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  • Life Sciences

    GAO Tek Inc.

    Life science is defined as all sciences ranging from biology, chemistry, environmental science and physics. More specifically, life sciences consist of companies in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, life systems technologies, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food processing, environmental, biomedical devices, and organizations and institutions that devotes most of their efforts in the various stages of research, development, technology transfer and commercialization.

  • SSD Life

    BinarySense Inc.

    SSD Life analyzes how actively you use your solid-state drive and uses a special algorithm to calculate its estimated lifetime. Of course, the date of the lifetime expiration is corrected depending on how intensively you keep using your drive.

  • Life Science Microscope

    Dewinter Optical Inc.

    Our product range includes a wide range of smart life science microscope, excel life science microscope, select binocular microscope, crown trinocular life science microscope, classic life science trinocular microscope and premium trinocular microscope.

  • Life / Chatter Test

    Applied Relay Testing Ltd.

    Offers a complete range of life test hardware and software modules to enable any Relay Life Test application to be easily and quickly configured, no matter how large or small.

  • Battery Life Tester

    ELK-BLT v.3 - ELK Products, Inc

    The ELK-BLT Battery Life Tester or .Mhos Meter. is a compact, easy to use service tool for testing 12 Volt rechargeable batteries. The BLT measures internal conductivity (Mhos), which is the best indicator of a battery's health and life expectancy. Mhos happens to be the inverse of Ohms (conductance as opposed to resistance)

  • Multiway Life Tester

    CH316 - Lisun Electronics Inc.

    • Measure 16 samples at the same time, evaluate and record the life of each sample. • Very flexible: Samples can be added and changed at anytime. • The life of each sample is readable at anytime. • The switch ON/OFF time is adjustable (Test period is min 1s). • Automatically remember the test result when the power is off, and resume the old measurement when power is on. • Sound and light alarm when the products were failed.

  • Life Sciences Applications

    LS-AFM - AFM Workshop

    The LS-AFM is used in life sciences applications when an inverted optical microscope is required for locating cells or other bio-materials on a surface. The LS-AFM can be retrofitted to almost any inverted optical microscope, or it can be purchased with the AFMWorkshop inverted optical microscope.

  • Probe System for Life

    PS4L - SemiProbe

    PS4L systems are available to handle products from 50mm to 300mm, and are available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic configurations. A unique advantage of the PS4L system is its ability to be upgraded at any point in its life cycle as your product needs or volume requirements change. As the customer’s business environment or test conditions change, the PS4L can be rapidly reconfigured to meet these new requirements. Changes to wafer size, automation level, or test procedure do not translate into a need for new capital equipment. This substantially reduces the cost of new product development and the time to procure the appropriate test equipment. Reconfigurations are typically performed in the field, at the customer site.

  • Aircraft Life Test

    ViTec Co. Ltd

    The system is based on the NI CompactRIO platform. The use of the new strain-gauge modules cRIO-9237 ensured high accuracy of measurements. The compact size and industrial design of the equipment, plus the use of Wi-Fi technology, made it possible to place one of the measuring modules on the rotating part of the stand. Due to the use of LabVIEW Real-Time, the system autonomy requirements were implemented.

  • Micro-CT for Life Science

    Bruker microCT

    Micro computed tomography is X-ray imaging in 3D, by the same method used in hospital CT scans, but on a small scale with massively increased resolution. It really represents 3D microscopy, where very fine scale internal structure of objects is imaged non-destructively. Bruker microtomography is available in a range of easy-to-use desktop instruments, which generate 3D images of your sample’s morphology and internal microstructure with resolution down to the micron level.

  • Spectrophotometer For Life Science

    BioSpec-nano - Shimadzu Corp.

    Capable of performing quantitation and purity checking of nucleic acids, quantitation of proteins, and photometric measurements (OD values displayed and printed for specified wavelengths, up to 8 wavelengths). Simply drop 1 to 2 μL of the sample onto the measurement window and press the instrument's Start button (or click the Start Measurement button in the software window), and all steps in the process, from setting the optical path length, measurement, up until the task of wiping off the sample from the measurement window, are all carried out automatically. Troublesome work of moving arm up and down and wiping the sample from the measurement window now unnecessary. Moreover, when using the specialized software, all it takes to perform a measurement, output a report, export data, or carry out other common tasks is to click buttons on the toolbar.

  • Rotary Switch Life Tester

    CX-1 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    1: The CX-1 Rotary Switch Life Tester is strictly designed according to IEC60669-1, IEC61058-1, GB15092-1-2003 and GB15092.1 Standard. It's mainly used to test the service life of household and similar switch equipment products. 2: This rotary switch life tester connected to the power load cabinet and conduct electrical life test, normal operation and breaking  capacity test of the rotary switch. 3: The rotary switch life tester is mainly used to test the all kinds  switch

  • Accelerated Product Life Cycle

    Delserro Engineering Solutions

    Under normal conditions it may take years to gather failure data on the life cycle of new products. Through accelerated life testing the overall time to failure can be reduced to weeks by increasing the frequency of the field loads and by removing insignificant stress components. In addition, life cycle testing on a product can be reduced or accelerated dramatically by increasing the stress levels to higher than normal. Putting a product through Accelerated Life Testing can reduce test time from weeks to days while still achieving satisfactory results saving both time and money.

  • Life Science Lab Instruments

    Shimadzu Corp.

    Shimadzu's Life Science Lab Instruments are focused on developing new tools to help accelerate life science research by integrating novel chemistry with innovative technology to achieve a unique position as a true provider of solutions for life scientists. Shimadzu brings together technologies and tools that help you find out more about your biological sample. Whether it is a gel based experiment for understanding protein expression, characterizing differences in metabolism in patient studies, imaging tissue with mass spectrometry, Shimadzu can help you discover more about the biology of disease.

  • Life Cycle & Fatigue Testers


    Switches can use all these operations. Membrane switches, keyboards and keypads will all require a push with a known force. On/Off switches will combine a push and a pull or possibly push on, push off. A rocker switch and toggle switches will require a push in two different places. Rotary switches (and volume controls, potentiometers) need to be rotated clockwise and counter clockwise The standard life cycle and fatigue tester the B886 Simon System has been designed for life cycle and fatigue testing of switches, membrane switches, keyboards and keypads. It contains all the components needed to life and fatigue test a products that need to be pushed. We can also supply different actuators for a push, pull, rocker, toggle, volume control or rotary switch.

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