PXI Dual 16x8 Matrix, 2 Pole Switching

PXI Dual 16x8 Matrix, 2 Pole Switching

This high-density reed relay matrix with 256 crosspoints. This model isconfigured as a Dual 16x8, model 40-531 is configured as a 32x8. Both modules are available in a choice of reed relay formats: 1-pole, 2-pole and 1-Pole screened. The screened version can be used for switching coaxial signals up to 50MHz. Typical applications include signal routing in Functional ATE and data acquisition systems. These PXI matrix modules are constructed using high reliability Sputtered Ruthenium Reed Relays, offering 109 operations to give maximum switching confidence with long life and stable contact resistance. Larger matrices may be constructed by Daisy Chaining the common signals from multiple PXI modules. For example, seven PXI modules will form a 224x8 Matrix, a total of 1792 crosspoints in a 7-slot PXI Chassis.


Format: PXI


  • Micro-D (Male): Quantity: 1 Connector Positions: 96