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tympanum, bioacoustic sensed pressure waves.

See Also: Ultrasound, Audio, Infrasound, Reverberation, Acoustic, Sound Calibration

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  • Sound Level Meter

    SM-2 - Monacor International GmbH & Co. KG

    Sound level meter (Class 2), single-handed operationElectret microphone capsuleMax Hold and Data Hold functionA- and C-weighting, slow and fastAdditional output for VDC / ~ via 3.5mm jackSupplied with practical nylon carrying case

  • Sound Logger Sensor

    NUL-212 - Neulog

    This sensor has two modes of operation. In slow mode it can be used to measure sound-pressure level in decibels. In fast mode it can display waveforms of different sound sources such as tuning forks and wind-chimes so that period and frequency can be determined.

  • Sound & Vibration Analyzer

    Svan 958A - Acu-Vib Electronics Acoustic & Vibration

    The SVAN 958A is an unique four-channel instrument offering 20kHz-band sound & vibration analysis. It is a perfect choice for allapplications that require simultaneous class 1 noise measurements & tri-axial vibration assessment. Each of four input channels

  • Sound Level Meters

    HD 8701 - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    The sound level meter HD 8701 is a portable instrument, easy and quick to use, suitable for measuring industrial and civil noise levels. The noise levels can be read easily in dB (A) on the large liquid crystal display which also shows all the information concerning the mode of operation of the instrument. One second after switching on and with a resolution of 0.1 dB, the digital reading gives the continuously updated value of the RMS sound pressure level, with a type A frequency weighting. The single range from 30 to 130 dB further simplifies the use of the instrument, as the user does not have to change scale.

  • Sound Level Meter

    SoundTrack LxT N/Forcer - Larson Davis, Inc.

    For Community Noise Ordinance Enforcement and Nuisance Complaint Response. Portable, compact and simple to use, the Larson Davis LxT N/Forcer Sound Level Meter produces accurate, citation-ready noise data on-the-spot, with its compact portable printer.

  • Sound Level Meter

    831 - Larson Davis, Inc.

    This versatile instrument, with high definition display, performs the functions of several instruments. It puts the combined features of a precision Class 1 sound level meter, environmental noise analyzer, personal noise dosimeter, and a real-time frequency analyzer in the palm of your hand.

  • Sound Level Meters

    HD 2010 UC/A DeltaOHM - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable AnalyzerThe HD2010UC/A is an integrating portable sound level meter, withdata logging functions, performing both spectrum and statistical anal-ysis. The instrument has been designed combining maximum fl exibil-ity and simplicity. Attention has been paid to the possibility of adjust-ing the instrument to regulatory modifi cations regarding noise and tothe necessity of meeting its users' needs of today and tomorrow. TheHD2010UC/A can be integrated with other options to extend its ap-plication scope at any time; the fi rmware can be directly updated bythe user by means of the DeltaLog5 program supplied with the instru-ment.Technical regulations: Class 1 or 2 sound level meter according to IEC 61672-1, 2002(Certifi cate of Compliance I.N.RI.M. No. 07-0124-02), IEC 60651and IEC 60804. Class 1 octave and third octave fi lters according to IEC 61260. Class 1 acoustic calibrator according to IEC 60942:1988.Applications: Assessment of the environmental noise level, Noise monitoring and optional capture and analysis of soundevents, Octave and optional third octave band spectrum analysis from 25 Hzto 12.5 kHz, Statistical analysis with the calculation of 3 percentile levels and op-tional full statistical analysis, Identifi cation of impulsive noise, Measurements in the workplace, Selection of personal protective equipment (SNR, HML, and OBMmethods), Sound insulation and reclamation, Production quality control, Measurement of machine noise, Optional architectural acoustics and building measurements.

  • Sound Level Meters

    HD 2110L - Delta OHM S.r.L.

