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Elcometer NDT corrosion gauges, precision gauges and flaw detection gauges are ideal for measuring wall thicknesses and the detection of flaws in a wide range of applications, including the oil & gas, marine, power and civil engineering sectors.

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  • Pull-Off Adhesion Tester

    506 - Elcometer Limited

    The Elcometer 506 are lightweight, portable and easy-to-use adhesion testers available in analogue or digital gauges and are suitable for measuring the pull-off adhesion of coatings up to 50MPa (7250psi) either on-site, or in the laboratory.

  • Powder Coating Inspection Kit

    Elcometer Limited

    Elcometer has produced this kit to enable the inspection of powder coatings on all surfaces. For a smooth surface, the digital Elcometer 415 Paint and Powder Gauge may be used but for more demanding, uneven surfaces, the Elcometer 1542 Cross Hatch Adhesion Tester is included.

  • Coating Thickness Gauge

    Elcometer Limited

    The Elcometer 456 dry film thickness gauge is available in four different models. Each thickness gauge provides the user with increasing functionality - from the entry level Elcometer 456 Model E, to the top of the range Elcometer 456 Model T.

  • Paint Inspection Gauge

    141 - Elcometer Limited

    The Paint Inspection Gauge is ideal for use on metallic & non-metallic substrates such as wood, glass and plastics.Large easy grip handle - makes cutting thick or hard coatings easyInternal cutter storage compartmentx50 magnification microscope

  • Data Management Software

    Elcometer Limited

    Import and combine measurements via Bluetooth® or USB from a full range of Elcometer gauges, including: Surface Profile Salt Contamination Climatic Conditions Oven Data Logging Coating Thickness Corrosion Thickness Adhesion Testing Gloss Measurements No need to learn different software for different gauges, all Elcometer products use the same expert platform Store data in a simple file tree, by project and by inspection type Easy on screen analysis with histograms, statistics, measurements, limits, notes, diagrams and photographs Export data direct to Microsoft Excel. csv. txt. Cqatk formats etc to save time and prevent keying in errors Generates reports instantly using standard or pre-designed templates in seconds. No need for data manipulation simply connect the gauge, download data and drag & drop Combine multiple inspection parameters (such as DFT, profile, climate, adhesion and gloss) together with images, notes and other project specific information in bespoke quality reports to set you apart from the competition In many industries multiple sites/locations/production lines are used to fabricate the product components which are brought together at the final assembly line. Different inspection parameters all need to be combined to approve the final product. Using Cloud technology ElcoMaster® gives you real time quality control monitoring inspection projects in any location

  • Automatic Pull-Off Adhesion Gauge

    510 - Elcometer Limited

    Automatic hydraulic pump ensures smooth and continuous pressure application for consistent, repeatable adhesion strength resultsFully adjustable pull rates 0.1-1.4MPa/s (14.5-203psi) to meet National and International StandardsCan be used with 10,14.2, 20 and 50mm diameter dolliesUser definable limits with unique pressure hold and release functionUser definable measurement range with an accuracy of ±1% of full scale:10mm dolly: 100MPa (14400psi14.2mm dolly: 50MPa (7200psi)20mm dolly: 25 MPa (3600psi)50mm dolly: 4MPa (580psi)Dust and water resistant rugged design to IP64Interchangeable units: MPa, psi, Nmm2 and NA range of standard and thin substrate actuator skirts (compatible with Elcometer 506) available for adhesive strength testing on thick, thin, flat or convex substratesStore up to 60,000 readings with individual pull graphs in up to 2,500 alpha numerical batches, complete with attribute failure informationUSB and Bluetooth® data output - compatible with ElcoMaster® App for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android mobile devices

  • Industrial Paint & Powder Thickness Gauge

    415 - Elcometer Limited

    Incredibly fast (60+ readings per minute), reducing inspection times, increasing productivitySwitches instantly between ferrous & non-ferrous substrates without interruption1Measures cured paint & powder coatings up to 1000μm (40mils)Zero or smooth (2 point) calibration ensures accuracy on smooth & thin coated substratesEasy to use, ergonomic design provides maximum comfort for continuous useLarge easy to read values in microns or milsAuto rotating large colour display provides clear visibility whatever the angle of measurementScratch, solvent & water resistant display protects against the elementsRugged & resistant to dust or powder coatings equivalent to IP64, ideal for modern industrial & powder coating environmentsTransfer live data via USB or Bluetooth® to ElcoMaster® for instant report generation

