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persistence of sound. AKA: Reverb

See Also: Sound, Ultrasound, Audio, Infrasound, Acoustic, Reverb

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  • Reverberation Chamber

    RTS65 - Bluetest AB

    Our new RTS65 reverberation chamber is designed to optimize the time you spend on OTA measurements. Our development focus has been on increasing the productivity in your lab. We want your focus to be on your results, not the test equipment. We have developed a new generation of RTS that is an integrated system which will give the user experience every engineer deserves..

  • Reverberation Chambers


    Over the past several decades, RCs have been enjoying growing popularity as a promising facility for the characterization of wireless devices and for EMC testing. The RC (Reverberation Chamber) measurement method exhibits much competitive superiority over the AC (Anechoic Chamber) method and TEM Cell method, such as low cost, enhanced test repeatability, a more realistic test environment, and easily achieved high-field environment. The application of the RC for performing EMC testing was first proposed by H. A. Mendes in 1968. In the recent IEC 61000-4-21 standard, the importance of EMC testing using RCs as an alternative measurement technique has been recognized.

  • Reverberation Tent


    This product is a chamber made of metal flexible fabric tent assembled as a cavity that provides a periodic electro-magnetic environment randomly polarized, spatially uniform, and isotropic.

  • Reverberation Chambers


    Reverberant Test Chambers for sound power level determination and building acoustics measurements

  • Reverberation Chamber Testing

    National Technical Systems

    A reverberation chamber, sometimes known as a mode tuned/mode stirred chamber, is a shielded enclosure or resonant cavity for RF testing. This chamber is statistically isotropic, random polarity, having RF uniformity within specified limits. Typically a reverberation chamber has a paddle (or tuner) which stirs the field, randomizing the boundary conditions.

  • Medium-size Reverberation Chamber

    E-Series - Emite Ingeniería SL. Ed

    The E medium-size multicavity Reverberation Chamber Series represents that state-of-the-art in reverberation chamber technology. The E-Series can make single measurements, batch tests, protocols or campaign tests for different frequency bands, different technologies and different channel models, running overnight without human intervention. Embedded frequency-, mode-, source- and platform-stirring in a double-shielded set of cavities allow Passive MIMO (Efficiency, Correlation, Diversity Gain, MIMO Capacity and others), Active MIMO OTA (TRP, TIS, TPUT, MTS, CQI, M2TxDT, RSRP, MCL and others) and Time-Domain MIMO (DL/UL TCP/UDP TPUT, RMS DS, STD, PL, CBW, Mute%, eNodeB, VDT-OTA) measurements up to 8x8 and 8DLCC to be performed for antennas and devices up to 50cm and 50kg ranging from 2G to 4G, covering all available cellular and wireless technologies to date, including wearables devices, sound acoustic mute, WLAN and W-IoT testing. There is no RC in the market more advanced than the E-Series.

  • Small-size Reverberation Chamber

    PT-Series - - Emite Ingeniería SL. Ed

    The PT small-size Reverberation Chamber Series is a one-of-its-own OTA set of test chambers worldwide. With smart-stirring and capable of simultaneously testing up to 8 DUTs of up to 15cm and 5kg, the PT-Series is intended for Production OTA Testing in non-signaling mode, providing unheard-of ultra-fast test times with good accuracy and repeatability and the second smallest footprint on the market, only superseded by our I-Series. TxPower, RSSI and other non-signaling SISO and MIMO test figures of merit for all cellular and wireless technologies, including Main/Diversity/All antenna switching, can be performed in a wide variety of Operating Systems (Windows, Android, iOS, mac OS, Linux, UWP and Tizen).

  • Small-size Reverberation Chamber

    I-Series - Emite Ingeniería SL. Ed

    The I small-size Reverberation Chamber Series is an amber gem set of OTA test chambers. With smart-stirring, the I-Series chambers have the smallest footprint in the market and are intended for IoT (LTE-M, NB-IoT and EC-GSM-IoT), MTC (LoRa, Sigfox), short-range radio technologies (BT 1.0/2.0, BLE, ZigBee, Z-Wave) and WLAN 802.11abgnac (2.4 and 5 GHz bands) for small devices up to 15cm and 5kg. The I-Series chambers provide for fast and accurate TRP, TIS, downlink and uplink Maximum Coupling Loss (MCL) and Downlink and Uplink TCP/UDP MIMO TPUT tests for UEs, IoT modules, wearable devices, wireless stations (STAs) and Access Points (APs), also with user-selectable technology, band, channel (including DFS ones), bandwidth, antennas, rates (MCS) and other parameters in an individual manner for each test on a batch, which can then be run overnight in an unsupervised manner, something that only the Test Systems from EMITE can do.

