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Ono Sokki is a measuring instrument manufacturer focused on the tasks of applying digital technology to measurement applications, and has a proud history in that field, including development of Japan's first digital counter 40 years ago, and myriad products using digital technology. Our taste for innovation, however, is not limited to hardware; more than 20 years ago we adopted flex-time, and continue to provide a casual, young-at-heart environment for our team members.

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  • Multi-Stage Injection Measurement System

    Ono Sokki

    Common rail fuel injection system in diesel engines is a fuel injection system which improves output performance and fuel consumption by purifying exhaust gas (soot, NOX) and reducing noise and vibration.The fuel is completely burned by being sprayed in the form of mist which burns easily at high pressure, and furthermore the combustion timing is optimized with electronic control.In this common rail injection system, injection timing by an electric controlling has great effect on the performance of an engine. So measurement of injection amount, injection rate, and injection timing are very important. FJ-8000 series Multi-Stage Injection Analyzer is able to measure those parameters for every 1 cycle by simulating in the environment which is near to an actual vehicle running.

  • Engine Emission Test System

    Ono Sokki

    By adding transient operation functions (self-learning/predictive driving + each test mode performing) to measurement•control panel, Ono Sokki can build up engine test system that can perform transient mode tests supporting worldwide gas emission controls including TRIAS, FTP, EURO, and ISO. (e.g. WHDC, NRTC).This system provides good reproducibility for Transient mode test. Delay compensation and rotation inertia compensation function have greatly improved as well as self-learning / predictive driving function.Automatically processes from measurement to data output of test result, in conjunction with gas emission analyzer, tunnels, gas emission particle measurement system, smoke meter, etc.

  • Real Car Transient Test System

    RealCar Simulation Bench - Ono Sokki

    This system is suitable for transient test of actual vehicle in combination with the real-time model calculation by the measurement/control panel and low inertial motor. By replacing the wheel of the actual vehicle with the tire type bearing, the axle shaft is taken out to the outside of the vehicle and connected to the low inertia motor. It can be reproduced the sliding motion which the chassis dynamometer cannot be realized. Also, since the longitudinal force is not occurred in the vehicle, the vehicle restraint can be simplified and the behavior such as shift shock can be reproduced on the bench.

  • High Precision Fuel Flow Meter

    Ono Sokki

    This system measures fuel consumption of an engine operated in steady state with high accuracy.•0.02 to 90L/h and 4500:1 wide range measurement (H type)•Keep the temperature change of the circulation flow passage in the device within ±0.1℃ (variation per 1 minutes) to provide stable measurement.•Pipe arrangement which minimizes air bubbles that enter the system reduced the factor error causes.•Resolution has been improved by using an encoder with 1200P/R (Ten times of number of pulses to the existing model.)

  • Tire Rolling Resistance Test System

    Ono Sokki

    This system measures the rolling resistance of each tire accurately. In addition to the simultaneous measurement of tire loss resistance and rolling resistance coefficient for each drive by mode operation (JC08, WLTC), coasting test, constant acceleration/deceleration test and transient mode test are able to be performed. Furthermore, measurement of driving noise/ vibration of the tire, effect of the tire loss due to the temperature change can be verified by adding options.Conforming the JIS D 4234: 2009 and ISO 28580: 2009.

  • Engine Performance/Endurance Test System

    Ono Sokki

    Various types of test system as follows can be built up in combination with measurement control equipment and peripheral instruments (fuel flow meters, actuators, temperature control device, combustion analysis system, ECU monitor, OBD, sound and vibration measurement instruments, emission analyzer, smoke meter etc.)·Traveling fuel economy test·Gas emission test·Output performance test·Deterioration/endurance test·Combustion analysis·Sound source probing

  • Transmission Performance/Endurance Test System

    Ono Sokki

    This system is suitable for vehicle drive test with only the transmission unit in combination with the real-time model calculation by the measurement/control panel and low inertial motor. Simulation test of an actual vehicle running condition can be executed by modeling engines, tires or vehicles other than transmission. The engines, tires and vehicles are modeled by MATLAB® / Simulink®, so they can be evaluated under various conditions by changing parameters or replacing models.

