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  • Wave Buoy

    MOTUS - Aanderaa Data Instruments AS

    The MOTUS (movement in Latin) Wave Buoy is a perfect solution for collecting environmental data in coastal areas.Collect reliable environmental data with MOTUS Wave Data Buoy.The MOTUS (movement in Latin) Buoy is a perfect solution for collecting environmental data in coastal areas for all-year deployments. The platform used for collecting data is a robust buoy which has proven to be an excellent platform for providing high accuracy and reliable meteorological and oceanographic data. The wave buoy can effectively combine various Hydrological and Meteorological parameters. Basic parameters such as wind, waves, and currents can easily be expanded to include sensor packages with different water quality sensors. Data is controlled and synchronized by the data management systems that Xylem Analytics offers, which also controls and powers real-time communication. This provides a low-power efficient system offering long-term deployment capabilities.The MOTUS Wave Buoys combine our ultra-low power and field-proven solutions from developing oceanographic and water quality sensors. We have 60 years of experience operating in the industry, providing you with an optimal platform based on the buoy, a rugged, lightweight polyethylene buoy deployed in more than 40 countries all over the world. By selecting Xylem as your partner in your projects, you are on track for the lowest overall cost of ownership and a versatile platform that can be tailored to your needs. The MOTUS Buoy is developed for both scientific and commercial use.

  • 2D Geophysical Inversion Software for Resistivity and Induced Polarization Data

    RES2DINV - Landviser, LLC

    RES2DINV software is designed to interpolate and interpret field data of electrical geophysical prospecting (2D sounding) of electrical resistivity (conductivity) and induced polarization. The inversion of the resistivity and IP data is conducted by least-square method involving finite-element and finite-difference methods. The software can handle data from any electrode array, including Wenner (a, b, g), dipole-dipole, inline pole-dipole, pole-pole, Wenner-Schlumberger, equatorial pole-dipole and non-conventional arrays. Interpolate data from land, under water, and cross-borehole surveys. Easy data conversion from the most popular geophysical instruments including ABEM Lund, Syskal, AGI, PASI, IRIS, SCITREX, etc.

  • Combined Environmental Reliability Test System

    VTC SERIES - EMIC Corporation

    HALT/HASS testing challenges the design, components, sub-assemblies and final assemblies of today's manufactured products. Stresses are applied through a number of conditions to set operational limits and ultimately precipitate failure in the HALT/HASS test environment. Rapid thermal change rate is one of the classic conditions that facilitate product stress.VTC Series chambers are equipped with an LN2 cooling system, with modulating valve and directed air flow to the product, provides the rapid thermal change rates required to achieve maximum product stress. Additionally, these rates are accomplished with smaller space requirements, lower audible noise, no water requirement, and lower maintenance costs than a typical refrigeration system.

  • Fluids Resistance Testing

    National Technical Systems

    NTS has extensive abilities in fluid testing. We’ve tested a large variety of products, from pipe fittings to process controllers, flexhoses to pressure vessels, valves to actuators, tank liners to heat exchangers, water to Skydrol. We have tested these products for a variety of measurements, from viscosity to flash point and auto ignition, among others. NTS fluids testing facilities are equipped with computerized data acquisition, reduction and analysis equipment for monitoring the functional characteristics of specimens during testing. NTS has considerable expertise in high flow testing of small devices – such as meters, indicators, totalizers, sensors, transmitters, and check valves.

  • Petroleum Testing Solutions


    Acid andalkali testers, aniline test equipment, automatic bomb calorimeters, automatic dielectric tester, closed cup flash point tester, demulsibility characteristics tester, density tester, distillation tester, dropping point tester, engler viscometer, existent gum tester, kinematics viscometer, low temperature tester, octant number and cetane number tester, open cup flash point tester, oxidation stability tester, oxygen bomb calorimeter, penetrometer, residue carbon, rotational viscometer, rust and corrosion tester, specific gravity tester, sulphur content tester, vapor pressure, water content tester.

  • Structural Engineering And Design

    AEC - Altair Feko

    Versatility and data integration drive productivity for building and non-building structures. Altair's Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) structural analysis and design solutions simulate responses to wind, snow, water, seismic, blast, dead, live, and moving loads, or other dynamic, nonlinear loading conditions while ensuring design resiliency and regional code compliance. Extensive data transfer links manage consecutive import and export cycles between analysis and design solutions, building information modeling (BIM) systems, and/or CAD platforms. Design and optimize concrete, steel, and timber to regional codes, generating report-ready results for all structural elements in a model.

  • Cylindrical Professional Micrometer

    Smartech Inc.

    • Automatic wake-up by moving the measuring spindle (system S.I.S)• Sleeping mode after 20 min. of no use (system S.I.S)• Position memorized in sleeping mode (system S.I.S), absolute system*• Water protected for heavy-duty work with coolants and lubricants, protection rating IP67 according toIEC 60529, even connected• Measuring range 0-161 mm covered with 5 instruments only• Set of 3 micrometers 0-102 mm available• Quick displacement of the measuring spindle 12 mm / rotation• Adjustable measuring force 5N / 10N (versions 903.030X)• Repeatability and reproducibility never reached before• Thimble in polyacetal-copolymer

  • Pipeline & Cable Locator

    STC-PCL 1101 - Shanghai Stone Communication tech Co., Ltd

    STC-PCL1101 Pipeline & Cable Locator consists of a Transmitter and a Receiver, used in the underground utilities route locating, the depth measuring and long distance tracing. We adopted multicoil electromagnetism technology on this Pipeline & Cable Locator, enhanced the pipeline localization to decide the depth precision and the goal pipeline recognition capability, also could accurately carry on tracing and the localization in the pipeline crowded complex region to the goal pipeline. Thus it is widely used in the telecommunication, electric, tap water, natural gas, physical prospecting, town planning and so on.. STC-PCL1101 has many optional accessories, thus increased their use, and expanded their application scope.

