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  • IP67 Camera Technology

    Triton - LUCID Vision Labs, Inc.

    The Triton™ is a compact, 29 x 29 mm IP67 GigE Vision machine vision camera. It features a dustproof and water-resistant camera enclosure and lens tube designed to be used in a variety of industrial environments such as food inspection and agriculture where dust, dirt or water can be present. The camera features threaded outer lens barrel for fitting an IP67 lens tube. It can be interfaced via the M12 Ethernet connector for data transmission and M8 connector for triggering.

  • Laser Levels

    Pacific Laser Systems

    Fast, accurate and portable, PLS laser levels save time and money versus traditional layout methods using a bubble vials, plumb bobs or complex measurements. Compare the benefits PLS laser tools: Beam quality will be bright, thin and crisp. Drop tested with water and dust Ingress Protection (IP). Designed for the professional contractor with self-leveling technology. Green Laser Levels, Rotary Lasers, Point Lasers and Line and Combo Lasers.

  • Leather Testing Machine

    Dongguan Kejian Instrument Co., Ltd.

    Test method uses clean ball placed within the material applications, steel ball itself of the impedance and total weight, must be in conformity with the provisions, on this condition detection material zigzag waterproof penetration index, using the latest inductive components and special design, test as long as materials applications in water infiltration immediately automatic stop counting or in setting time (test times) arrived, namely automatic stop and display the time or times.

  • Logger version super wide range turbidity sensor with wiper

    INFINITY-Turbi ATU75W2-USB - JFE Advantech Co., Ltd.

    Infinity-Turbi is an autonomously deployable data logger for long-term turbidity measurements. With dual sensors for low (0 to 1,000 FTU) and high (0 to 100,000 ppm) ranges, the instrument can provide Highly accurate turbidity measurements in normal to muddy water. Infinity-Turbi has a mechanical wiper to keep the optical window clean, making long-term observations possible. The instrument has temperature and depth sensors as standard as well, and matches various measuring situations and applications.

  • Low-Cost Fixed Focus Miniature High Definition Camera

    L3C-HD - Teledyne Marine Bowtech

    The Teledyne Bowtech L3C-HD is a low cost fixed focus miniature high definition camera. Its housing is manufactured with high quality titanium, rated to either 1,000m, 4,000m or 6,000m operating depth.The camera is fitted with a fixed focus wide angle lens. This provides a 67° diagonal angle of view in water. The Sapphire window is highly scratch resistant and 99.8% opitcally pure. The camera features built-in reverse polarity and surge protection.

  • MAX Waterproof Galvanic Dissolved Oxygen Meter

    MW605 - Milwaukee Instruments

    The Milwaukee MW605 MAX Galvanic Portable Waterproof Dissolved Oxygen meter is one of Milwaukee's most popular meters with its reliable and fast operation as well as its accuracy. The Milwaukee MW605 MAX DO Meter is preferred by people looking for lab level accuracy without the cost. The Milwaukee DO Meter is popular with everyone from field biologists, educators, fish farmers, koi pond owners, water treatement plants and labs.

  • On-line Sediment Monitoring

    LISST-Hydro - Sequoia Scientific, Inc.

    Designed for autonomous useOperates from 110/220VAC, 50Hz line powerSelf contained system transmits data to monitoring PC (not included) over RS-485.LISST-Infinite Master Controller and LISST-Infinite Monitor software includedSubmersible well pump for sample intake acquisition (optional)Built in clean water source level monitoringAutomatic background blanking for improved long term performanceWarnings for high sediment concentrations on dedicated monitoring PC (not included)Built-in automatic ultrasonic cleaning

  • Pressure Comparator (System D)

    P Series - AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration

    The P-Series (System D) comparators are hydraulic screw pumps designed for easy, controlled, high pressure generation. Each comparator includes a 4 connection manifold, which can be used for the reference indicator, the device under test, a fine adjust, an isolation valve, or a fluid reservoir. The adjustable reference pressure port lets you set your reference gauge at the best viewing angle. Three models are available for hydraulic oil, water, or both.

