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  • Systems

    Argon ST

    We design and build discrete systems and complete solutions for communications, ISR and protection of forces. Our products include reconnaissance, communication and navigation systems; geo-location systems; EW systems; threat warning systems and adversary emulation systems.

  • Systems

    CommsAudit Limited

    Complete turn-key integrated systems & customised end-to-end systems. Applications include signal intelligence SIGINT, communications, radiomonitoring and ITU spectrum monitoring.

  • System

    SYS-24 - Eddy Co.

    The system shown here was built for a customer to be used in metallization, a common use for many smaller systems. It is also fully capable of performing optical coatings when equipped to do so. This particular system came equipped with a 16" APD ISO Flange mounted cyropump, and a Varian tri-scroll for roughing. The cooling tubes for the crystals as well as the drive motor for the parts holder can be seen on the top of the chamber.

  • Systems

    Ansys Corporation

    As product complexity grows, so does the challenge of integrating individual components within a system to ensure they work together as expected. Systems modeling, simulation and validation allow you to create a complete digital prototype to understand and optimize the critical interactions between physics, controls and the environment throughout the product development process. And, by combining systems modeling with sensors and big data, you can develop a digital twin to manage your product’s performance and maintenance after it has been deployed.

  • System

    SpecMetrix - Sensory Analytics

    SpecMetrix systems by Sensory Analytics were designed from the ground up to precisely measure the absolute thickness of just about any coating on any substrate. All our systems are flexible for use in virtually any manufacturing environment. They provide coating thickness data of unprecedented accuracy—helping manufacturers reduce costs by optimizing coating process control and product quality. Our systems are easily configured to measure webs, coils, flat sheets, small samples or finished parts.

  • System

    SYS-36 - Eddy Co.

    Systems with 36" chambers tend to be a customer favorite for their flexibility. They are easily used for many different types of coatings. Often times they are best utilized in a prototype or multi part production facility where a specialized system such as a dual chamber box coater is not required. They are, however, still configurable for specialized processes.

  • Systems

    SYS-48 - Eddy Co.

    The 48" inch system is a must for facilities processing large parts or many parts in one run. Some process time is sacrificed in comparison to a smaller chamber, because of the large pumping volume, but is more than gained back by the high yields in parts runs.

  • System

    SYS-28 - Eddy Co.

    This 28" box coater has a separately ventable top chamber, to allow for faster parts changes and increased productivity. It also is equipped with our FTC-620 flip controller. The flip and rotation motors can be seen on the top. This system uses a Varian tri-scroll pump and a bottom mounted 16" APD cryopump.

  • Systems

    LIN & CAN - Lipowsky Industrie-Elektronik GmbH

    Rail mountable LIN and CAN bus simulation device with digital inputs and outputs (8in/4out)A simple and economic solution to add a CAN or LIN-interface to your PLC.Perfect to upgrade existing test equipment.

  • IR Radiation Systems And Systems

    BF Engineering GmbH

    Irradiation systems with infrared are used in test applications when a high heat input to the test object is required. In our portfolio you will find a wide range of different designs and areas of application for IR systems. From simple radiation modules to highly complex radiation systems.

  • Test Systems Inspection Systems

    Elabo GmbH

    Different requirements demand flexibility. ELABO boasts a modular product portfolio permitting the economical creation of bespoke solutions for every client. These solutions range from individual testing devices through tabletop workstations with integrated testing equipment all the way to automated systems with ERP connections for mass production.

  • Analyzer System

    Ruggedized Test Systems (RTS) - Eclypse International

    This analyzer is a rugged, field deployable system that detects and locates faults and detects degradation in electrical interconnect systems ranging from simple to complex.

  • Assay System (Rest System for Longevity)

    EIIT, S.A.

    New polymers are constantly being developed and component manufacturing techniques appear, allowing the gradual replacement of metallic materials by plastics or composites, in various fields of application, in different industries. In particular, in the air conditioning, heating and water supply sector, plastic components are subject to the aging process due to the temperature to which they are subjected or due to the amount of oxygen in the fluids. The Test System for Longevity and Accelerated Aging Tests developed by Controlar allows to foresee, in accelerated test, the wear throughout the life of the plastic components of the hydraulic systems, in order to prevent eventual failures during the useful life cycle of the DUT.

  • Resolver Systems and Resolver Sub Systems

    TDSM Series - Computer Conversions Corporation

    The TDSM Series are low cost absolute encoders consisting of a size 11 electromagnetic transducer and a 2.6 x 3.1 x .6 conversion module. The outputs available are 12 to 16 bit binary format representing 0 to 359.99 degrees of absolute shaft angle input. The transducer reference supply is also included in the module which is designed for printed circuit mounting. A data transfer and data hold line are provided for simple computer or microprocessor interfacing. These features in addition to the latest digital circuitry techniques, make these encoders the best selection in today's applications where resolutions greater than 10 bits are required with ultra high reliability assured.

  • System Solutions

    ET System Electronic GmbH

    Thanks to our many years of experience and our extensive product range of system components, laboratory devices and modular control and measuring systems, we can also offer you complex system solutions. We develop user-oriented software solutions quickly, and our design team is able to quickly and efficiently adapt standard system components to your special requirements. We can also develop complete parts of a test system according to your requirements and integrate them into the structure of the system components. In this way, systems such as function test systems, handling systems, safety test systems or battery test systems can be configured cost-effectively.