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electrical conversion of a sound pressure wave.

See Also: Sound, Ultrasound, Infrasound, Reverberation, Acoustic, Video, AV

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  • Audio

    ams AG

    ams provides Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) solutions and also offers power and communication interfaces for smart earbuds

  • Audio Board

    MS 1813 - Meltronics Systemtech

    *Two Audio Output Channels (Playback)*Two Audio Input Channels (Recording)*High performance Stereo Audio Codec*PCI Bus Interface

  • Audio Embedders

    Ensemble Designs, Inc.

    The 7660 module is an eight-channel audio embedder or disembedder, (multiplexer or demultiplexer) for 1.5 high definition or 270 Mb/s standard definition signals. Four AES ports automatically configure as inputs or outputs depending on if the module is configured as an audio embedder or audio de embedder. Additionally, analog audio is supported.

  • Audio Analyzer

    LA100 - Lindos Electronics

    The LA100 Audio Analyser is a complete audio test system in daily use world-wide by broadcasters, manufacturers, telecom and studio engineers. The flexibility of the system means that testing a broadcast satellite link or aligning a Beta cam machine is as easy as testing a loudspeaker or studio intercom. The LA100 comprises the LA101 Audio Oscillator and the LA102 Audio Measuring Set.

  • Audio Autoselector

    1177A - Audio Authority Corp.

    The 1177A is a unique four input, one output digital audio switcher, incorporating technologies such as AutoSelect automatic input switching and digital audio automatic cross-conversion. This sturdy product is perfect for adding digital audio inputs to a Bose Lifestyle system, or a legacy A/V receiver that has very few digital inputs. Supports both digital optical and digital coaxial audio types.

  • Audio CODECS

    Analog Devices Inc.

    Analog Devices has audio codecs for many different applications, such as automotive, home theater, consumer audio, and PCs. ADI’s audio codecs feature extended temperature range, low noise and distortion, and easy multichannel interfacing to common DSPs, such as SHARC® and SigmaDSP™.

  • Audio Generator

    AG-2601A - Lodestar Electronics

    This oscillation frequency range of audio generator is usually between voice frequency band and super voice frequency band. Its main function is to measure the characteristics of audio circuit. A high performance audio generator is definitely able to meet the versatile consumers'' demands. AG-2601A is a portable-type audio generator with 600 ohm output impedance, all band voltage floating ±1dB, low distortion output wave from 0.05%, high output voltage, stable oscillation circuit loop and minimum frequency floating.

  • Omnia Audio

    Linear Acoustics

    Omnia Audio—part of the Telos Alliance—was founded by Frank Foti, who used audio engineering/processing to enable stations to craft a unique ‘signature sound’ that was louder than anything else on the air, yet with clear sound and minimal distortion. This processing is at the core of Omnia products, allowing stations to stand out among the competition on a crowded dial. Omnia has continued to innovate with leading-edge and solutions-oriented broadcast audio technology and numerous accolades and awards under its belt. In fact, Omnia is now the brand leader in Audio Processing, Processing/Encoding for Streaming Audio, Voice Processing, Analysis Tools, and Studio Audio Processing. Its products are the choice of the majority of the Top 100 rated stations in America, and are used at most major stations worldwide. Omnia continues to push the envelope to give broadcasters the tools they need to amplify, customize, and perfect sound signatures. For a side-by-side comparison of all Omnia Products, click here.

  • Audio Analyzers

    Boonton Electronics

    Audio analyzer provides fast, accurate measurements including frequency, AC or DC level, distortion, SINAD and signal-to-noise ratio. It also includes an audio source providing accurate low distortion signals over wide frequencies and level ranges.

  • Audio Amplifiers


    An electronic device that increases the strength (amplitude) of audio signals that pass through it.

  • Audio Monitors

    RTW GmbH & Co. KG

    In an ideal world, the human ear would be the best instrument any of us could use for quality control and impartial judgment of your daily work. However, it is just not that simple. The introduction of HD and surround sound, as well as loudness control issues have triggered an increasing demand for quality control and monitoring of audio signals. Fast perception and accurate assessment of audio levels using visual representation methods are indispensable elements of daily work. RTW's easy-to-use Audio Monitors are the obvious choice.

  • Audio Monitors

    TouchMonitor TM9 - RTW GmbH & Co. KG

    The all-new audio metering units of the TouchMonitor range is RTW‘s answer to growing requirements in today‘s production, post-production, and broadcast world. Equipped with high-grade 7“ or 9“ touch screens and an easy-to-use GUI, TouchMonitor enters a new level of professional audio metering in terms of precision, performance, efficiency and flexibility.

  • Audio & Visual

    Panasonic Electric Works Corporation

    Audio & Visual Semiconductor products from Panasonic provide competitive advantage to automotive electronic sub-systems.

  • Audio Analyzer

    Minilyzer ML1 - NTi Audio AG

    The Minilyzer ML1 is a handheld analyzer dedicated to analog audio measurements with essential sound level functions. The Minilyzer ML1 simplifies the process of system verification, diagnostics and repairs to audio installations. The user interface aids operators of all skill levels by automatically setting all ranges and providing complete results on a single screen.

  • Audio Analyzer

    FLEXUS FX100 - NTi Audio

    The FX100 is a unique professional audio analyzer that adapts to your application. The instrument offers comprehensive measurements including Passed/Failed tests in under 1 second. You may customize the system for two or four parallel channel operation, speaker impedance testing and digital audio measurements. Switcher modules provide additional outputs and inputs.