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With leadership in the test and automation industry since 1999, our team of experts, have backgrounds from top electronics, defense and manufacturing solution vendors. Although we have seen a wide gamut of challenges we understand that your most challenging manufacturing problems are unique to you or have unique requirements for your products. We have an experienced staff with multiple disciplines that can relate your problem to solutions we have worked on before, but give you the custom solutions giving you an edge in solving your challenges. Let our experience work for you and get you to a better solution faster.

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  • Process Verification with Augmented Reality

    PVS AR - ARC Technology Solutions

    Connected to our standard, open PVS (Process Verification System) platform, the new early adopter PVS AR system, allows users to do several things, not yet seen in the industry. First, by connecting to a wide variety of standard torque tools, standard PVS connectivity allows customer choice to pick the right tool for the right job, but now allows these tools to be used in an augmented reality framework.

  • Digital System X

    DSX - ARC Technology Solutions

    We have developed this technology, not only for our customers, but for our own unique needs in the areas of prototyping and test. We found that many of the standard digital prototyping boards (FPGAs, PLDs, etc…) that are available on the market, did not have the flexibility or the base architecture to provide the prototyping capabilities we need in developing our own solutions.

  • Error Proofing Applications

    ARC Technology Solutions

    ARC has assisted in Error Proofing critical processes at many companies like yours, to implement visual based process verification, data-centric process flow and, if needed, connected tooling that can be combined to improve your operation. By providing a process verification system that can be connected into your manual and automated processes, you can achieve your error proofing goals.

  • Install and Development

    ARC Technology Solutions

    Whether it is an error proofing application or a complete end-of-line (EOL) test solution, ARC services what we sell by providing quality onsite installation and development as required by the project. Whether it is a senior engineering resource or our expert team of engineering technicians, ARC can provide the best solution to get your application up and running at your site when completed.

  • Warranty Repair and Support

    ARC Technology Solutions

    Typically our system and product solutions are under warranty for up to 1 year, or can be extended through a paid extended service plan. Have something from ARC that needs to be repaired or fixed? Just give us a call and we can assist in helping you. Please see our contact page for submitting warranty or repairs through our RMA process.

  • Process Verification System (PVS)

    ARC Technology Solutions

    In today’s complex manufacturing world, having a manufacturing tool that can be connected into manual and automated processes, can help you achieve your error proofing goals. Whether you are assembling a complex modern tractor trailer design or building the next generation jet engine. If you have a variety of manual steps or a mix of automated processes, PVS is the tool of choice to make your LEAN manufacturing process, an effective one. The ARC PVS platform is a flexible, user configurable software and hardware platform that can be the essential tool. It includes a built-in controller architecture allowing you to connect together PLCs, smart torque and assembly tools and a variety of discrete processes.

  • Local On-Site Maintenance and Production Support

    ARC Technology Solutions

    Need an ARC expert onsite ready to assist with preventative maintenance or provide critical path production support for your tool or manufacturing needs? ARC is able to provide onsite expert staffing that can service what we sell and provide the know-how to make sure your critical manufacturing process minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity. Speak with ARC about our onsite staffing solutions – we want to part of your team!

  • Remote Support

    ARC Technology Solutions

    We have remote support solutions to help you with software and station maintenance, when you are located across the country or even when you are across the globe. ARC’s commitment to quality and service allows us to be responsive to your needs. We can offer remote software installation support, standby support during critical OS upgrades and other remote service packages to keep our customers on track.

  • Mixed Signal Automated Tester

    MSAT - ARC Technology Solutions

    Whether you are testing radar systems for the Department of Defense (DoD), or the next actuator circuit card for aircraft landing systems, ARC’s Mixed Signal Automated Tester (MSAT) offers flexible automated testing capabilities for nearly every budget.

  • Engineering Testing

    ARC Technology Solutions

    At ARC, we know engineering testing, and with our in-house mixed signal test capabilities, we can get you the right test services for what you need. Working with our leveraged partnerships (National Instruments, Keysight and others), we can augment our standard capability with whatever test requirements you have for power, precision analog, high-speed digital, and RF testing up through to 50Ghz.

  • TestCentre

    ARC Technology Solutions

    ARC has experience with complex, commercially available test executives that are available for high volume production needs. Often times, when you don’t need the horsepower of a full featured executive, you are left with creating a specifically defined test program or crafting your own test sequencer. Rather than go down this path and spending your time on architecture, TestCentre brings a simple, yet elegant solution to this all-common problem. Used in many of ARC’s standard test stations, the robust, sequence based architecture of TestCentre, allows you to focus on the testing task at hand. While having some of the more advanced features found in high-end test executives, TestCentre, when mixed with RF analyzers and PXI based test solutions are a great, low cost solution to help solve your everyday testing requirements. Along with TestCentre and an ARC supplied rack-based test platform, your test challenges can be solved in doing circuit card testing, assembly/module level testing, or depot repair troubleshooting tasks.

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