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  • Automation

    Applied Automation Technologies, Inc

    AAT offers suite of software which can be used to automate manufacturing systems with the dimensional measurement feedback and allow multiple systems such as machine tools, measuring machines, shop floor gages and part loading robots to work together.

  • Automation

    50 Hz Adaptive Filter - ZETLAB Company

    One of the main causes of the reduction of accuracy in low frequency signal parameters measurements is the influence of artificial and natural electromagnetic interferences on measuring channels of measuring tools (MT). Under laboratory, production and natural conditions, the main interference is 50 Hz network interference. To eliminate this interference, ZETLAB software package uses a program providing a 50 Hz band-stop filter.

  • Automation

    Arithmometer Software - ZETLAB Company

    Arithmometer is used for arithmetic operations with instantaneous signal values coming to the input channels of ADC modules and spectrum analyzers. The indicator displays the current value of the selected arithmetic operation. After starting, the program creates additional virtual channel  whose values can be used in all ZETLAB programs.

  • Automation

    Controller, PID Controller - ZETLAB Company

    The controller is used on personal computers with spectrum analyzers, a strain-gauge station or a seismic station with analogue and digital inputs and outputs connected to it.

  • Automation

    Signal Filtration - ZETLAB Company

    Signal Filtration is used for filtering signals coming to the input channels of spectrum analyzers, strain-gauge stations, and seismic stations, for further processing by ZETLAB programs. Signal Filtration can also be used for processing virtual channels created by such programs as Vibration Meter, Strain-Gauge Sensor, etc. Signal Filtration operates with signals both in real time and with reproduced of recorded signals.

  • Automation

    ZETLAB Formula - ZETLAB Company

    ZETLAB Formula is a program used for mathematical operations with signals, signal filtration, and parameters measurements, producing signals with various shapes. ZETLAB Formula is a virtual measuring tool allowing to perform arithmetical and logical operations and filtration of constant data flows received from ADC and DAC modules and virtual channels in real-time mode. In the post-processing mode, it is possible to perform various operations with the files created by means of “Signals recording” program.

  • Test Automation

    QAssure Technology

    The right selection of automation tools, testing processes and team, are important components for automation to be successful. Manual and automation methods go hand-in hand for successful testing. Adoption of automated testing paves the way for moving testing operations to test factories.

  • Test Automation


    Automation can perform at the speed, agility and precision levels expected by businesses that want to be at the top of their game. It is automation that can ensure software release dates are met on time, every time. Handling of complex test environments where multiple systems operate concurrently and timing of activities is critical for successful testing is possible only with automation.

  • Test Automation


    Test automation helps in reducing regression testing time and cutting down the time to market with significant cost savings on long term basis. However, a clear automation strategy and roadmap is key to ensuring the right return on investment on your automation initiatives. With disparate application architecture, multiple environments, third party integrations and multiple user devices, a standardized and consistent automation approach is needed to ensure high reusability, ease of maintenance and lower upfront cost.

  • Test Automation


    Tried-and-tested test automation solutions in customisable packages

  • Automation Testing

    TestOrigen Software Testing Services Pvt Ltd.

    Automation Testing is basically performed for verifying the software product and saving the testing efforts by using various best test automation tools to reach the software product’s quality at time. Automation Testing has become important with the developing difficulty of any software app and it requires the successive test protection within the deadline, due to which the automated software testing is performed to get the best accuracy and productivity at a given time.

  • Automation Testing

    Software Performance Assurance

    Test automation can be described as making use of dedicated software to control the tests and then to compare the actual results with the ones that were predicted before. This process can automate some important tasks that need to be carried out or even add more tests to an existing process that would otherwise be difficult to carry out. Manual testing may not be easy and effective to carry out and test automation is a simple as well as cost-effectiveanswer to such cases.

  • Automation Testing

    Enhops Solutions Pvt Ltd.

    Enhops software test automation services adopt very high standards for script development and documentation. Enhops’ revolutionary test automation solution, Enwita, is a powerful platform to automate Web, Web Services/API and Mobile applications. It is designed to support wide variety of applications like ERP (Oracle EBS, SAP, PeopleSoft etc.), CRM, AngularJS etc. and supports integration of various defect management and test management tools.

  • Automation System

    1000i OTDR - Photon Kinetics

    Like the 1000 OTDR Automation System the 1000i OTDR Automation System also maximizes the efficiency of optical fiber OTDR measurements. However, the products that comprise this system are designed and priced for the relatively low volume in-process test application, rather than highly demanding final cable test where station throughput is key. The 1000i brings together our economic, yet high performance, 8000i OTDR, with the fast, low loss/reflectance OTDR-to-fiber couplings provided by the 1120 Bare Fiber Aligner.

  • Automation System

    1000 OTDR - Photon Kinetics

    The 1000 OASYS OTDR Automation System is a complete test station for optical fiber cables that is capable of testing over 1000 fibers in an 8 hour shift (bi-directional, 3 wavelengths). The system is comprised of the 8000 OTDR, the fastest, most accurate OTDR for cable testing, the 1001 Multiple Fiber Handler, which provides automated, highly reliable temporary coupling of the cable's fibers to the 8000, and the OTDR Automation Software that leverages the unparalleled performance of these two products by giving the user the ability to control every aspect of the testing process via an intuitive, network- compatible interface.