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find the limits of a design and assure designed requirements.

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  • Precious Metal Tester

    Dongguan Hongtuo Instrument Co., Ltd.

    Power: Electronic Usage: Universal Testing Machine Power supply: Default as European standard AC 100V - 240V OEM service provided: Yes Density resolution: 0.001 g/cm3 Maximum weight: 900g / 1200g Minimum weight: 0.01g Interface: RS - 232 warranty: two years;life-long maintenance testing before delivery: yes usage: Gold Silver Purity Testing Machine after-sale service provided: yesPackaging & Delivery

  • WiGig RF Tester

    IQgig-RF Model B - LitePoint Corporation

    When used in conjunction with IQgig-IF, an optimized test solution for conducted testing of WiGig chipsets and baseband modules, the IQgig family products provide a total test solution for R&D characterization and high volume manufacturing.

  • Heat Deflection Tester

    MRC ltd.

    Apparatus is used to determine the Heat Deflection Temperature or the Vi cat Softening Point. All the specimens are charged with a constant load and immersed in a bath, where temperature is increased at a standard velocity. The attained heat resistance rate of plastic materials is a widely required parameter for product characterization, for quality control, as well as for evaluating their conformity to the previewed applications.

  • Flying Probe Tester

    Pilot 4D L4 - SEICA SpA

    The Pilot 4D L4 represents the best solution for those wishing to fully automate the flying probe test process, eliminating the need for continuous operator presence in order to manage the test system. Thanks to its integrated SMEMA conveyor, the Pilot 4D L4 can be combined with automatic load/unload magazines or lines, executing in-circuit, functional and visual tests of electronic boards in a completely automated mode. This is the ideal solution for medium and even high volume production test needs. The large test area can accommodate 21” x 24” boards (540 x 610 mm) board with split test. The ATE rack can be expanded with up to 1032 analog channels, connectable to an optional external bed of nails test fixture (TPM).

  • Automatic Transformer Tester

    SS3250 / SS3252 / SS3302 - Sanshine Electronis Co., Ltd.

    Automatic transformer test instrument is a precision test system, designed for transformer production line or incoming/outgoing inspection in quality control process, with high stability and high reliability. With the enhanced capability in turn ratio measurement, they can solve the measuring problems of low coupling coefficient, transformer's turn ratio and turn number with more precise measurement.

  • Slip Ring Tester

    MK Test Systems Ltd.

    The SRT is an automatic test system offering fast and accurate measurement and reporting of noise, contact resistance and insulation resistance. It’s been designed to improve QA for manufacturers of slip rings, commutators, rotary connectors. It can also be used to test devices coming back for repair and overhaul.

  • Leeb Hardness Tester

    HT6561 - Rinch Industrial Co.,Limited

    Product synopsis1.1 Typical Applications* Die cavity of molds* Inspection of bearing and other mass produced parts on aproduction line* Failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam generator andother equipment* Inspection of installed machinery, permanent parts ofassembled systems and heavy work pieces.* Testing surface of a small hollow space* Material identification in the warehouse of metallic materials* Rapid testing in large range and multi-measuring areas forlarge-scale work piece1.2 Testing Features* Palm size for narrow space.* Test at any angle, even upside down.* Direct display of hardness scales HRB, HRC, HV, HB, HS,HL.* Large memory could store 250 groups including singlemeasured value, impact direction, material and hardnessscale etc.* User recalibration function allowed.* Can communicate with PC computer for statistics andprinting by the optional cable.* Manual or automatic shut down.* Low battery indication.1.3 Technical SpecificationsDisplay: 12.5mm LCD with back lightAccuracy: Display error ±0.8% at LD=900Measuring range: 200-900LConversion: HL-HRC-HRB-HB-HV-HSDMaterials: 9 different common materialsWith RS232C interfaceMemory: 250 data can be stored and re-readableImpact device: D Will handle the majority of hardness testingapplications. Weight: 75gPower supply: 2x1.5V AAA size batteryDimension: 146×65×36mmWeight: 130g (not including batteries)Working temperature: - 10℃~+50℃Storage temperature:- 30℃~+

  • In-circuit and Functional Tester

    Compact SL - SEICA SpA

    This configuration offers a completely automated solution via an integrated, SMEMA-compatible conveyor system, allowing completely automatic board handling and easy integration into high volume production lines. Configurable as ICT, pre-functional, functional and combinational. The compact footprint and the compliance with WCM criteria, enable easy and successful integration both in-line and/or within an automated test island. Cost reduction and high throughput guaranteed.

  • Wire Crimp Testers

    IMADA, Incorporated

    Imada offers manual and motorized wire crimp test systems in either vertical or horizontal configurations.Lever-operated systems offer basic functionality and rapid destructive testing up to 220 lbf.Motorized systems have speed control and are capable of destructive or force-controlled non-destructive testing up to 1100 lbf.Choose from manual or automatic wire-gripping fixtures.Digital gauges offer data output for analysis with data acquisition software.Create your own custom configuration or consult our application specialists.

  • Core Loss Testers

    S30 and S30S Series - Ferrites India

    Stacks built with punched laminations can have a lot of quality issues. Even though the lamination material is tested in sheet format before any process, that alone is not sufficient to guarantee good quality stators. Wear and tear of the punch, bad welding, bad insulating coating in annealing add to the magnetic losses in the stator. It is always advisable to test the stator core in it's final format before winding to ensure good quality throughout the production batch.

  • Digital Vibration Tester

    DVM-1000 - Phase II Plus

    Quick accurate analysis for checking balance and alignment of a rotating object. Large LCD display Statistics: Mean, Max, MIN, No. of Measurements and Std deviation Inch/Metric Conversion with the push of a button Max Hold Function Regulated Output(AC output 2.0v peak full scale

  • Mechanical Load Tester

    PSE Instruments GmbH

    Solar modules and collectors, whether on roofs, in façades, or freestanding, are often exposed to high mechanical stress or load: A deep layer of snow or strong winds can greatly affect the materials and connections. Mechanical load test stands accurately test the durability of PV modules and thermal solar collectors.

  • Hail Impact Tester

    HIT - PSE Instruments GmbH

    Hailstorms can cause severe damage to modules and collectors. Our test stand enables you to carry out tests according to international standards. The hail impact test stand uses an air-pressurized launcher that shoots ice balls representing hailstones of a predetermined size at the module or collector mounted on the support frame.

  • System and Collection Tester

    SysColl - PSE Instruments GmbH

    For certification in many markets, performance of the complete factory made system (for example thermosiphon systems) plays an equally important role as collector performance. Our SysColl test stand is a combined test facility for performance testing of both solar collectors and solar thermal systems. This allows you to take advantage of a flexible two in one test solution.

  • Vickers Hardness Tester

    Future-Tech Corp.

    an indentation hardness test for metals in which a 136-degree diamond pyramid is pressed into the surface of the metal being tested by a load of 5 to 120 kilograms

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