    Integrating Sound Level Meter - Portable Analyzerthe HD2110L is a precision integrating portable sound level meter, with datalogging functions, performing both spectrum and statistical analysis. The instrumenthas been designed in order to offer high-performance analysis ofacoustic phenomena. Attention has been paid to the possibility of adjustingthe instrument to regulatory modifications and to the necessity of meeting itsusers' needs of today and tomorrow. The HD2110L can be integrated withother options to extend its application scope at any time; the firmware can beupdated directly by the user by means of the Noise Studio program suppliedwith the instrument.Technical regulations: Class 1 sound level meter according to IEC 61672-1, 2002 (Certificateof Compliance I.E.N. No. 37035-01C), IEC 60651 and IEC 60804. Class 1 octave and third octave filters according to IEC 61260 Microphone in compliance with IEC 61094-4Specifications: Real-time octave and third octave band spectrum analysis from 16 Hz to 20kHz, Real-time third octave band with two filters bank: from 16 Hz to 20 kHz andfrom 14Hz to 18kHz (opt. HD2110.O1) Narrow-band spectral analysis (FFT) with variable resolution from 1.5Hz to100Hz and capture of the Leq profile at intervals of 1/32s (opt. HD2110.O6). Statistical analysis with calculation of the probability distribution in classesfrom 1.5dB and of all the percentiles from L1 to L99, Estimate of the audibility of spectral components through comparison withequal loudness curves in real time Simultaneous storage of multi-parameter profiles, reports and records atprogrammable intervals associated with sound events identified automaticallyor manually, Measure of the reverberation time by using the method of the interruptedsource and with the method of the integration of the response to impulse(opt. HD2110.O4)Applications: Noise monitoring with sound event capture and analysis function, Identification of tonal components even at the standard third octaveband, Estimate of the audibility of spectral components through comparisonwith equal loudness curves in real time, Measurement in workplaces and selection of the individual protection devices(methods SNR, HML and OBM), Sound insulation and reclamation, Production quality control and measurement of machine noise,Architectural acoustic and building measures.Inputs and outputs Unweighted LINE Input/Output (jack 3.5mm). Output DC LAFp 1/8s TRIGGER Input/Output (jack 3.5mm). RS232C standard serial port in compliance with EIA/TIA574. Baud Ratefrom 300 to 115200 bauds. USB 1.1 serial port. 912Vdc external power supply unit (jack 5.5mm).

  • FFT Sound Analyzer

    WavePad - NCH Software Pty Ltd

    WavePad audio editing software is a full featured professional sound editor for Windows and Mac OS X. It lets you make and edit voice and other audio recordings and also comes with a wide range of powerful audio effects including echo, amplification and noise reduction.

  • Sound Measurement Device

    Outdoor Monitoring Kit - Pulsar Instruments Plc

    Pulsar Instruments Plc offer the option of converting your hand held instruments into either short term or longer term semi-permanent noise monitors. Environmental noise monitoring usually takes place outside and the sound measurement device is therefore subjected to various weather conditions.

  • Sound and Velocity Data

    MIDAS SVX2 - Valeport Ltd,

    The MIDAS SVX2 is the standard for the offshore Oil & Gas industry. Recognising the conflict faced by users requiring the superior Sound Velocity data from an SVP, but still needing the Salinity and Density data from a CTD, the Midas SVX2 combines both technologies to give the best of both worlds

  • Sound Analysis and Synthesis


    Functions for analysing, manipulating, displaying, editing and synthesizing time waves (particularly sound). This package processes time analysis (oscillograms and envelopes), spectral content, resonance quality factor, entropy, cross correlation and autocorrelation, zero-crossing, dominant frequency, analytic signal, frequency coherence, 2D and 3D spectrograms and many other analyses.

  • Sound Level Meter


    The Sound Level Meter is shown positioned near the top of the main Daqarta window. Like the Voltmeter and Frequency Counter, it can be positioned anywhere on the screen, and the size of the display font changes when you resize the meter by dragging its borders. You can fill the screen for a really big readout that can be seen from across the room.

  • Sound & Vibration Software

    BK Connect - Brüel & Kjær Sound & Vibration A/S

    BK Connect products and applications are user-centric, modular and form the foundation for your sound and vibration analysis platform. Each core application can function as a stand-alone tool, performing basic tasks or, when combined with other applications, as a custom set of tools that ensures highly efficient workflows from test design to the final report.

  • Sound Level Meter

    3M SE-402 - Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG.

    The 3M SE-402 of quality class 2 is the ideal sound level measuring device for almost every acoustical environment. The frequency weighting can be done according to the characteristics A, C and Z and the time weighting can be set to 'Fast' or 'Slow'. Ergonomically arranged buttons and the clear digital display (resolution 0.1 dB) ensure a high level of user-friendliness.