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Test Software

programs, procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computerized test set.

See Also: Test Software Development, Software Testing

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  • Ohm-Stat Deluxe Combo Data Logger Tester

    Static Solutions Inc.

    ISO-9000 conformance: no more log booksResults automatically entered onto a computerAutomatically stores results for 50,000 employeesIncludes ESD protection test log software: free upgrades foreverCE mark, NIST listedTests heelgrounders and wriststraps in 3 sec individually and simultaneouslyBarcode, mag stripe, proximity meter availableResults can be emailed and/or networkedAdjustable limits9v battery or 110/220v powered

  • Online Software Testing Platform

    Testenium Inc.

    Testenium is an On-line Testing Platform for testing software and websites without any additional installation on the user's computer, iPad, tablet or phone. Testenium is the first Testing Platform in the world that offers the following Testing frameworks with 100% on-line database support: BDD (Behaviour Driven Development), TDD (Test Driven Development), Selenium (WebDriver, RC with GRID), Databases.

  • Pre-compliance Testing

    Silent Solutions LLC

    SILENT offers pre-compliance testing for products with planned distribution to commercial and industrial markets in the US and overseas. This includes testing to ensure that emissions, immunity, and circuit-to-circuit interference problems are discovered early and immediately brought under control. We use the most advanced EMC and RF test & measurement equipment and diagnostic software available from leading suppliers.

  • Programmable Signal Source / Function Generator - HP 8116A Compatible

    GP1616H Series - Marvin Test Solutions, Inc.

    The GP1616H function generator is a programmable instrument capable of generating predefined Sine, Square, Triangle, Ramp, Haversine, Haver triangle and Pulse waveforms as well as a programmable DC output. The firmware is customized to be fully compatible with the HP 8116A GPIB command set. Software test procedures using the original HP8116A instrument require no code modification when upgrading to the GP1616H.

  • Quality Center Enterprise

    QC - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

    Integrated IT quality management software that helps you to standardize testing, engineer for performance, and fix defects to optimize quality, reduce costs, and deliver applications fast with confidence. Manage and automate delivery of secure, reliable, and high-quality applications. Implement complete IT quality management and establish consistent, repeatable processes for managing requirements, tests, and business components with HP Quality Center.

  • Signal Architect Simulator Software

    GNSS - Navsys

    The GNSS Signal Architect Simulator Software is ideal for applications requiring: High fidelity simulation of GNSS signals Digital data analysis of GNSS signal effects RF signal generation through digital playback Highly repetitive testing where consistency between test runs is critical Easy to use Graphical User Interface Low initial and support costs

  • SSD Test Systems

    MPT3000ES / MPT3000ES2 - Advantest Corp.

    Using the same high-performance electronics and powerful software as all products in the MPT3000 family, the MPT3000ES and MPT3000ES2 engineering stations feature a small footprint configured to test up to eight SSDs in parallel. The system's small size and ability to plug into a standard AC outlet enable users to conduct program development and interactive device debugging in either office or lab settings.

  • 100-Channel SPST Relay Module

    PXI-2569 / 778572-69 - NI

    100-Channel, 1 A, SPST PXI Relay Module—The PXI‑2569 is a general-purpose switch module that features independent single‑pole single‑throw (SPST) Form A armature relays. It is fully software programmable and contains a 32,000‑step scan list for deterministic scanning capability. This module offers maximum relay density, so it is ideal for medium-power automated test loads.

  • Single-Phase Transformer Winding Resistance Meters

    RMO-TW Series - IBEKO Power AB

    RMO-TW series is perfect for winding resistance measurements of inductive objects. It is ideal for testing transformer windings (power transformers, distribution, autotransformers) and for on-load tap changer verification. In addition, any RMO-TW transformer ohmmeter & tap changer analyzer can also perform transformer demagnetization.The series contains 4 models, with maximal test currents from 10 A (RMO10TW) to 50 A (RMO50TW). They are fitted in a portable and lightweight metal housing.All transformer ohmmeters from RMO-TW series generate a true DC ripple-free current with automatically regulated measurement and discharging circuit. The injection of current and discharge of energy from the test object are automatically regulated.Three independent channels enable testing of three windings in series. Consequently, this enables measurements of winding resistance in every tap position of an on-load tap changer without discharging between the tests.DV-Win software enables control and observation of the test process, as well as saving and analyzing the results on a PC. It provides a test report, arranged in a selectable form as an Excel spreadsheet, PDF, Word, or ASCII format. Additionally, DV-Win measures and calculates the OLTC transition time, the ripple and the winding resistance for each tap changing operation. The software can also perform the calculations necessary for the “Heat Run” test. Finally, a user can export all results in the form of a report.

