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equipment that automatically analyzes functional or static parameters to evaluate performance.

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  • ATE

    Dow-Key Microwave

    Dow-Key® Microwave focuses heavily on providing the best and most reliable switching systems to the ATE industry and we have been successful to this end since 1999. In automated test systems, the critical role that switching segments play in the overall testing is often overlooked and taken for granted. The performance of a test system is only as good as the switches routing the signal, even with the most sophisticated test instrument.We take pride in our ATE switch solutions which allow the user to test UUT’s/DUT’s without concern about the switching segment – we will take care of it for you. Our ATE Switch Matrix solutions are available from DC up to 40 GHz and are offered with various software interfaces with minimum effort needed to control the switch matrix.Our stand alone high performance coaxial switches for ATE applications are available with long cycle life and an insertion loss repeatability of 0.03 dB across DC to 26.5 GHz frequency band. For high-speed applications, our DC to 40 GHz switches are ideal for use in test & measurement applications.

  • ATE Engineering

    Aero Instruments & Avionics, Inc.

    The ATE Engineering Department was created in 1989 to support the growing number of In-House ATE. Working with avionics technicians, our engineers maintain, update and create new automated and semi-automated test equipment and Test Program Sets (TPS).

  • Mixed-Signal ATE

    3M20 Personal - Third Millennium Test Solutions, Inc

    3MTS' Personal ATE brings the benefits of the user reconfigurable 3MTS architecture directly to the engineer's office for the first time. The Personal ATE system provides full SOC instrumentation compatibility in a package designed to fit comfortably on an engineer's desk.

  • ATE Development

    Aero Engineering Support Group

    ATE Development Aero Engineering Support specializes in designs and manufacturing of a wide variety of Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) of support for military avionics, commercial avionics, industrial sector, etc. AESG is committed to providing industry leading equipment that are designed to be scalable and expandable ATE capable of providing reliable functional test solutions for any electronic assembly or Circuit Card Assembly. New from Aero Engineering Support is the A2500 system, providing:

  • ATE Interfaces

    inTEST Corporation

    inTEST EMS ATE Interfaces provide the high fidelity electrical connections required for modern ATE and the mechanical accuracy needed for ever shrinking component geometries. With products available for both present day and legacy testers and a wide range of probers and die handlers you can equip a complete test floor from a single source.

  • RF ATE

    Viavi Solutions Inc.

    IFF-7300S Series IFF/Crypto/TACAN Automated Test System. IRIS 2000/IRS 1200 ATE Software Revision Service. RF Expansion Module (RFEM).

  • ATE Platform

    600 Series - Cimtek Automation Systems Incorporated

    Circuit Check 's 600 Series Compact ATE Platform with built-in professional fixturing solves the uncertainty of repeatable results that are common with bench testing. With the CCI 600 Series Compact ATE, your test procedures become automatic, with test steps and go/no-go limits programmed in common tabular form. Hand-probing is eliminated, replaced with accurate, repeatable tooling and reliable spring-loaded test probe fixturing.

  • ATE Socket

    Meltak Technology

    Design ATE socket according to customer's requirementsUse on auto-test eqiupments and handler.Pitch range from 0.30 to 1.0mm.Pin amount: 2 and above.Key material: Peek,Torlon.etcContact with top pogo pin

  • Mini ATE

    MINI 80 - SEICA SpA

    MINI 80 represents the maximum miniaturization available to date with an ATE tester.All potentials of an automatic test equipment is available within 19″/2U rack as a support for those seeking parametric tests with few test points, or for those requiring a standard test-bench platform.

  • Semiconductor ATE

    Xcerra Corp.

    The overriding market position for all Xcerra products is to deliver the overall lowest cost of ownership. Cost of ownership is comprised of three dimensions, capital cost, throughput and operating costs. Xcerra testers excel in each of these areas. The primary industrial end market drivers for our testers are automotive, consumer and mobility. Simply put our testers allow for the high volume production of electronics that allow people to be entertained, communicate, be more productive and stay safe.

  • Semiconductor ATE

    PAx-ac RF PA/FEM System - Xcerra Corp.

    PAx-ac can be configured with a range of instruments that are designed to address the test challenges for a broad range of RF power amplifiers and front end modules used in cellular and connectivity applications, including 802.11AC, the emergent 802.11ax standard, LTE-A, HSPDA, WCDMA, GSM, Edge, WCDMA, Bluetooth pus a variety of standards. <>

  • ATE Load Board


    WinWay is driven to provide you an accurate board design, on time and at a fair price.Our team has experience in over 75 different ATE, Dut and socketed device form factors

  • Generic RF ATE

    Data Patterns Pvt. Ltd.

    The Generic RF ATE is developed to test the Radar and Radar Subsystems. The ATE is primarily built using an instrumentation control, precision RF routing systems and rack mounted test instruments. Generic RF ATE system enables measurement of parameters of Radar equipment such as Local Oscillators, Waveform Generators, Up and Down Converters, Analog Receivers, Array Group Receiver Units, TR Modules. The ATE is configured to test the Radars upto 18GHz frequency range.

  • ATE Series Power Supplies

    Kepco, Inc.

    Series ATE power supplies are precision analog-controlled power supplies.

  • ATE Core Configurations

    National Instruments

    ATE Core Configurations streamline the design, procurement, and deployment of automated test systems with highly integrated mechanical, power, and safety system infrastructure. These off-the-shelf systems reduce lead times and simplify standardization and global deployment. Lower your total cost of ownership for your test systems with ATE Core Configurations.