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find the limits of a design and assure designed requirements.

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  • Insulation Testers

    JP3X Series - Danbridge a/s

    The Danbridge non-destructive High Voltage Insulation Testers meet the demands for a gentle method of testing insulation condition and detecting leakage currents while protecting hardware, components and materials. Danbridge have two High Voltage Insulation Testers depending on requirements - JP30A can test using up to 30k volt, while JP36A is used when voltages up to 36k volt are desired.

  • OLTC Tester

    JYK-I - Kingrun Instrument Co., Ltd.

    JYK I on-load tap changer tester,OLTC tester,adopting the complete new test principle and microcomputer technology, the instrument can test the performance of the on OLTC of various kinds of power transformers without disassembling transformers, and hoisting OLTC by indicating and printing the parameters such as transition waveform, transition resistance, transition time and three phase simultaneity, which are used to judge the quality of the OLTC.

  • BIP Tester

    DeltaTech Electronics

    BIP TESTER is a measuring device designed for users that already have a unit injector test bench, but their lack reliable BIP measurement.

  • Output Tester

    137 - LITE-CHECK LLC.

    The LITE-CHECK, 137 OUTPUT TESTER is the simple to use device that provides technicians with accurate output readingsfor commercial trucks, trailers, and dollies.

  • Torque Testers


    Torque testers are ideal for a variety of applications in light assembly and can be used to test hand tools, power tools and even pulse tools.

  • Receptacle Testers

    Eclipse Tools

    Standard Receptacle Tester. Plug in to check outlet polarity. Lights up lights in pattern to tell outlet status. UL approved

  • Optical Tester

    Model C - DATA OPTICS, INC.

    The Model C Optical Tester is just such a device. Extremely small geometric distortion and focal length deviation can be viewed and measured easily.

  • Installation Tester

    M75 - HT Italia Srl

    Installation tester for safety tests according to IEC/EN61557-1 with TRMS multimeter functions and test of cable mapping on lan RJ-45 networks

  • Electrical Testers


    Actron is an industry leader in electrical testers for your car or home repair projects. Pick your choice of Actron’s digital multimeters to help pinpoint problem areas and determine which components need repair or replacement. Find shorted and open wiring with the help of our circuit testers. Troubleshoot fuel injectors, solenoids, and digital sensors with the Actron Automotive Logic Tester. Use Actron IR thermometers to check AC systems, brakes, catalytic converters, cylinder heads, and overheating electrical components. Use the Actron Videoscope to inspect hard to reach areas. Measure and set spark plug timing on older vehicles, tractors, lawn mowers and more using Actron timing lights. Find bad batteries and faulty charging systems with Actron Battery Load Testers. Our Remote Starter Switches allow one person to conduct tests while cranking or starting the engine.

  • Armature Tester

    Qingdao AIP Intelligent Instruments Co., Ltd

    This tester is suitable for online or offline detection of various armature electrical properties, such as power tool motors, garden tools, vacuum cleaner motors, small household appliance motors, automobile motors, fitness equipment motors, permanent magnet micro-motors, etc. The tooling of the tester meets the requirements of arbitrary placement of the armature, and can automatically and accurately sort/track faulty solder joints; the equipment startup methods include buttons, remote control, and sliding cover; it meets the armature test of special processes such as double insulation, and automatically identifies solder joints, winding short circuit/open circuit , winding errors, poor welding and other problems; the tester can also automatically count the number of tests, the number of defectives and other data, which is convenient for quality management analysis.The tester test items mainly include:bar-to-bar resistance, diagonal resistance, welding resistance, insulation resistance, ac hi-pot, surge.

  • Dedicated Testers

    Gardien S.C.A.

    Dedicated Testers are often inexpensive due to their low test point requirements, which allow for a reduction in switch cards, especially when compared with a Universal Tester. Ease of setup is accomplished through the utilization of transfer connectors between the fixture and the machine. However, this can contribute to a higher fixture cost than typically seen with a Universal Test Fixture due to the nature of their construction which is labor intensive.

  • Velcro Tester

    TF151 - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Velcro Tester, to determine the capability of Velcro used for shoes, garments, etc.Cut the specimen 540mm by 20 or 50mm in dimension from the sample being tested into the wheel of Velcro tester to be fitted completely. To subject Velcro (hook & loop) to repeated stripping and peeling for a certain number of times. Use tensile machine (another purchase) to measure its peeling strength (AS) and shear strength (PA) after this test.

  • Growler Tester

    G. E. Motors (Pvt.) Ltd.

    Being the reckoned names in the industry, we offer wide range of Growler Tester that are fabricated using"very high quality raw material which ensures high durability at its user end. These armature growler tester are widely finds its application in industrial and commercial sectors. They are light in weight and ensure performance based. Furthermore, we offer them at most affordable rates.

  • Pitot-Static Tester

    PS-425 - Preston Products

    The PS-425 Pitot-Static tester is a low-maintenance, digital tester that is fully portable. The PS-425 is powered by an internal rechargeable 12 volt battery (included in purchase), which enables the test set to be used completely independent of any external power source. A connector is provided for an external 12 volt DC power adapter (included). The PS-425 incorporates the altitude, VSI, and airspeed in one single display. The PS-425 is designed and priced for non-RVSM markets, and includes two quick-connect hoses, 12 VDC power adapter, calibration certificate, and a limited 2-year warranty. This product is ideal for performing simple go/no-go leak tests, as well as for general use as a low-end pitot-static tester.

  • Polarity Tester

    CRY5616 - Hangzhou JiGao Electroacoustical Science and Technology Co.,Ltd

    CRY5616 speaker polarity tester is mainly used to test the positive and negative polarity of acoustic devices such as speakers, headphones, headphone speakers, and receivers.

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