  • Dewpoint Meter

    319 - Elcometer Limited

    A hand-held dewpoint meter with both manual and automatic data logging in one gaugeIntegrated magnets allow the dew point gauge to be attached to the substrate during remote loggingStores 25,000 records in up to 999 batchesDustproof and waterproof gauge with fully sealed sensors (equivalent to IP66)Gauges can be recertified at Elcometer Authorised Service CentresRobust temperature sensorsEasy to use, intuitive menu structureMeasure and record climatic parameters:Relative humidityAir temperatureSurface temperatureDewpoint temperatureTΔ (the difference between surface temperature and dewpoint)Dry Bulb temperatureWet Bulb temperatureExternal temperature correction (K-type)Specific HumidityVisual and audible indication of user defined limits for any or all parametersUSB and Bluetooth® data output to ElcoMaster® software

  • Hydraulic Adhesion Testers

    108 - Elcometer Limited

    The Elcometer 108 adhesion tester is the ideal gauge for testing coatings on tanks, pipelines, etc.Hand-Powered and portable adhesion testerIdeal for site workReusable stainless steel dolliesElcometer Digital Adhesion Tester features:Maximum hold - displays the highest value reachedBacklit display for dark areasRubber protective casingSwitchable Metric/Imperial units.

  • Standard & Top Paint Inspection Gauges

    121/4 - Elcometer Limited

    The Paint Inspection Gauge Top model has an internal carousel allowing each of the three cutters to be selected easily together with a cross hatch adhesion tester.Compact and convenient, ideal for paint thickness measurement in confined areasMade of anodised aluminium for durabilityBright LED light source for clear visionTop Model can hold one cross hatch cutter & three standard cutters which are locked tight, a simple rotation of the cutter holder changes the cutting tool.

  • Mechanical Coating Thickness Gauge

    211 - Elcometer Limited

    This is one of the most popular mechanical coating thickness gauges in the world.Factory calibrated - with user calibration adjustmentFoils supplied to check calibration on siteIdeal for cold surfaces and underwater useSmall and portable with an accuracy ±5%The “V” grooved base, ideal for pipeline inspectionAvailable in either Metric or Imperial versions, the Elcometer 211 measures coatings up to 6mm (250mils)

  • Pfund Thickness Gauge

    3233 - Elcometer Limited

    Available in aluminium or stainless steel this instrument consists of two concentric cylinders, one sliding inside the other. A spherical glass lens, which has engraved measurements, is fitted to the end of the central cylinder and when pressed into the wet film, leaves a circular trace.The diameter of the mark on the lens is measured and, using the supplied conversion table, the thickness of the coating can be easily assessed.Ideal for measuring the thickness of wet translucent products such as varnishes, oils etc.Measurement range of 2.25 - 360μm (0.09 - 14.17mils)

  • Coating Thickness Gauge

    355 - Elcometer Limited

    With a comprehensive range of Probe Modules available, simply select the most appropriate for the application. All modules are supplied with calibration foils.±1% or 1µm, whichever is the greater, accuracyRugged aluminium case designed for the toughest environmentsElcoMaster® software suppliedFull statistical analysis - mean standard deviation, number of readings, highest and lowest valueRS232 outputDate and time stamp

  • Thickness Gauge

    124 - Elcometer Limited

    The Elcometer 124 Thickness Gauge is used to measure the peak-to-valley height of a surface profile moulded in the Elcometer 122 Testex® Replica Tape.

  • Amine Blush Swab Test Kit

    139 - Elcometer Limited

    The Elcometer 139 Amine Blush Swab Test Kit is a rapid colorimetric test designed solely for the use in the quick and immediate qualitative identification of amine blush (carbamates) on the surface of coatings using surface swabs. The presence of amine blush is indicated by a visual change of colour of the test solution when compared with a control sample.