrow band-pass filters centered at 97Hz (the unit’s operating frequency)• Runs on a set of C-cell alkaline need to periodically recharge the unit or to plug it into a power source

  • Radiometer

    CNR 4 - Kipp & Zonen B.V.

    The CNR 4 net radiometer consists of a pyranometer pair, one facing upward, the other facing downward, and a pyrgeometer pair in a similar con?guration. The pyranometer pair measures the short-wave radiation. And the pyrgeometer pair measures long-wave radiation. The upper long-wave detector of CNR 4 has a meniscus dome. This ensures that water droplets role off easily and improves the field of view to nearly 180, compared with a 150 for a flat window. All 4 sensors are integrated directly into the instrument body, instead of separate modules mounted onto the housing. But are each calibrated individually for optimal accuracy.

  • Calipers

    Smartech Inc.

    • New extra-large display• Programmable button according to your needs• Water protected for heavy-duty work with coolants and lubricants, protection rating IP67 according to IEC 60529,• Automatic wake-up by moving the electronic on his frame. (Absolute System S.I.S)• Sleeping mode after 20 min. of no use. (Absolute System S.I.S)• Position memorized in sleeping mode, Absolute System S.I.S*• Maximum speed of displacement : 2.5 m/sec• Mechanical frame in stainless steel, hardened and grinded• Great comfort of use thanks to its ergonomic frame• Thumb wheel on request (see accessories)

  • Bisphenol A Testing Solutions


    Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical of concern found in polycarbonate consumer products such as plastic food and beverage containers, as well as in a wide variety of epoxy resin applications, including the inner coatings of cans, jar caps, and water pipes; dental materials; and thermal paper. BPA safety studies have linked this known endocrine disruptor to numerous adverse health effects, ranging from diabetes, heart disease, and reproductive and developmental problems to breast and prostate cancers. Regulations continue to evolve in response to mounting scientific and consumer concern about the potential impact of BPA on public health and the environment.

  • Rotary Switches

    ELMA Electronic, Inc.

    Reliability and ruggedness are just two of Elma's core competencies for rotary switches. Panel and shaft sealing up to IP68 against dust and water are standard for all rotary switches. The shaft material for all switches is stainless brass or stainless steel – this is suitable for rugged environments. In order to guarantee years of undisturbed functionality and service life of the rotary switches, all electronic contacts are plated and provided with hard gold. In addition to a large selection of encoders, coding switches, selector switches, audio solutions and multifunctional rotary switches, Elma Electronic offers you also the right knobs and caps.

  • Panel-mount Type Resistivity Meter (Four-Wire Transmission)

    HE-480R - HORIBA, Ltd.

    HE-480R connects resistivity sensor(ERF sereies) and measures resistivity and temperature in the sample water.The feature is the high-precision temperature compensation function.Its high-performance temperature compensation makes it ideal for sequential monitoring of ultra-pure water used in manufacturing processes in the semiconductor field, and many other fields, including the areas of electrical goods, foods and medicines.

  • Industrial Resistivity Meter

    HE-480R(W) - HORIBA, Ltd.

    The HE-480R industrial resistivity meter features the high-precision temperature compensation function.Its high-performance temperature compensation makes it ideal for sequential monitoring of ultra-pure water used in manufacturing processes in the semiconductor field, and many other fields, including the areas of electrical goods, foods and medicines. The measurement range is from 0 to 100.0 MΩ・cm.

  • Intelligent Digital Power Meter

    9800N - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    RK9800N series intelligent digital power meter can simultaneously measure the single and three phase electrical equipment’s voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, and harmonic parameters etc. It’s widely used in motor, household appliances, electric tools, water pumps, transformers, power supply, lighting, electricity and other fields.

  • Fuel Icing/Water in Fuel Testing

    National Technical Systems

    Our novel, stand-alone, water in fuel/fuel icing test stand is equipped to perform testing in accordance with SAE ARP 1401 and MIL-F-8615D on aerospace fuel system components sub-systems and systems, along with our neighboring test stand designed to run contaminated fuel testing in accordance with MIL-F-8615D and SAE ARP 8615.

  • CrumpleFlex Tester

    TF117C - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    The equipment tests a tube of fabric by twisting it through 90o stretching alternately compressing the tube at the same time. After completion of the test the fabric is tested for resistance to penetration by water. CrumpleFlex Tester is fitted with electronic pre-determined counter with automatic stop at a pre-determined number of cycles, also fitted with acrylic plastic interlock safety cover.

  • Panel-mount Type pH Meter (Four-Wire Transmission, Industrial Time sharing Proportional Control)

    HP-480TP - HORIBA, Ltd.

    HP-480 connects pH sensor and measures pH and temperature in the sample water. Suitable for monitoring and control of various production processes and wastewater treatment, etc. Many types of electrodes are available to match the sample properties.HP-480TP is a pH meter with a time sharing proportional control function, making it ideal for tasks such as interval processing in any type of control process.

  • Laser Scanning Oil Film Detector

    LO-300 - HORIBA, Ltd.

    LO-300 provides early warning by on-line detection of oil leakage with a laser and a security camera (option)LO-300 uses a laser to scan water surface or the ground to detect an oil film with high sensitivity.LO-300 with camera unit (option) enables to record the video when LO-300 detects the alarm and stores the image captured before and after alarm signal.

  • UV Nanosecond Lasers

    Photonics Industries

    355 nm wavelengthPower: 0.5W* to 5W*Air-cooled design, water cooled optionAll-in-one (AIO) single box design for 0.5 & 1W modelPatented intracavity UV generationCompact, rugged, monolithic laser headTotal pulse controlTEM00 beam with typical M² < 1.2Pulse rates from 1Hz to 300kHzRS232 computer controlField replaceable pump diodes

  • Environmental Monitoring Systems

    Sensaphone Family - Sensaphone

    Comprehensive line of remote monitoring products that safeguard valuable assets by tracking critical environmental data such as temperature, humidity and power failures. Sensaphone products provide alerts and proactive monitoring data to homeowners and facility managers in many areas including telecommunications, oil and gas, water and wastewater, HVACR, agriculture, healthcare, data centers and greenhouses.

  • Structural Engineering And Design

    AEC - Altair Feko

    Versatility and data integration drive productivity for building and non-building structures. Altair's Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) structural analysis and design solutions simulate responses to wind, snow, water, seismic, blast, dead, live, and moving loads, or other dynamic, nonlinear loading conditions while ensuring design resiliency and regional code compliance.

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