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the study of sound.

See Also: Sound, Ultrasound, Audio, Infrasound, Reverberation, Acoustical, Bioacoustic, Audio Test Systems

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  • Acoustics

    Chelsea Technologies Group

    Chelsea Technologies specialises in the design of underwater transducer technology. With over 45 years’ experience, our comprehensive range of standard transducers are ideal for a wide range of applications from aquaculture to defence. Our in-house acoustics experts can also help with custom products and design projects.

  • Acoustic Testing

    ATA Engineering, Inc.

    Our acoustic testing experience includes acoustic qualification and evaluating sound pressure levels. We utilize microphones, pressure trans-ducers, and an acoustic intensity meter to record acoustic measurements.

  • Acoustic Noise

    American Environments Co., Inc.

    A Test Specimens can be evaluated in two different modes in reference to acoustic noise: The Test Specimen's response to acoustic noise and the Test Specimen's generation of acoustic noise.

  • Acoustic Calibration

    Trescal Inc.

    Trescal provides full Acoustic Calibration services that are accredited and/or certified in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025. Acoustic Calibration services can be delivered at your site or at our lab. Accreditations for our acoustic calibration service guarantees calibration results are traceable to the International Systems of units (SI) through NIST or NRC.

  • Acoustic System

    Constellation - Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc.

    In acoustics, one size does not fit all. Constellation offers an elegantly simple way for venues to transform architectural acoustics with a finger tap, affording a level of sonic flexibility never before possible.

  • Acoustic Testing

    National Technical Systems

    Different types of devices have different thresholds for acceptable amounts of acoustic noise. Acoustic testing services assess how your product will perform in real-world conditions, and whether or not further revisions should be made to reduce noise. At NTS, we have more than 50 years of experience performing acoustic noise testing and monitoring. We can determine an appropriate testing protocol for your needs, and ensure it is completed to the highest possible standards at one of our many test centers located across the country.

  • Acoustic Camera


    The handheld acoustic camera SONASCREEN generates acoustic images from both the audible and ultrasound frequency range. The device locates sound sources in real time and displays the results immediately on the screen. Furthermore, the camera provides audible feedback through industrial headphones. We make ultrasound audible and visible.

  • Acoustic Calibrator

    Beddrock BACx - Bedrock Audio

    The Bedrock BAC1 and BAC2 acoustic calibrators are used to accurately verify (and if neccesary adjust) the level calibration of your Bedrock acoustic measuring instruments. We recommend the BAC1 for the Bedrock SM90 class 1 instrument, and the BAC2 (which complies with class 2) for the Bedrock SM30 and SM90. Each calibrator comes with an individual calibration certificate.

  • Acoustic Control

    Crystal instruments

    Acoustic Control provides accurate control for high-level noise testing of reverberant chambers or progressive wave tubes. Based on the Spider hardware platform, Acoustic Control achieves quick and reliable control of the noise level to the reference octave spectrum and the overall sound pressure level (OASPL). Included safety features guarantee the safety of the unit under test.

  • Acoustics Laboratory

    Trialon Corp.

    Trialon’s world class Acoustic test facility demonstrates how your product performs in real world conditions. Trialon’s technical expertise combined with our customer-focused program management will provide you with the highest quality acoustic testing services available. Our team will provide your organization with reliable testing services backed by a strong commitment to quality.

  • Acoustic Transducer

    RESON TC 1026 - Teledyne Marine RESON B.V.

    ​Ideal for taking long or short baseline measurements, the TC 1026 is a powerful communications transducer for transponder, telephone and acoustic telemetry systems.

  • Acoustic Probe

    AA-Ultrasonic - IPEC Ltd.

    The AA-Ultrasonic acoustic probe is designed for use on air insulated terminations where a clear sound path between the electrically stressed insulation and the probe is present. The sensor is extremely sensitive and can detect activity below 10pC. The probe has a magnetic base to allow coupling to steel enclosures and a swivel head as so the detecting sensor can be aimed directly at the HV point. Corona in air and surface tracking can seriously damage high voltage insulating surfaces in a way that will ultimately lead to flashover and complete failure of the insulator. This discharge activity creates acoustic emission that can be detected using a high frequency sensor. The magnitude of the acoustic emission is indicative of the degree and severity of the discharge activity.

  • Acoustic Recorder

    Reach Technologies Inc.

    Reach Technologies' Acoustic Recorders provide cost-effective signal recording, analysis and playback. These units are highly configurable and come in a wide variety of chassis configurations, bandwidths and channel counts.

  • Linear Acoustic

    Linear Acoustics

    Audio over IP (AoIP) has been embraced by the radio side of broadcasting for many years where the myriad advantages of networked audio via the Livewire+ AES67 standard is well known. Now, AoIP is available for television audio thanks to Linear Acoustic AERO.soft™.  The Linear Acoustic SDI xNode de-embeds two separate HD/SD-SDI inputs, converts it to up to 16 channels of Livewire+ AES67 audio, makes it available for processing, upmixing, and encoding in the brand-new AERO.soft Processing Engine, and then re-embeds the audio into two independent SDI outputs. This provides unmatched flexibility, scalability and channel density.

  • Acoustic Analysis

    M+P International

    Noise is increasingly the subject of new regulations for the protection of human health and safety as well as for improving the environment in general. As well as sound levels, the perceived sound quality of products from washing machines to vehicles is often an important part of the customer buying decision so must be considered during product development. m+p Analyzer for noise and vibration measurement and analysis provides a full range of capability for these applications. Real-time fractional octave filters satisfy all acoustic applications from simple sound pressure, sound power for equipment legislative requirements, intensity mapping to isolate sources to sound quality metrics for product refinement.

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