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  • Rope Testers

    NDT Technologies, Inc.

    The LMA Signal measures loss of metallic cross-sectional area (LMA) caused by corrosion, abrasion, etc. The LMA Signal is quantitative and can be calibrated. (Typically, a rope must be retired when the LMA exceeds 10%).The WRR Signal measures wire rope roughness (WRR). WRR is defined as the aggregate surface roughness of all wires in a rope. WRR is typically caused by and indicates internal and external corrosion pitting, broken wires and clusters of broken wires. The WRR signal is quantitative, and it is calibrated together with the LMA Signal.The LF Signal can indicate localized flaws (LF), for example, broken wires, corrosion pitting, etc. Because it is only qualitative - and cannot be calibrated - it is of limited value for assessing rope deterioration and for making rope retirement decisions.

  • Safety Tester

    Ainuo Instrument Co.,Ltd

    Safety analyzer is mainly used to provide the test solution for electric car, grid, photovoltaic, electrical appliances, information equipment, medical equipment industry as well as innovative solutions for the various electrical measurement.

  • Safety Testers

    60204 - Whitelegg Machines Ltd

    Easy to read colour screeninnovative handy data entry via an illuminated rotary buttonstructured menu with practical functional buttonsmultilingual user softwarelarge storage capacity for subsequent data transferPE resistance test in four-wire-technologyinsulation resistance testhigh-voltage test incl. burning functionilluminated ring around the rotary button to shows the high-voltage levelresidual voltage testself-test via black box according to VDE regulationselectronic PE test current controlPE test with resistance or voltage drop displayelectronic high-voltage settinghigh-voltage with ramp up/down timethree HV modes: manual, automatic with time lapse and burningworldwide voltage supply 110V…250V / 47…63Hztest start upon touching the test object with the PE test probeacoustical and visual status messagespassword protectiondigital I/O interface and analog actual value outputs for connection to other devicesinterfaces for printer, remote control or result queryintegration into production lines with PLC / PC remote controltwo-circuit safety inputssafety circuits with restraint-guided safety relaysPrintCom-software to save and print test results on a PCdesigns options: tabletop unit, box unit, mobile caddy, 19”-installationcan be fully configured and optimised for specific OEM requirements

  • Safety Testers

    Quanti Product Series - Columbia Elektronik AB

    Quanti™ lifts test and measurement and electrical safety testing to a completely new level. Quanti™ offers reliable, rugged, fast, accurate, intrinsically safe and easily programmable testing no matter what your need is.

  • SART Tester

    Aeromarine SRT Ltd

    The International Marine Organization states that all GMDSS equipment (including SARTs) should be periodically maintained and verified to meet all the performance requirements. In case of test failure, ships may be detained in a port under SOLAS regulation IV/15.8.The 9GHz Search and rescue radar transponder (radar-SART) is indispensable safety device and it must be checked regularly or annually during radio inspection.The purpose of an annual testing is to determine that SART is operational as defined in appropriate performance standards for Survival Craft Radar Transponders for use in Search and Rescue Operations, IMO Resolution A.802 (19).

  • Scorch/Sublimation Tester

    SG-F05 - Jinge Testing Machine Co.,Ltd

    Compress compound specimen between heating plates at fixed temperature then take out for the specified period comparing with gray scale to get its grade of sublimatuon-endurance.

  • Semiconductor Tester

    5000E - Scientific Test, Inc.

    Current Ranges:Standard: 2.0nA – 50AUp to 100A with Mainframe ExtensionVoltage Ranges:Standard (anode): 10mV – 1000V2000V with 2kV Anode OptionStandard (gate): 10mv – 20V80V with 80V Gate Option

  • Sensor Tester

    Bernstein AG

    *Connection facilities for DC 2-wire and 3-wire sensors, *Change in switching status signalled visually and acoustically, * 15 V operating voltage for sensors when using a 9 V block battery, * Switches off automatically when not in use, * Visual indicator for operating voltage, switching status and low battery


    King Design Industrial Co., Ltd.

    *Shock amplifier is mainly used to small object, and can reach the pulse duration and high acceleration that shock table couldn’t achieve.*Equipped with shock table or different shock module (the theory is to amplify impact energy through second impact), shock amplifier can reach the requirement of high acceleration.

  • Solar Tester

    Amprobe Test Tools

    Amprobe solar meters and analyzers provide you with superior technology to optimize the placement and performance of solar energy equipment. Our meters also offer analysis of window efficiency.

  • Solderability Tester

    5200T - Rhesca Co., Ltd.

    Robust solderability testing platform is renowned for its superior build quality and exceptional performance. 5200T has been designed to integrate with the widest range of method for solderability testing.Our development is in a bid to lessen the burden of the user, and they take a good repeatability. The unique design of the 5200T allows state-of-the-art performance without requiring study for solderability testing technique.

  • Solenoid Tester


    • Touch Screen Interface• Windows® 10 Pro• High Reliability with Proven Design• USB Interface – No I/O boards in Computer• Remote Control Software for Factory Diagnostics/Updates• Full Network Compatibility• Integral Statistical Reporting• Test Data May be Stored in Multiple Formats• Two Year Warranty on Electronics

  • Solenoid Testers

    SST Series - D&V Electronics LTD

    Designed to measure and check all critical solenoid parameters, it provides user with precise detection of weak or imbalanced coils, defective springs, assembly errors, and mechanical restrictions.

  • Spark Tester

    SPT79 - Matco Tools

    Tests spark plugs, spark plug wires and coils with out puncturing the wire. Neon lamp indicates relative strength of ignition voltage.

  • Specialty Testers

    Morris Products Inc.

    Test Voltage from 120V to 600V AC/DCNon-Contact Voltage Sensor from 90V to 1000VTest Continuity & PolarityCase serves as prod holder for one-hand operationSelf-storing prodsSolenoid Sensing indicated by LEDs & VibrationErgonomic Soft PVC housing for comfort gripLED Spotlight Illuminates Work AreaBattery not Included (AAA x 1)