HighReach Measuring & Controlling System Co.,Ltd

HighReach Measuring &Controlling System Co., Ltd is the leading manufacturer and exporter of transducers, torque tools and fluid measurement system in China for several years. Our staffs are all well-educated trained and experienced to provide continued services in this field.HighReach transducers and torque tools are widely used in the field of Aerospace, aviation, shiping, electric power, car and railway. Meantime, we established good business relationship with the customers from USA, CANADA, RUSSIA, BRASIL, CHILE, SOUTH AFRICA, POLAND, MEXICO, INDIA and so on by providing them with the high quality products and supplying them with excellent after-sales services. In HighReach, intermediate and advanced technical talents account for over 40 % of the whole personnel. To keep the advanced technology with the world level with mission of quality, honest and win-win strategy, we are working hard to make HighReach as internationally renowned and world first-class fluid flow measurement and torque measurement brand.

  • 0917-3208958
  • sales@hr-tool.cn
  • 195 Gaoxin Avenue
    Block D, Science and Technology Innovation Park
    Baoji City, Shaanix

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