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  • 3G SDI Modules - Modules

    Company: Liverage

    The video series transceivers are high performance, cost effective modules for duplex video transmission application over single mode fiber.

  • 1x9 BIDI Transceiver Modules - Modules

    Company: Liverage

    The module supplies best solution of short-haul 20 km for fiber optical system and link distance. The module with the Differential PECL of 3.3 or 5 Voltage and provide the system designer with products to implement a range of ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and SONET for Telecommunication. The module was all supplied in the new industry standard 1x9 SIP package style with a Bi-directional BIDI SC ST or FC connector interface.

  • PON Modules

    Company: SOPTO

    PON module is high performance module for single fiber communications by using burst mode transmitter and continuous receiver with different data rate and wavelengths. For example, 1310nm Tx 1490nm Rx and 1490nm Tx 1310nm RX. The bi-directional PON module includes GPON, EPON, WDM PON, 10G GEPON series and is for optical line terminal (OLT) or optical network unit (ONU). The PON module is compliant with ITU-T G.984.2, Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) and Huaiwei, ZTE and Ericsson devices. The transmitter section uses a DFB laser diode with automatic power control (APC) function and temperature compensation circuitry to ensure stable extinction ratio overall operating temperature range, and full IEC825 and CDRH class 1 eye safety. The receiver has a hermetically packaged PIN-TIA (trans-impedance amplifier) pre-amplifier and a limiting amplifier with CML compatible differential outputs.

  • Modules

    Company: Cimetrics

    Cimetrics offers several modules that can enable you to add BACnet capability to your products. Our modules, based on the Lantronix XPort, are elongated Ethernet RJ45 connectors that can be built into your product. Each module contains a microprocessor, memory, Ethernet MAC/PHY, serial (UART) interface, and firmware written by Cimetrics. The serial interface is typically used to communicate with another microprocessor in your product.

  • Blank Modules - Contacts, Modules & Tools

    Company: Virginia Panel

    Blank Modules are made from black anodized aluminum or black PEI thermoplastic and are for unused module slots. The Blank Shielding Module fills a module slot and shields signals between the modules. Blank Modules fit either ITA or Receiver positions.


    Company: AMS Technologies

    Our standard Peltier modules cover sizes from 3x3mm2 up to 62x62mm2, cooling capacities from 0.4 to 310W, voltage supplies up to 31V, special shapes, multi-stage modules and more. Finishing options for moisture protection, tight tolerance lapping and many more are available.

  • OC12 SFP Modules

    Company: SOPTO

    Sopto is a leading 622Mbps SFP manufacturer supplying OC12 SFP module applied to Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet SDH STM-4, S-4.1 SONET OC-2 IR1 and other links. The high performance, cost effective modules support data-rate 622Mbps and 1310nm/1550nm wavelength. The transmission distance reaches up to 80km with SMF. This OC12 SFP transceiver module consists a FP laser transmitter AND a PIN photodiode integrated with a trans-impedance preamplifier (TIA) and MCU control unit. The OC12 SFP module is 100% compatible with all Cisco series switches which support SFP transceivers, like Cisco 1700, Cisco 1841, Cisco 2600 Cisco 2811, Cisco 871, Cisco 2821 and Cisco 3845.

  • OC48 SFP Modules

    Company: SOPTO

    Sopto high performance, cost effective 2.5G SFP modules support dual data-rate of 2.67Gbps and up to 80km transmission distance with up to 1550nm wavelength.It works up to 2km with MMF or 80km transmission distance with SMF. All these OC48 SFP modules satisfy class I laser safety requirements with good DDM function. The modules are suitable for SFP Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) and SFF-8472 and are well compatible with many brands devices such as Cisco, Juniper, Nortel, Huawei

  • Fideris Gas Modules - Innovator Series Gas Delivery Modules

    Company: Fideris

    The Fideris™ Gas Delivery Modules are mass flow controller based, rack-mount modules which provide for computer controlled delivery and blending of an unlimited number of gases. Each rack mount module is available as standard delivery, extended range (dual MFC for high/low flow), two gas blending, one gas divider, gas re-metering, or with a fail safe purge. The individual outputs may then be combined as desired to deliver gas blends to the device under test, reaction chamber, or process. Modules include a bubble tight inlet valve, inlet pressure regulator, inlet pressure switch upstream of the mass flow controller, a reverse flow prevention check valve on the discharge, and are available in brass, 316 stainless, or 316 VAR for UHP applications. An ethernet interface is standard and provides 100% digital communication between the computer and the mass flow controller to eliminate all other calibration and electronic noise issues, thereby providing the full accuracy of the mass flow controller. The front panel shows the setpoint and actual flow, inlet gas pressure status, and communication status for complete operational status at a glance and making diagnostics a snap. The customer may choose from several brands of mass flow controllers (thermal, ?P, or Coriolis), specify full scale flow from under 1 sccm to over 2500 slpm per module, specify desired inlet and outlet pressures, and request high accuracy MFC calibration. Mass flow controllers offering 100:1 turndown, and even lifetime warranties are available! Also available as MFC or pump based liquid delivery modules for the blending and addition of water, fuels, and nearly any other liquid !! The Fideris Gas Delivery units are but one of the many reactant delivery and control systems available along with over a hundred other physical process control modules in the Fideris product line. Available as stand-alone units or complete turn-key systems, Fideris brand equipment covers nearly all aspects control and monitoring for test systems, reactors, laboratory automation, sensor testing, environmental chamber atmosphere control, quality control, and many other applications. Relax. Choose Fideris.™

  • M&M modules - Ultra-low power 9-axis motion tracking modules

    Company: PNI

    The M&M modules are small form factor boards that integrate PNI’s ultra-low power SENtral motion coprocessor with embedded sensor fusion algorithms and sensors from many different manufacturers. SENtral M&Ms modules allow designers to focus on creating innovative end-applications rather than on complex mathematical functions required for optimal sensor fusion algorithms.

  • Wireless Modules

    Company: Advantech Co. Ltd

    Advantech Wireless Module Solutions include Wifi module, WLAN module, 3G module and GPS module, which combine versatile embedded modules with ready-to-use software as a total package for embedded vertical applications. With Advantech Wireless Module, system integrators and industrial PC vendors can easily implement extra wireless functions into their own system or board-level applications. Wifi module, WLAN module, 3G module and GPS module provide worry-free integration and faster time to market opportunities.

  • VM Series - Switch Modules

    Company: Cytec

    The VM Series of switch modules are available as either VME size modules or VXI size B modules and include multiplexers, matrices, discrete relays and coaxial matrices.

  • MTW 050T-3 - Switching Modules

    Company: Kepco

    output L-chassis switching modules 50 WATTS

  • EFX 100T-3 - Switching Modules

    Company: Kepco

    output L-chassis switching modules 100 WATTS

  • EFX 210T-4 - Switching Modules

    Company: Kepco

    output L-chassis switching modules 210 WATTS