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  • Flying Probe Tester

    FA1817 - HIOKI E.E. Corp

    Flying Probe Tester FA1817, an automatic testing system designed to inspect printed wiring on bare boards. The FA1817’s features and capabilities make it ideal for use in inspecting high-density printed wiring boards. With support for a broad range of test types, from low-resistance measurement to high-insulation-resistance measurement, the system reliably detects the latent defects that trouble end-users.

  • Electrician & Technician Testers


    EVSE's Electrician and Technician testers are created for installation professionals, and are small and durableenough to be carried in a toolbox. These weatherproof handheld units allow new chargers to be checked after installation, verifying a number of vital power and safety requirements, as they simulate the connection a charger makes with an electric vehicle. Simply plug the charger's J1772 connector into the tester's receptacle and you are ready to evaluate operation.

  • Yarn Count Tester

    TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Yarn Count Testing Machine, automatically calculates count systems used for sliver, roving and yarn, and can also be used for fabric yield. Yarn Count Tester consists of an accurate electronic balance with a capacity of 400g or 200g x 0.001g and built-in calculating program. Please contact us if you want to know more about yarn count test method.

  • Outdoor Exposure Tester

    OET - PSE Instruments GmbH

    A comprehensive analysis of PV modules includes many different parameters. Determining the normal module operating temperature (NMOT), incidence angle effects and comparing soiling effects on different modules up to the initial degradation of PV modules are all parameters that can be analyzed with our outdoor exposure tester. The tester comes with up to twelve electronic loads installed in a 19" rack. The loads have two main functions: maximum power point tracking (MPPT) and IV curve tracing. For the advanced analysis, it is possible to change between these two modes within one test. In the normal operation mode, the electronic load keeps the module under MPP and each predefined interval an IV curve is traced. The entire tester comes with all necessary sensors such as temperature sensor, which can be attached to the module to determine the NMOT temperature like defined in IEC 61215 (MQT 05) and IEC 61853-2. The irradiation sensor is also included. In combination with our tracking system P2, it is also possible to determine incident angle effects of the PV module. It is also possible to connect other irradiation sensors for diffuse and direct irradiation, which helps to understand the behavior of the module in different irradiation conditions. An optional albedo meter is a powerful tool for the analysis of bifacial modules. The entire graphical user interface is web based and offers the possibility to access the system from the all computers in the network.

  • Cap Torque Testers

    Series TT01 - Mark-10 Corp.

    Series TT01 Cap Torque Testers are designed to measure application and removal torque of bottle caps up to 100 lbFin [11.5 Nm]. Adjustable posts effectively grip a broad range of container shapes and sizes, while optional flat and adjustable jaws are available for unique profiles. A rugged aluminum design, and simple, intuitive operation allow for use in laboratory and production environments.

  • GFCI Socket Tester

    ST120 - Fluke Corporation

    The Fluke ST120 GFCI Socket Tester checks that each wire in the outlet is properly connected to the building's electrical system. Via the bright LEDs and included chart, you can quickly and easily verify the wiring of an outlet. Able to identify several common wiring errors, including reversed phase and neutral wires and an open ground, the ST120 will give you confidence on your next job.

  • Isolation Tester UIP


    The devices of the UIP (Union Isolations Prüfer) isolation tester series are used to test the pore-free condition of corrosion protection coatings of pipes, vessels or plant system parts. The battery-powered device generates test voltages between 5 kV and 30 kV, which are applied to the grounded test object via test electrodes. The location of a defect is signalized by a spark-over with an additional audible warning.

  • Primary Injection Testers

    AT-10B - ETI Precision

    ETI’s AT-10B autotransformer steps-down 480V outputs to 240V outputs. This portable autotransformer allows ETI’s PI-1600 or PI-800 circuit breaker testers to be used at full-capacity on 240 and 480 VAC lines. The unit provides 240 VAC at 10 kVA, is housed in a rugged ABS enclosure approximately 22″ x 11″ x 22″, and weighs less than 125 lbs.

  • Rubbing Fastness Tester

    Sataton Instruments Technology CO., Ltd

    Rubbing fastness tester/Crockmeter is professional designed for determining the resistance of the color of textiles of all kinds, including textile floor coverings and other pile fabrics, to rubbing off and staining other materials in dry or wet conditions. Rubbing fastness tester can also be used to determine the color fastness to rubbing of ink, printing, dyeing, etc. There are two modes of manual and automatic for different requirements.

  • Specific Gravity Tester

    LD-LSGT-A10 - Labodam

    Specific Gravity Tester LD-LSGT-A10 determines the theoretical maximum specific gravity of bituminous mixtures in accordance to ASTM D2041 Standard Test Method for Theoretical Maximum Specific Gravity of Bituminous Mixtures (Vacuum process). Adopted with single chip machine technology to shake a loose asphalt mixture sample submerged in water. Vacuum is applied into the sample, to extract out the air bubble.

  • Temperature & Humidity Testers

    Amprobe Test Tools

    Amprobe wireless temperature and humidity testers combine precise, accurate measurement of temperature and humidity with wireless communications up to 80 feet/25 meters to save time and steps. Measure and monitor temperature and relative humidity measurements over time using an Amprobe temperature and humidity data logger. These meters enable you to download measurements to your PC via an USB interface.

  • Voltage Absence Tester

    C.A 762 - Chauvin Arnoux Metrix

    The CA 762 Voltage Absence Tester is an essential tool for any electrician to check that no voltage is present before working on an electrical installation connected to the network. It complies with IEC 61243-3 Edition 3 and can be used to work on any indoor or outdoor 600 V CAT IV installation. To fulfil the requirements of the standards and legislation in certain countries, there are 2 references, with or without IP2X accessories.

  • AMIDA VCSEL Tester

    Amida Technology, Inc.

    AMIDA VCSEL tester can be divided into three parts: LIV measurement system, Near Field measurement system and Far Field measurement system. To achieve the above three measurements, in addition to the necessary optical components and optical instruments, the core technology is to provide fast and stable current pulses to drive the VCSEL laser diode to emit light, and then to test various optical and electrical properties


    ADSE 745 - ATEQ Aviation

    The ADSE 745 caters fully for all aircraft types and the different electrical power supplies.It can be used for testing high performance civil and military aircraft, fix and rotary wing. The multi-pressure outlets option can suit the more complex pilot-static-systems. This Pitot Static Tester is designed primarily for flightline use to cover the testing of all barometric and manometric pressure instrument systems.

  • Network Tools & Testers

    Tripp Lite

    Tripp Lite's Multi-Functional Network Cable Tester allows you to test wiring continuity for Cat5, Cat6, Phone and Coax cable assemblies. Identifies mis-wires, short circuits and open circuits. Features two piece transmitter and receiver, two BNC-F coax converters and coax terminator. Includes handy storage pouch when not in use. Power supplied by 9V Battery (not included).

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