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RadiSys (Nasdaq: RSYS) is a leading provider of advanced solutions for the communications networking and commercial systems markets.

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  • Compact 1U Carrier Grade Open Network Switch

    TDE-2000 - RadiSys Corporation

    The FlowEngine TDE-2000 with High Density L2-L5 networking helps service providers and data centers rapidly deliver new IP services in a scalable, SDN and NFV-enabled network while reducing network complexity and CapEx costs. The FlowEngine TDE-2000 is designed to operate in both data center and telecommunications environments that demand high network throughput, scalability and guaranteed performance in a small form factor. Flow Engine TDE-2000 features 2.0 Tbps L2-L3 and 600 Gbps of bidirectional flow-based intelligent load balancing with additional capacity for L4-L5 subscriber and user services.

  • 40G Broadcom Switch & Control

    ATCA-2340 - RadiSys Corporation

    The ATCA-2340 is architected to be the heart of a cost-effective ATCA platform, providing highly integrated, centralized common equipment functions – switching, shelf management, network timing and system management functionalities. The ATCA-2340 Broadcom 40G switch incorporates innovative and modular design to provide a highly configurable solution. For example, the designer can select L2 or L3 routing capabilities, I/O, network timing, and system management. It will meet or exceed bandwidth requirements for next-generation applications like LTE, WiMAX, DPI, and Mobile Video.

  • ATCA Blades.

    RadiSys Corporation

    ATCA blades share a common form factor, simplifying the task of creating multiple network elements based off a single platform. This common architecture fosters both multiple applications with the same assets (blades) and interoperability among different types of blades used in variety of applications. It also makes it easier for system vendors to offer comprehensive infrastructure solutions, whereby equipment makers can integrate additional elements from the ecosystem as necessary. There are many categories of ATCA blades supporting a range of functionality including compute, packet processing and networking. Furthermore, board vendors offer a mix of I/O, compute capacity, backplane interfaces and so on, providing equipment makers with a wide choice for components and subsystems. By choosing an ATCA Blade from Radisys, you can be assured that you’ve chosen the highest quality component available today

  • DCEngine™

    Integrated Rack - RadiSys Corporation

    The DCEngine™ Integrated Rack delivers the following features and capabilities for any DCEngine System:Designed to OCP accepted CG-OpenRack-19 specificationsEngineered to host configurable compute sleds or storage sleds for DCEngine 42U System or 16U SystemEquipment frame can be deployed in both legacy central offices, or next-generation telco data centersFull blind mate rear connections, enabling field replaceable units (FRU) to be swapped in less than 5 minutes with no requirement to physically disconnect individual cablesIntegrated Top of Rack (ToR) switchingHigh speed, optical connectivity to the data and management / control planeSingle or dual data plane and management switchesPre-integrated high speed optical connectivity between ToR switch and each sled's blind mate connectorsRedundant power supplies that blind mate to rear 12VDC bus bars, removes need to manually disconnect power cables when swapping unitsIntegrated fansDesigned for installation and turn-up in data center environments in days, instead of months

  • DCEngine system storage

    DCEngine™ Storage Sled - RadiSys Corporation

    DCEngine system storage capacity is configured using these 2U full width storage sleds, with up to 24 x 3.5” SAS drives (or up to 288 Tbytes per sled).  There are 2 x 10G/25G ports to rear optical interconnects and integrated 80mm fans to reduce noise levels compared to 1U servers.  Benefits of these features include higher density and lower cost while delivering hyperscale NFVi.

  • Dual Broadcom XLP 40G DPI Packet Processing

    ATCA-PP81 - RadiSys Corporation

    Targeting the needs of fixed and mobile broadband, the ATCA-PP81 dual Broadcom XLP 40G packet processing blade provides network equipment providers with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capabilities to support advanced “content-aware” routing, policy control and security functions required by next generation multi-service IP networks. Delivering per blade line rates up to 40Gbps, and based on Broadcom’s XLP832, ATCA-PP81 packet processing blade enables networks to deliver higher quality of service, increased revenue and optimized network efficiency to improve CapEx and OpEx metrics. The ATCA-PP81 enables next generation wireless and wireline infrastructure solutions including LTE (Serving Gateway, PDN Gateway and MME), enhanced 3G networks (SGSN, GGSN, Internet Offload) and stand-alone service and policy control devices that scale up to 200Gbps.

