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  • Digital Insulation Testers

    Premier Electrosystems

    Premier Electrosystem's Insulation Resistance test (also known as Megger, Mega Ohm Meter, Million Mega Ohm Meter) indicates whether any corrective maintenance or replacement of installed equipment is necessary, to assess if the newly installed equipment can be safely energized, and to trend the gradual deterioration of the equipment over its service life. Insulation Resistance Test is carried out to ensure the healthiness of overall insulation system of electrical equipment. It reflects the presence or absence of harmful contamination, dirt, moisture and gross degradation. Common areas of application are testing of appliances, wires, transformers, harnesses, motors, etc.

  • Multi-Channel Hipot Tester

    19020 - Chroma ATE Inc.

    The hipot test is one of the major test items in electrical safety testing. All electrical components and products including transformers, capacitors, power supplies, chargers and home appliances require hipot testing.

  • Portable Appliance Tester

    PAT-2E - Sonel S.A.

    The innovative combination of small dimensions (full portability of the device) with advanced measuring systems allow to carry out fully automated measurements for electrical equipment, IEC cables and extension cords (including those with PRCD). The set of tests is performed with one click of START button. Confi guration options of the meter allow you to modify the operation of the device, and thus, tailor it to the needs of the user. In situations, where it is necessary to perform simple and single measurement, without the need to do complex measurement procedure, Pat Sonel allow you to work in a single measurement mode of a given type (ie. Manual). All meters in this series (PAT) also allow you to make basic measurements without external power in emergency situations i.e. in the absence of the power one can easily run a simplifi ed set of test in a battery mode. Small size, weight, and specially designed carrying case of the meter and accessories provide comfort and high mobility. Wireless communication with a printer enables organization of the working site without the hassle of unnecessary cables. Storage and integration of the results in PC software further extends the functionality of the instrument.

  • Portable Appliance Tester

    PAT-820 - Sonel S.A.

    PAT-820 digital meter is used to measure the parameters of electrical equipment (power tools, white goods, etc.) which determine their safety: resistance of protective conductors, insulation resistance, continuity of connections, leakage current, power, automatic measurement of all RCD parameters. Meter allows fash test/high voltage test.

  • Ultrasonic Tightness Tester

    Cygnus Hatch Sure - Cygnus Instruments Ltd.

    This portable ultrasonic leak detector is designed to locate leaks and identify seal failures in any closing appliances or compartments, such as weathertight doors on marine vessels or watertight doors (WTDs) or windows on any structures from offshore oil & gas platforms to transportation vehicles.

  • Portable Appliance Tester

    PAT-815 - Sonel S.A.

    TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONFILESPAT-815 digital meter is used to measure the parameters of electrical equipment (power tools, white goods, etc.) which determine their safety: resistance of protective conductors, insulation resistance, continuity of connections, leakage current, power, automatic measurement of all RCD parameters.

  • Multi-points Temperature Tester

    Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    TP series of multiplex temperature meter is a kind of instrument which suits to real time monitor and trace multi-points temperature simultaneously. With the features of Simplified operation, high precision and reusable thermocouple, it is widely applied in electronic ballast, motor tools, lighting fixtures and household appliances. The application software records and save the temperature rising curve in real time for analyze purpose.

  • Ground Resistance Tester

    2521 - Shenzhen Chuangxin Instruments Co., Ltd.

    *High measuring accuracy, high speed, easy to use, especially suitable for using in laboratory and automatic testing line *Test current AC / 5 ~ 30 (a), resistance Ω (0 ~ 600 m), time (1 ~ 99 s) shows at the same time;*Test time can be arbitrary setted;*Test alarm value can be arbitrary set up *Pass/fail sound and light alarm;

  • Trailer Light Tester

    Pro-Check 724 - LITE-CHECK LLC.

    Quick, easy and reliable trailer light testing is possible with LITE-CHECK - the leader in economical, technician-friendly test equipment. Our proven electrical test automates your trailer light inspection increasing your efficiency and accuracy in the military field.

  • Spring Back Tester

    HTJ-16 - Shanghai Dean Electrical Co., Ltd

    Executive standard: GB/T4074.3-2008/IEC60851-3; Inspection standard: JB/T4279.4-2008Used to measure the spring back characteristic of enameled round wires with nominal conductor diameter of between 0.080mm and 1.600mm;Number of winding turns: 5 turns and a halfStop accurately at zero position of the scale after automatic windingAs soon as the value of spring back angle stop counting, the dial will stop to rotate immediately, so that the value displayed on LED and read on the dial are the same.Sensor is unnecessary to be adjusted for samples of different specificationsCoils loosen slowly during spring back, no action of spring back or jump suddenly.Application of SCM control allows for fast operation and strong anti-interference capacity;

  • DC Resistance Tester

    ZLD-10 - Shanghai Dean Electrical Co., Ltd

    Executive standard: GB/T4074.5-2008/IEC60851-4; Inspection standard: JB/T4279.2-2008Used to measure conductor with nominal diameter ≥0.01~9.0mm or various round or flat copper and aluminum wires and other metal wires with DC current resistance of 100μΩ~99.99Ω;Combination of intelligent DC conductor resistance measuring meter and DC resistance test fixture with sample straightening function;Test range can be selected according to the resistance value of sample, and after clamping samples current resistance value would be displayed;Both potential fixture and current fixture are made of copper;The application of microcomputer control allows for full-automatic completion of test;LED will intuitively display measurement results;

  • Solvent Resistance Tester

    NRJ-100 - Shanghai Dean Electrical Co., Ltd

    Executive standard: GB/T4074.4-2008/IEC60851-4; Inspection standard: JB/T4279.10-2008Used to detect the solvent resistance performance of enameled round wires and flat wires with nominal conductor diameter above 0.250mm;Application of SCM control allows for fast operation and strong anti-interference capacity;Pencil push unit would automatically lay down pencil and move ahead, lift pencil and automatically return to initial position;Used in combination with JRK-60 solvent thermostatic controller;Automatic pencil sharper can sharpen pencil tip to be 60° symmetrical to its axis;

  • Microwave Leakage Tester

    TEK500 - Martindale Electric Co. Ltd

    An easy to use, low cost pass / fail microwave leakage detector suitable for commercial and domestic microwave ovens. It is designed to comply with national standards on permitted exposure levels. The TEK500 includes a self test which simulates a real microwave input to ensure the unit is working correctly at all times.

  • Oxygen Permeability Testers

    Jinan Saicheng Instrument

    Oxygen permeability is the ability of a barrier material to oxygen to permeate through it in a specific time. Oxygen permeability may vary with temperature, humidity, pressure and specimen thickness.

  • Adhesive Tack Testers

    Jinan Saicheng Instrument

    Adhesion test is to measure the initial tack and holding power of adhesive tapes and labels. Tack or holding power test is very important in packaging industry and adhesive industry.

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