  • Bending Deflectometers For ISO 178, JIS K 7171, And ASTM D790 Compliant Testing

    Shimadzu Corp.

    After tensile testing, flexural tests are the most common strength tests for plastics and other resins. The main standards for plastic flexural (bend) tests are ISO 178, JIS K 7171, and ASTM D790, which require very accurate test systems. These standards include flexural strain measurements using a deflectometer, ranging from micro-strain measurements in the elastic region, the reversible elongation at the beginning of tests, to larger strain measurements in the plastic region. Shimadzu's deflectometers integrate easily into AG-X plus series, AGS-X series, and EZ-X test frames and Trapezium X testing software. Since these deflectometers push up against the specimen from below, the specimen color is not a limiting factor, as can be for laser type non-contact deflectometers. Furthermore, these deflectometers can partially absorb the shock during specimen failure, preventing specimen fragments from scattering.

  • Tes Rreceiver

    KH3932 - Beijing KeHuan Century EMC Technology Co,.LTD

    The KH3932 EM1 test receiver is a fully automatic test receiver and the main tool for EM1 testing. The frequency range of the KH3932 receiver is from 9kHz to 300MHz. Equipped with a power absorption clamp, it can meet the power line disturbance power test. After the artificial power network is configured, the power terminal disturbance voltage test can be carried out. The machine has fast test speed and maneuverability. Strong, stable performance, convenient test data processing and other advantages. The KH3932 receiver uses the USB interface to exchange data with the computer, which makes the transmission speed fast and the bit error rate low. Connect to the computer for testing and use the operating environment familiar to the operator to improve work efficiency.The equipped operating software saves the data of a variety of external equipment, and supports plug and play a variety of external test equipment. The software and hardware are developed by our company. The whole machine uses a fully enclosed structure, and the chassis uses highly conductive materials with good shielding effects. Due to the use of specific technologies and processes, the problem of its own resistance is fundamentally solved. The measurement results are in the international general report format, which can be saved in the computer's hard disk or transmitted through the network, printed out directly, and saved using a USB storage device. The report is rich in content and can be printed directly according to user needs without additional editing.The measurement receiver complies with the requirements of the national standard GBT6113.101 and the international standard CISPR16-1.

  • Dual Space Electro-hydraulic Servo Universal Testing Machine

    WAW-E Series - Jinan Testing Equipment IE Corporation

    WAW-E series computer control servo-hydraulic testing machine is suitable for testing tension, compression, bending and shearing strength of various metallic & non-metallic materials. Equipped with the electronics, computer &software packages, the servo-hydraulic tester of dual space is capable of controlling the test procedures by the predetermined programs. The computer control servo-hydraulic testing machine can also display, record, process and print the test results. The test curves can be drawn automatically in real time. The servo-hydraulictesting machine is easy to operate and is versatile in the applications of metallurgy industries such as steel mills & alloy, reinforced bar, aircraft manufacturer, research institutes, laboratories, calibration institutes etc.

  • SSD Test Systems

    Advantest Corp.

    Enables Rapid SSD Development and Production Ramp with Flexible Test Solution In the high-growth and highly competitive SSD market, a test system that supports multiple protocols can eliminate the need for retooling and achieve faster transitions from one product version — or one product generation — to the next. Advantest SSD Test System allows manufacturers to rapidly grow their product portfolios while remaining adaptable to the many changing needs of the evolving SSD market. This tester improves users’ engineering efficiency with powerful, easy-to-use software tools and a revolutionary multi-protocol hardware architecture, enabling accelerated SSD product development and a faster time-to-manufacturing ramp.

  • Sun Simulator

    BXM-SOL7A - Zhuhai Baixin Machinery Co., Ltd.

    BXM SOL7A is a latest model Sun Simulator of IEC class AAA. Can simulate the sunshine to test the parameters of the solar modules. Parameters are saved in database. Can be output as a Excel file for printing or other operation.Equipped with 6 parts including light source(xenon lamp), main power source with microcomputer control, computer with software and a laser printer, electron load, data collect card and solar module bracket, the light come from upper side it can test the solar module power from 2W to 300W.

  • Lightning Surge Generator

    SKS-0506IB - Shanghai Sanki Electronic Industries Co., Ltd.

    The lightning surge generator SKS-0506IB1 fully complies with the new standards of IEC61000-4-5, EN61000-4-5 and GB/T17626.5; provides a pulse test voltage of up to 6kV; both AC and DC samples can be tested , subject to The rated voltage of the test equipment can reach 400V, and the rated current of the three-phase equipment is higher than 32A; 7-inch color LCD touch screen, friendly human-computer interaction interface, more intelligent and more user- friendly operation; the software is built in the IEC standard Level mode can be directly called.