  • Dual Cavium OCTEON II CN68xx Packet Processing

    ATCA-7240 - RadiSys Corporation

    The ATCA-7240, is the third-generation of Radisys packet processing products based on the Cavium Networks OCTEON family of multi-core processors. The ATCA-7240 is a versatile full-duplex 40G packet processing module utilizing two powerful OCTEON II CN68XX processors, each with 32 cnMIPS64 cores and comprehensive hardware acceleration that provides a complete line-rate solution for applications such as Serving Gateways (SGW), Session Border Control (SBC), Security Gateways, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Edge Routers, Media Gateways and Mobility Management Entity (MME) network elements found in the 4G LTE Evolved Packet Core (EPC).

  • Dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3

    ATCA-4700 - RadiSys Corporation

    The ATCA-4700 is a 10th generation, high-performance, single-slot compute blade based on the dual socket E5-2600 v3 Intel® Xeon® processors with 8 VLP DIMM sockets. ATCA-4700 compute module is ideal for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), packet processing, video optimization, applications that require High Density I/O and the highest performance processing possible. Developers want the most performance they can get in an ATCA blade. The ATCA-4700 provides 40GbE network throughput and reduces the number of blades in a system. The ATCA-4700 provides an optimized cost-performance range of E5-2600 v3 processors with capacity up to 512Gb of DDR4 memory via 8 VLP DIMM sockets. This combination of processor and memory density enables the highest processing performance possible in a single slot.


    T-40 Pro - RadiSys Corporation

    Ideal for mid-density node deployments, T40 Pro is a highly optimized performance per watt per space platform for demanding policy enforcement, security and service gateways applications. T40 Pro sports 40G backplane and up to 4 payload slots allowing broad range of Network Processors and Compute resource blade options.

  • (NPX) Intelligent Hub Switch

    ATCA-2470 - RadiSys Corporation

    Data plane applications often have to make a compromise between using commercial silicon-based switches, specialized ASICs, or augmenting with separate packet parsing nodes to find deeply embedded fields in tunneled packets. With standard switches, this meant accepting simpler rules or increased workload for the application blades or additional classification nodes. The ATCA-2470 integrates line rate network processing at rates up to 400G (full duplex) eliminating the need to compromise and thereby maximizing performance, density and functionality in a single hub switch slot.

  • Platforms

    T-Series - RadiSys Corporation

    Radisys T-Series Platforms deliver the scalability, capabilities, and performance to meet operators’ high-performance requirements for SDN, NFV, and network element solutions. T-Series Platforms are true commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), standards-based solutions that leverage merchant silicon, open source software and a broad range of third-party blades, allowing our customers to deploy a cost-effective, telecom-grade platform while avoiding vendor lock-in.

  • Server Boards

    DCEngine™ Compute Sled - RadiSys Corporation

    DCEngine compute processing capacity is configured using these 2U half width compute sleds, hosting 1 or 2 Intel® server boards, each with 2 CPUs and 16 DIMM sockets.  There are 2 x 10G/25G ports to rear optical interconnects and integrated 80mm fans to reduce noise levels compared to 1U servers.  Benefits of these features include higher density and lower cost while delivering hyperscale NFVi.


    T-40 Ultra - RadiSys Corporation

    TEMS and Service Providers adopting this Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) system can take advantage of the pre-integrated management software and Radisys technical and integration services to accelerate their time to market and reduce development costs. Ideal for SDN/NFV architectures or applications such as LTE (SGW, PDN GW), 3G (xGSN, Internet Offload), and DPI (Policy Enforcement, Security, Service Gateways applications, the T40 T-Series Ultra sets the technology standard for carrier-grade platforms.

  • Testing & Automation

    RadiSys Corporation

    Communication Service providers are seeking an analytics driven, automated networking approach that enhances network resource control and better directs and enables network security optimization.

  • Optimized for SDN and data plane NFV applications.

    T-100 Pro - RadiSys Corporation

    The T-100 Pro provides a platform for creating and deploying virtualized network functions within service providers NGCOs (Next Generation Central Offices), data centers and POPs. Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) are hosted on Intel Architecture processor blades, based on the newest Intel® Xeon E5-2600 v3 processor technology. VNF processing is orchestrated through the state-of-the-art A2470 NPX hub switch, offering wirespeed DPI for rapid packet classification, advanced load balancing, as well an industry-standard OpenFlow v1.3 interface and SDN forwarding function for integrated routing.