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Automatic Test Equipment Software

Software for equipment designed to automatically analyze functional or static parameters of electronic assemblies in order to evaluate performance degradation. (

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  • Secondary Injection Equipment for Relay Testing.


    Portable equipment to test all types of protective relays and power system protection schemes. Automatic relay testing software, Comtrade transient playback and test reporting.

  • Spike Missile Servo Tester

    Chaban Electronic Ltd.

    In this field as in others, Chaban group, Israel'sLeader in the development, production andmarketing of universal, automatic testaquipment (ATE), Provides you with theoptimal solutions for the Development andmanufacture of support equipment For thedevelopment of operational hardware andSoftware, as well as automatic test equipmentfor Spike Missile Servo unit. The testequipment is based on PC platform, Software,as well as automatic test equipment for SpikeMissile system. The test equipment is basedon PC platforms, and Combines standard offthe-shelfitems such as an Industrial pc, dataacquisition cards, etc.

  • Test Flow Simulator

    Advanced Test Engineering Solutions, Inc.

    A Test Strategy Calculator. This unique software was designed for manufacturers who are confused about the type of automatic test equipment ATE) they should buy. This simple-to use software, runs with many popular spreadsheet programs and provides the calculations necessary to predict your overall test, repair and penalty costs.

  • Spike Missile Generic Tester

    Chaban Electronic Ltd.

    The defense industry of the thirdmillennium is characterized by an endlessaspiration to excellence, creativity andinnovation. Chaban Group, Israel's leader in thedevelopment, production and marketing ofuniversal, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), has gained much experience in developing, production and marketing universalhardware / software test equipment forelectronic assemblies, that providecustomers with the generic and optimalsolution, with individual adaptation for theirneeds.

  • Missile Servo Tester

    Chaban Electronic Ltd.

    In this field as in others, Chaban group, Israel'sLeader in the development, production andmarketing of universal, automatic testaquipment (ATE), Provides you with theoptimal solutions for the Development andmanufacture of Rafael's newest Missile Servounit. The test equipment is based on PCplatforms, Software, as well as automatic testequipment for Rafael's newest servo Missilesystem.

  • Automatic Test Equipment, Test Interface Units and Test Program Sets

    Axis Aerospace & Technologies Ltd.

    AXISCADES is a pioneer in Test Solutions and has a long pedigree in developing Test Systems. AXISCADES has designed and developed Automatic Test Equipment, Test Interface Units/Interface Test Adapters and associated Test Program Set Software for Indian and Global, Aerospace and Defence OEMs and End Users.

  • Automatic Test Software

    EasyTest 2.0 - Acery Technologies

    EasyTest © 2.0 is a set of common test automation software platform, with the definition of test engineering, test process editor, test program generation, test execution process, test data on a network share as one of the functions. Using EasyTest © 2.0 can easily set up a large network systems and ground test integrated test system, you can build standalone automatic test system, or automatic control equipment R & D engineers, and other data stored for use in research and development.

  • Vehicle test station for electrical ,brake, and ABS End-Of-The-Line Testing

    Certifier 912 - LITE-CHECK

    Presenting a vehicle test station for electrical, brake, and ABS End-Of-The-Line testing from LITE-CHECK, the leader in economical, technician-friendly test equipment. With state of the art software and hardware automatic operations are recorded for a complete printed report of the vehicles electrical and air system.


    MD-5075x - MEGABRAS srl

    The digital megohmmeter model MD-5075x is Megabras' cutting edge insulation analyzer equipment and it is one of the most complete and sophisticated available in the international market. A powerful software allows for further analysis of tests results, including features such as graphical representation and automatic report generation.

  • CEAST VisualMELT Software


    VisualMELT Software is designed to control all the functions of the Modular Melt Flow Systems, from single-weight to multiple-weight tests. The software enables the user to manage all optional equipment, including the load cell, the automatic cutting device, and the motorized weight lifter. When working with a multi-weight tester, it is possible to set up and control single-weight or multi-weight tests, as well as define the order and number of weights to be applied.

  • Automated Test Systems Solutions


    We have broken new ground in designing and developing test systems from COTS components. Our engineering staff possesses extensive experience developing software in traditional test languages such as Assembly, ANSI C, FORTRAN, and Visual Basic, as well as Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) programming languages such as ATLAS (Abbreviated Test Language for All Systems), LabVIEWTM, LabWindows/CVITM, and TestStandTM.

  • Automatic Test Equipment for Electronic Systems

    BAE Systems Inc.

    BAE Systems has designed and manufactured comprehensive test solutions for both military and commercial applications for more than 40 years. Our systems provide organizational, intermediate, and depot-level support for electronic warfare systems, displays, flight and fire controls, radars, communications, and stores management systems. Automatic test equipment cyber security; Test program set development; Electronics manufacturing; Systems, electrical, and mechanical design; CMMI Level 5 software development; RF design and synthetic instrumentation.

  • FPGA PXI Card

    GX3640 - Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.

    The GX3640 is comprised of the GX3500 FPGA card and the GX3540, 40 channel ECL expansion card. It is a 3U PXI instrument card that can be used for general data acquisition, process control, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), and functional test applications. The GX3640 consists of 20 differential ECL drivers and 20 differential ECL receivers. Each channel can be accessed via software commands for use in static I/O applications.

  • Automatic Wire Test Set

    AWTS - Eclypse International

    The Automatic Wire Test Set (AWTS) is automated test equipment that aids wiring diagnostics of electrical and electronic devices. The Test Control Unit (TCU) uses resistance measurements, capacitance measurements, and AC/DC voltage measurements to perform continuity, insulation, and isolation tests. The AWTS Laptop CPU, hereafter referred to as CPU, controls the AWTS. The Eclypse Language Integrated Test Environment (ELITE) is application software that controls the TCU. The majority of the hardware for a test is contained in the TCU. The 128pin connector on the TCU front panel provides 128 energizable test points. Switch Modules (SM) can be connected in sequence or daisy chained to the TCU and provide an additional 1024 test points; 128 of those are energizable.

  • RF Power Amplifier Automatic Measurement System

    Acery Technologies

    RF power amplifier automatic measurement system consists of a new generation of science and technology is the German spectrum analyzer, RF and microwave signal source, network analyzers, noise figure analyzers, power meters, digital oscilloscopes, high performance DC power supplies, multimeter, low-frequency switching and digital I / O, custom RF and microwave switch matrix and other equipment and related equipment. These high-performance equipment not only provides incentives and analysis for the amplifier under test, but also provides a DC power supply and power amplifier circuit and other peripheral adjustment necessary. Meanwhile, the system sets the test signal conditioning, configuration and calibration test as one of the major parameters which can be accurately amplifier, fast and flexible testing. All equipment is controlled by the core of the test system software can be fully automated production test and manual type of R & D design type tested to meet the testing requirements of different stages. System software includes a convenient test mode conversion, simple and clear path and test switch interface, the main instrument soft front panel measuring device, and a measurement report in line with MS Word and Excel format and other functions.