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Ono Sokki is a measuring instrument manufacturer focused on the tasks of applying digital technology to measurement applications, and has a proud history in that field, including development of Japan's first digital counter 40 years ago, and myriad products using digital technology. Our taste for innovation, however, is not limited to hardware; more than 20 years ago we adopted flex-time, and continue to provide a casual, young-at-heart environment for our team members.

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  • Motor Torque Detector

    MT Series - Ono Sokki

    High-performance motors including ultra-precision motors are used in various fields. Many different types of motors are used in versatile applications, such as ultra-high-speed motors used in home appliances, low-speed motors used in OA equipment and AV equipment, and ultrasonic motors.

  • Real-time 1/1, 1/3 Octave Analysis Software

    DS-0323 - Ono Sokki

    This software analyzes the 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands for 2 - 32 channels (2 - 64 channels when two units are connected ) in real-time from 0.5 to 20 kHz. The filter is compatible with the IEC, JIS, and ANSI standards. The equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level (Laeq) and the single-shot sound exposure level (Lae) are calculated simultaneously by setting measurement time. Variations in level (time series) for each band can be saved for up to 2,000 points.

  • Sound Quality Evaluation Function for O-Solution

    OS-0525 - Ono Sokki

    The sounds generated from the equipment are mainly measured by evaluation based on general analysis such as sound pressure level, FFT analysis and 1/3 Octave analysis. However, since those analysis don’t take into consideration the human hearing characteristics enough, sounds with even the same analysis result may give different impression.When a human listens to a sound, various sensations such as loudness, sharpness, and roughness occur.

  • FFT Comparator

    CF-4700 - Ono Sokki

    The CF-4700 FFT comparator is a pass/fail judgment machine used on production lines that is highly effective in accurate quality inspection by analyzing sound or vibration from products. As being incorporated our accumulated FFT technology over the years, the CF-4700 enables pass/fail judgment by extracting the amount of fluctuation of signal size focusing on a specific frequency band.

  • Tripartite Graph Function

    DS-0325A - Ono Sokki

    The DS-0325A Tripartite graph function enables you to read out three amplitude values (acceleration: m/s2, velocity: m/s, and displacement:m ) of the specified frequency at the same time in real time. This function is useful to measure sound or vibration.

  • 3D Sound Intensity Analysis Software

    DS-0225A - Ono Sokki

    Finding out the position where the noise is occurring, and grasping the state of acoustic propagation are important ways to find effective noise countermeasure or improvement of acoustic environment.

  • Field Balancing Software

    DS-0227A - Ono Sokki

    The trouble of rotation machinery is caused most frequently by unbalanced phenomenon of rotating shaft. However, balancing correction on-site is not easy because the conventional vector calculation method with drawing needs quite some time.

  • Measurement/Analysis Software O-Solution

    DS-5000 - Ono Sokki

    •Compare/ analyze the data with wide sampling frequency from 10 μHz to 100 GHz•Flexibly layout to compare the data in different formats or sampling frequency•Support various file formats including other company's loggers•Perform multiple data analysis (up to 1,000) simultaneously•Further analysis on specified area with the marker function

  • Time Frequency Analysis Function

    OS-0527 - Ono Sokki

    This function can evaluate transient phenomena that were difficult to capture by FFT analysis, and display clearly time change of the frequency component while maintaining its frequency resolution . The OS-0527 is equipped with STFT (Short Time Fourier Transform) and Wavelet transform.

  • Fluctuation Sound Analysis Function for O-Solution

    OS-0526 - Ono Sokki

    Although the magnitude of the sound is not so large, there are many “unpleasant sound” in the world. For example, “rattling” and “humming“ sounds generated from interior items while driving a car, or abnormal sounds such as “buzzing“ sounds that can be heard in the rotation sound of a small motor, etc. Sounds with significant temporal fluctuation often feel unpleasant even the magnitude of sound (level) is not so large. The fluctuation sound analysis is the analysis that can extract only the components with large time fluctuation that are not affected by the level. As a result, it becomes possible to quantify the characteristics of various temporal fluctuations that were difficult to detect with conventional FFT, basic roughness or fluctuation strength. In addition, since it can be evaluated with two axes of sound tone (high and low) and time fluctuation cycle for various sound designs (applying effect), deeper analysis than conventional technology is possible.

  • F/V Converter

    FV-1100 - Ono Sokki

    The FV-1100 receives signal from a rotation detector or a similar device and outputs DC current or voltage signal proportional to its frequency. As the fluctuation of the input frequency signal is continuously converted to DC voltage, it is useful for measurement and recording of transient phenomena such as fluctuation of rotating speed, current velocity, frequency.

  • Tracking Analysis Software

    DS-0322 - Ono Sokki

    This software enables tracking analysis with high-speed (calculation speed: approx. at 20ms/4-ch), high-resolution (1000 blocks max.) and high-accuracy (more than 100dB dynamic range). It can plot rotation-tracking diagram during calculation, and also can set and plot the diagram of intended order or frequency after the calculation. *DS-0321 series FFT analysis software is required.

  • FTT Analysis Software

    DS-0321A - Ono Sokki

    The DS-0321 is basic software for frequency analysis. With this software, you can resolve time-axis waveform into each frequency, and observe the level of each component. It fits the purpose of resonance frequency observation or careful observation of sound frequency component.

  • Non-Contact Type Handheld Digital Tachometer

    HT-4200 - Ono Sokki

    The HT-4200 is a compact, non-contact type handheld digital tachometer. Affix one of the reflective marks to the rotating surface of the target measurement object, and then aim the red visible ray at the mark. If multiple marks are affixed to the target of measurement object, measurement can be performed at a lower speed.

  • Linear Motion Speedometer

    ST-1210 - Ono Sokki

    The ST-1210 linear motion speedometer measures the passing time between the specified two points, and calculates the passing speed using the distance between the two points and the measured passing time. Useful to measure the plunger speed of an injection cylinder and the passing speed of open/close sections (doors) of the vehicle, and the passing speed of the vehicle with a high precision.

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