  • Ultra-rugged compact single beam echo sounder survey systems

    CEE HydroSystems

    CEE HydroSystems single beam echo sounders are compact, rugged and waterproof units offering the combination of exceptional sonar performance with maximum convenience. By using the latest modern microprocessors, an echo sounder no longer has to be large and impractical to offer survey-grade accuracy. With several built-in GNSS and GPS options from sub-meter to precise RTK, the latest CEESCOPE™ redefines the quality standard for shallow water, personal watercraft, or unmanned USV hydrographic surveying.

  • Adjustable Range Reflective Photoelectric Sensor

    EQ-500 - Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Company of America

    The EQ-500 Series Adjustable Range Reflective Photoelectric Sensor is a multi-voltage compact Reflective Photoelectric Sensor that can function with 24 to 240 V.AC and 12 to 240 V.DC, to operate with any power supply around the world. Background and foreground suppression (DC Types) and a long sensing range of up to 2.5m is a key characteristic of the EQ-500 Sensor. With an IP67 rating, the EQ-500 can be used in harsh environments prone to water or dust making stable sensing possible.

  • Ion Chromatography

    Eco IC - Metrohm AG

    Discover Eco IC, an ion chromatography system that focuses on the essentials while not compromising on quality, robustness, and reliability. Eco IC has been developed to enable more users to benefit from this technique. Whether you need to perform routine water analysis or you’re looking for an instrument for higher education, Eco IC comes with all the components you need. In addition, you can also save time and reduce work by getting an automated system.

  • Tide Stations

    Sutron Corporation

    The Basic Tide Station System is built around the combination of Sutron’s powerful XLite datalogger and Radar Level sensor. This arrangement allows the user to retrieve information not only pertaining to the water level, but also to significant wave height and wave energy. A titanium submersible pressure sensor acts as a redundant sensor for comparison of the data measured by the Radar Level sensor. This method of verifying data is highly favored by Coastal Zone Monitoring Departments worldwide.

  • Dew Point

    Cosa Xentaur Corp.

    Dew Point Temperature is a measure of humidity. If air is cooled eventually enough energy will be removed for water vapor to begin to condense. The temperature where condensation begins is the dew point temperature. If the air is gradually cooled while maintaining the moisture content constant, the relative humidity will rise until it reaches 100%. This temperature, at which the moisture content in the air will saturate the air, is called the dew point. If the air is cooled further, some of the moisture will condense.

  • Field-installation Type Electric Conductivity Meter (Four-Wire Transmission, For High-concentration)

    HE-200H - HORIBA, Ltd.

    HE-200H connects conductivity sensor (FES-125F,126F) and measures conductivity and temperature in the sample water. It can be used not only for measurement of electrical conductivity in aqueous solution, but also for concentration adjustment and rinse monitoring of CIP, etc., as well as for concentration monitor of process.

  • High Capacity Vectored MiniROV with Extended Depth Rating

    vLBV950 - Teledyne Marine Seabotix

    - ​Deep water highly capable MiniROV - The SeaBotix vLBV950 is a deep water solution rated to 950 meters (3,116 ft) while maintaining the same compact dimensions of the vLBV300.- Powerful variable vector thruster configuration - Vectored thruster configuration provides amazing control in all horizontal directions, making it ideal for use in demanding offshore conditions.- Optimized mechanical design - The vLBV950 has undergone extensive mechanical design to optimize stability, capability, flexibility and serviceability.Flexible stable platform - vLBV950 is able to accept a wide range of cameras, sensors, tools and more.- Ultra low drag, strong tether - The vLBV950 uses the low drag tether that SeaBotix has used in all its ROV systems. At 9.05 mm (0.35 in) nominal diameter and 100 kgf (220 lbf) working load, the tether has maximum strength and minimal impact on the vehicle's performance.- Intuitive control system - SeaBotix MiniROV controls have been regarded as the most intuitive of all small ROVs with a user friendly operator control unit and integrated control console.

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