  • Pressure Temperature Sensors

    Teledyne Marine Cormon

    The PT sensor has been designed to the highest industry standards to provide customers with dependable and accurate measurement of temperature (+/- 0.50C) and pressure (0.025% FSD) within a high integrity mechanical package. The sensor is available in both 10k and 15k psi configurations and incorporates true dual redundant sensors and electronics. Combined with the addition of a tertiary barrier between the process fluid and sea water, operators and users can be assured of high integrity data with a design life of >25 years. The unit offers operators flexible communications interfaces as standard covering CANbus (CiA443, SIIS Level 2), MODbus (RS485) or 4-20mA outputs.

  • Dual Frequency 900 kHz & 2250 kHz 2D Imaging Sonar

    BlueView M900-2250-S 130/45-Mk2 - Teledyne Marine BlueView

    ​The dual frequency M900/2250-S 130/45-Mk2 is a new configuration of the leading BlueView M900/2250 optimized for superb image quality in challenging shallow water environments. The 900 kHz offers high-resolution long range navigation, object detection, and obstacle avoidance, while the 2250 kHz provides ultra-high resolution at close range. ROV navigation, diver hand held, hull inspections, structure inspections, diver monitoring, and search and recovery are a few applications that benefit from the dual-frequency’s imaging capabilities. All M Series sonar operate while in motion or from a stationary position delivering real-time imagery and data.

  • ExStik® Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Kit

    Extech EC410 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    EC410 kit includes EC400 ExStik® Conductivity/TDS/ Salinity Temperature Meter, with sensor, protective cap, three calibration standards, (30mL bottle each), weighted base, 3 sample plastic cups, with caps, four 3V CR-2032 batteries, 48 in. (1.2 m) neck strap, and carrying case. Autoranging meter offers 3 ranges of measurements from tap water to wastewater and any aqueous solution. Automatic Temperature Compensation of 2% per °C. Data Hold, Auto Power Off and low battery indication. Internal memory stores up to 25 labeled readings for easy recall.

  • Mid-Range Gas Filter Correlation CO Analyzer

    Model N300M - Teledyne Advanced Pollution Instrumentation

    The Model N300M is a microprocessor-controlled analyzer used to determine the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) in a sample gas. The analysis method is based on the Beer-Lambert law.The N300M uses Gas Filter Correlation (GFC) to overcome the interfering effects of various other gases (such as water vapor) that also absorb IR. The analyzer passes the IR beam through a spinning wheel made up of two separate chambers: one containing a high concentration of CO known as the reference, and the other containing a neutral gas known as the measure. The concentration of CO in the sample chamber is computed by taking the ratio of the instantaneous measure and reference values and then compensating the ratio for sample temperature and pressure.

  • Digital Brix Refractometer - for Measuring Dissolved Sucrose in Liquids

    Extech RF153 - Extech Instruments Corporation

    Take quick and accurate % Brix or Refractive Index (RI) measurements of dissolved sucrose level in liquids for beverage and food production, determine maturity of fruits and plants, or control the concentration of industrial fluids (such as cutting coolants, hydraulic fluids, and antifreeze) to extend equipment life and prevent corrosion. Fast three second response time, the LCD displays %Brix or RI and Temperature. The RF153 fits in the palm of your hand and it features built-in ATC, single Zero calibration, prism cover, and auto memory storing 10 readings. Rugged low maintenance water resistant (IP65) housing with convenient side spouts for easy drainage.

  • UV Testing Machine

    Dongguan Kejian Instrument Co., Ltd.

    1. Meet ISO,ASTM, DIN,JIS,SAE,BS,ANSI,GM,U.S.GOVT(ASTMG153,ASTMG154,,ASTMD4329,ASTMD4977,ASTMD4587,SAEJ2020,ISO4892)2. QUV condensation device simulates the effect of humidity of outdoor,meeting 100% humidity.3. Electronic-eye irradiance control system4. Use blackboard temperature sensor providing precise temperature and recuring test result.5. Perform humidifying, condensation and water spraying circulating test.6. Irradiance is calibrated by CR-10 calibrator and automatic calebration procedure.(Paten technology)7. Specimen size and quantity: 75mm×300mm 24pcs, 75mm×150mm 48pcs

  • Belimo Energy Valve

    BlueLight Technologies

    The Energy Valve is a pressure-independent valve that measures and manages coil energy by using an embedded electromagnetic or ultrasonic flow meter, along with supply and return water temperature sensors. The Energy Valve also has the patented Power Control and Belimo Delta T Manager logics built-in that monitor coil performance and optimize the available energy of the coil by maintaining the Delta T. In addition to the standard analog signal and feedback wiring, it communicates its data to the building management system via BACnet MS/TP or BACnet IP. The built-in web server collects up to 13 months of data that can be downloaded to external tools for further optimization. Some of these features contribute to LEED points.

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