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Bloomy Controls, Inc., (Bloomy) provides products and services for avionics real-time test, manufacturing functional test, battery test and simulation, as well as world-class NI LabVIEW, TestStand, and VeriStand application development. Typical applications include PCBA functional test; aerospace systems integration lab (SIL) data systems; avionics and battery hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test; and rapid development of OEM software. These products and services exemplify the world’s best professional practices. Bloomy’s quality management system conforms to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. A National Instruments (NI) Platinum Partner, Bloomy set the industry standard in LabVIEW development best practices by publishing its internal development standards in The LabVIEW Style Book (copyright © 2007, Prentice Hall).

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  • Validation System

    FLEX BMS - Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    The FLEX BMS™ Validation System is a quick-connecting, highly flexible test system for rapid evaluation of centralized, single-board and distributed battery management systems. Utilizing Bloomy’s industry-leading battery cell simulators, COTS instrumentation, industry-standard connectors, and models that run in real-time, the FLEX BMS™ Validation System can easily be reconfigured to test a wide variety of BMSs. The FLEX BMS™ Validation System is used by national and regional safety and standards labs for certifying the BMS for a wide array of e-mobility products and applications.

  • Flight Control System Test Platform

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    The Flight Control System Test Platform provides a hardware in-the-loop (HIL) closed-loop test environment for dynamic and maintenance testing of Flight Control Systems (FCS) of both commercial and military aircraft. The system simulates control surface activities from multiple combinations of rudder, flaps, elevator, aileron, and engine controls to the FCS. The system delivers repeatable, cost-effective testing in a fraction of the time needed with typical in-house simulation test systems.

  • Functional Test Fixtures

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    Reliable connections to device under test (DUT) test points are essential for robust functional test. Bloomy provides rugged fixtures and cable sets (ITAs) built for thousands and thousands of cycles in manufacturing environments. With the industry’s best mass interconnects and internal electronic keying, our fixtures are easy to change out and are automatically recognized by the test system.

  • Interface Panel for SLSC

    THROUGHPOINT™ - Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    Bloomy's ThroughPoint™ Interface Panel provides a simple, yet highly-flexible connection between the unit under test and resources in a National Instruments Switch/Load/Signal Conditioning (SLSC)-based test system.

  • Multipurpose Mobile PXI DAQ System

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    The mobile DAQ system achieves seamless integration among signal conditioning, data acquisition, and synchronization that benchtop instruments would not have achieved. By choosing this system over using benchtop instruments, United Technologies Research Center saved hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • 1553B C Series Module

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    Bloomy’s 1553B C Series module provides MIL-STD-1553B communication functionality in a rugged National Instruments (NI) CompactRIO form factor. The module includes a single dual-redundant bus interface that can operate in bus controller, remote terminal, and bus monitor modes.

  • ESS Performance Test System

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    The Energy Storage System (ESS) Performance Test System is used to evaluate, test, and certify the performance of energy storage systems up to 2MW. The system is a configurable platform with over 200 channels of simultaneously measured AC and DC voltages and currents, environmental temperatures, airflow, and communications. Intuitive software provides real-time monitoring and analysis of power, energy and efficiency to adhere with industry standards. The test system interfaces hardware such as load banks, and controls the ESS to simulate utility applications such as peak shaving and frequency regulation.

  • Battery Management Systems Testing

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    A Battery Management System (BMS) is an embedded unit performing critical battery functions, including cell monitoring and balancing, pack charge and discharge control, safety, and communications. The BMS must be tested early in development to optimize control algorithms, as well as during manufacturing to ensure reliable functionality. Bloomy’s family of BMS test systems provides a consistent platform for engineers to bring a BMS to market faster, and more reliably.

  • Mixed Signal Battery Test System

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    The Mixed-Signal Battery-Test System is an automated test platform designed to meet today’s advanced battery test requirements. The platform is ideal for testing a range of battery cells and packs, and can be used in applications such as research and design, quality control, and end-of-line manufacturing. Its distributed architecture provides a scalable solution with configurable system components to accommodate specific applications.

  • FADEC/EEC Test Platform

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    The FADEC/EEC Test Platform provides a hardware in-the-loop (HIL) closed-loop test environment for dynamic and maintenance testing of full-authority digital engine control (FADEC) and electronic engine control (EEC) units of both rotary- and fixed-wing airframes. The system simulates one or more turbofan engines, including its sensors and actuators for use with the most sophisticated FADECs and EECs on the market. The system delivers repeatable, cost-effective testing in a fraction of the time needed with typical in-house simulation test systems.

  • Multipurpose Module for SLSC

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    Bloomy’s Multipurpose Module for SLSC provides a convenient location in an SLSC system for applications ranging from a simple rearrangement of signals to installation of circuits and components. Both front panel connectors are mapped to screw terminals, through holes, and surface-mount technology pads thus accommodating a wide variety of components. Breakout areas for all rear transition interface (RTI) pins simplify integration into SLSC-based systems. On-board power supplies (±15VDC, +5V, and +3.3V) are also made available for the user’s analog and digital circuits. The module features a considerable amount of available board space for user applications.

  • Services

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    Bloomy has more than 20 years of experience developing NI-based systems using LabVIEW, TestStand, VeriStand, DIAdem, PXI, RIO, compactDAQ, plug-in DAQ, and SCXI. We partner with our customers to provide an automation strategy comprised of a combination of training and services that brings new systems online quickly, while expanding your in-house capabilities to maintain and extend the systems we deploy.

  • BMS Manufacturing Test System

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    The Battery Management System (BMS) Manufacturing Test System performs functional testing of product during end-of-line manufacturing. The system hardware includes all instrumentation to test a BMS, including multiple cell simulators, a mass interconnect for quick product transition and bed-of-nail fixtures to ensure less down time, higher throughput, and easy maintenance. The system application easily integrates into manufacturing processes, provides a method to test multiple product types, and optimizes tests to ensure only good product is released from manufacturing.

  • SLSC and CRIO Modules and Accessories

    Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    Our approach to delivering a high-quality Aerospace, Automated Test Equipment (ATE) asset begins with leveraging National Instruments hardware and software standard platforms. Beginning with high quality instrument platforms for standard Input and Output (I/O), we leverage NI’s PXI and Compact RIO platforms. Extending these system is NI’s unique platform for Switching, Loads and Signal Conditioning (SLSC), which allow the standard I/O to be customized for high performance aerospace industry applications.

  • Functional Test

    xUTS - Bloomy Controls, Inc.

    Extend test to encompass copious test points and DUT varieties along with real-time, hardware-in-the-loop and other state-of-the-art instrumentation. extendedUTS (xUTS) is a custom product for high complexity functional test. Configured for the unique needs of a class of devices under test (DUTs), the xUTS employs our universal test system approach that combines the best open platform instrumentation and software along with mass interconnect technology.

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