  • Vibration-Rotation Excitation Bench

    Ono Sokki

    ·Realizing rotation-vibration excitation operation suitable for vibration test of gear, endurance test of engine accessory·Rotation-vibration excitation operation equivalent to engine vibration excitation1 Reproducing rotation speed fluctuation and torque fluctuation2 Reproducing engine explosion fluctuation3 Reproducing waveform in engine starting·Environmentally friendly compared to the engine bench1 No need for fuel system facility2 No need for exhaust gas treatment3 No need for taking fire prevention measures

  • Drive-Train/Power-Train Performance/Endurance Test System

    Ono Sokki

    This system is suitable for engine drive test or transaxle test of HEV/EV in combination with the real-time model calculation by the measurement/control panel and low inertial motor. Simulation test of an actual vehicle running condition can be executed by modeling a real tires or an engine. The tires and vehicles are modeled by MATLAB® / Simulink®, so they can be evaluated under various conditions by changing parameters or replacing models.

  • GPS Speedometer/GPS Vector Speedometer

    LC-8120/LC-8220 - Ono Sokki

    The LC-8120/8220 is the GPS-based speedometers which measure speed and distance of moving objects with high accuracy. Support for GLONASS satellite which is not supported in the conventional model (LC-8100A/8200A) to ensure stable measurement. Antenna for LC-8220 (LC-0721) is smaller and lighter than the conventional antenna for LC-8200A (LC-0086) and it enables easy operation. The new antenna (LC-0721) is able to attach to the conventional unit of LC-8200(A) for measurement. The linearity of acceleration and angular speed are improved by using the standard IMU (inertial measurement unit) together with the optional high accuracy IMU. Also, by adding the high response IMU analog output function (option), the analog output frequency of the IMU data can be increased from 100 Hz to 500 Hz. A wide range of optional functions such as white-line detecting function (LC-0856), jerk measurement function (LC-0871) and average deceleration speed calculation (function in the LC-0831) are available for various automotive tests.

  • Gasoline Engine Tachometer

    SE-1620 - Ono Sokki

    The SE-1620 is an engine tachometer that performs measurement of the number of revolutions of a gasoline engine by connecting an engine revolution sensor such as an ignition pulse detector. A 100-mm wide-angle meter is used for the display, and both analog output and pulse output functions are provided as standard.Simply attach an ignition pulse detector or one of our other compatible detectors to the engine to enable measurement of the number of revolutions of a gasoline engine. The inputs, outputs and input power supply are all isolated to ensure the output of analog and pulse signals with superior noise resistance and stability characteristics.

  • Digital Engine Tachometer

    CT-6700 - Ono Sokki

    The CT-6700 is a digital engine tachometer to measure revolution speed of gasoline or diesel engines, motors (EV/HEV) equipped on electric vehicles or hybrid electric vehicles or general rotating bodies.This compact tachometer supports 10 kinds of various sensors with different usages and purposes including ignition pulse detector, gasoline and diesel engine rotation detector, and magneto-electric rotation detector. Engine rotation speed has now come to be able to measure by ECU crank signal even when it is difficult to mount a detector on an actual vehicle.

  • Diesel Engine Tachometer

    GE-2500 - Ono Sokki

    The GE-2500 diesel engine tachometer uses rotation speed of an alternator to measure engine rotation speed. With FFT calculation, this tachometer achieves reliable and stable measurement for both diesel and gasoline engines.The OM-1500 is a compact type detector designed for measuring rotation speed of an alternator. It detects magnetic flux leakage from an alternator. It is used to combine with the GE-2500. (The OM-1200 can also be used with the GE-2500.)

  • Analog Engine Tachometer (Auto Range Type)

    AR-7240B - Ono Sokki

    The AR-7240B is an analog engine tachometer featuring the automatic full scale switching function. When engine rotation is measured in the low scale, such as idling speed adjustment, it can be observed in the low range with 200 r/min scale. And the meter scale can be switched automatically to the high range with 10,000 r/min scale when engine rotation is increasing up into high speed load domain.

  • High-Sensitive GPS Speedometer

    LC-8310 series - Ono Sokki

    The LC-8310 high-sensitive GPS speedometer can measure the velocity of a vehicle and the distance using GPS/GLONASS.It adopts the method to correct the speed obtained from satellite signals with IMU ((Inertial Measurement Unit) and achieves high response, stable and high accuracy measurement (velocity accuracy of ±0.2 km/h, distance accuracy of ±0.2 %).

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