  • Large-size Hybrid Reverberation / Anechoic Chamber

    F-Series - Emite Ingeniería SL. Ed

    The F large-size hybrid Reverberation/Anechoic Chamber represents the most versatile OTA test system in the market today. With the same unique test features of their E Series RC counterparts, the F-Series can also test large form-factor devices under test (DUTs) like laptops, large TV sets, solar and trash compactors, drones, fridges or washing and vending machines, among others. With up to 16x16, 8DLCC and DUTs up to 2m and 500 kg including full-body phantoms in a turntable, the F Series also expands the frequency range down to cover 200 MHz up to 40 GHz frequency ranges and the test modes to include EMC, BS, small cell, eNodeB and Virtual Drive Testing over the air (VDT-OTA). In an again unheard-of feature, the F-Series is also reverse-convertible into an Anechoic chamber, allowing Far Field (FF) and Spherical Near Field (SNF) radiation patterns, efficiency and gain measurements and pre-5G testing of antennas and devices. Conversion from RC to AC or vice versa can be performed within half a day.

  • Reverberation Chamber for WLAN, Bluetooth & IoT Measurements

    RTS25 - Bluetest AB

    The RTS25 is the smallest member of the RTS-family and it has been optimized for measurements of WLAN, Bluetooth and IoT devices. RTS25 lets you verify wireless devices in a shielded, repeatable and accurate multipath environment. We are aware of the challenges you as an engineer are struggling with when it comes to finding a repeatable environment for OTA measurements. We have a solution now that makes your wireless even better. Our ultimate goal is to provide relevant input for design optimization and comparison between design solutions.

  • Omnidirectional Source

    BAS001 - Larson Davis, Inc.

    The BAS001 Source is designed to generate omnidirectional sound fields for making standard compliant measurements including: reverberation time (ISO 3382, ASTM E2235), building acoustics (insertion loss, acoustic absorption area, etc: ISO 140-4 ISO 140-3, ASTM E336, ASTM E90, DIN 55 210). The BAS001 is typically used to saturate a room with a uniform acoustic field. The available high-efficiency power amplifier has no fan for cooling, allowing measurements in quiet environments, like those in reverberation time applications.

  • Impulsive Sound Source

    BAS006 - Larson Davis, Inc.

    The BAS006 is an innovative device used to create impulsive noise that includes low frequency energy and avoids problems like secondary bounce. These characteristics make it a great choice for quickly measuring reverberation time when the complexity and weight of a speaker and amplifier is not needed.

  • Acoustic Image System

    Libra - Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc.

    Lose the basic burlap and foam. Libra panels blend effective sound absorption with striking visual aesthetics to balance reverberations—and keep the focus on the conversation. Select from four sizes up to 14 feet wide, or customize dimensions; hang wall panels or suspend panels from ceilings and trusses.

  • CAD Tool

    Sabin - Acoustic Engineering

    Sabin is a powerful CAD tool for room acoustics engineers. Based on statistical calculations, it determines the acoustical parameters of a user defined room, such as the reverberation time T60, the sound pressure level, and the RASTI as a measure of speech intelligibility. These parameters are updated dynamically, while the user is changing simulated sound sources and absorbing materials.

  • A Global Standard for Acoustic Absorption Measurements

    Alpha Cabin - Autoneum Holding AG

    The Alpha Cabin has been especially designed for the measurement of acoustic absorption properties of materials and components used for the noise insulation of vehicles. The Alpha Cabin is significantly smaller than normal reverberation rooms and therefore ideally suited to use within limited space capacities. The acoustic absorption of the Alpha Cabin itself is also very low: Thanks to the high level of sound insulation, background noise in the frequency range of interest is kept to a minimum.

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