Physical Acoustics Corp.

Designs and manufactures acoustic emission sensors and acoustic emission measurement instruments under a quality program which is certified to ISO-9001 standards.

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    Physical Acoustics Corp.

    Physical Acoustics offers a complete multichannel product line, ranging from products with two channels, to units with multi-hundred AE channels. Systems can be synchronized to each other to accommodate an expanded number of channels.Our multichannel product's capabilities allow users to simultaneously monitor and record AE frequencies. Multichannel products incorporate specialized AE boards, designed to accommodate use of multiple AE sensors, for more comprehensive analysis of the asset.


    Physical Acoustics Corp.

    Physical Acoustics’ online monitoring products provide remote, Internet connected services for convenient Acoustic Emission monitoring. Customer focused, online monitoring provides daily summary reports and statistical data to observe the integrity and health of a structure. Our online monitoring systems feature alarm status information, parametric, and environmental data. Our systems can also monitor for alarm conditions, alerting and contacting the appropriate personnel in the event of activation or emergency.


    Physical Acoustics Corp.

    AE sensors are a vital link in determining how to apply remedial solutions and repairs to resolve structural issues. AE sensors are used to test storage tanks, heat exchangers, piping, reactors, aerial lift devices, as well as gas, petro-chemical and nuclear power plants.

  • Subsystems

    Physical Acoustics Corp.

    The Physical Acoustics’ family of small systems is designed for convenient transportation in all types of locations. Miniature in size, each small system produces the same result as its full-sized counterpart, reducing the quantity of associated equipment. Physical Acoustics has invested heavily in the development of these systems to provide comprehensive capabilities in-line with the demands of today’s AE market.


    Physical Acoustics Corp.

    Physical Acoustics’ turnkey systems provide users with specialized, “ready to operate” Acoustic Emission (AE) capabilities. Each turnkey AE system is manufactured and equipped with our AE boards, with single or multichannel options. Turnkey systems require minimal installation, and provide users with the ability to monitor an asset’s structural heath and material integrity.


    Physical Acoustics Corp.

    Physical Acoustics’ calibrators, also known as “simulators,” generate simple and complex waveforms of usable Acoustic Emission (AE) signals. Calibrators enable users to program various types of controlled tests, generating AE waveforms in a variety of shapes and amplitudes, mimicking external triggers, gate inputs or internally generated triggers with programmable repetition rates.

  • Portable Testing Systems

    Physical Acoustics Corp.

    Physical Acoustics’ portable systems offer innovative solutions for Acoustic Emission testing for use in a variety of locations and testing scenarios. The Physical Acoustics line of portable Acoustic Emission (AE) testing systems offers excellent convenience, featuring battery-operated, handheld, and lightweight products.Physical Acoustics’ portable systems provide users with the ability to administer AE testing functions, while minimizing use of burdening wires and large computers. Each system offers an intuitive user experience and is ideal for confined, restrictive and unique testing spaces.


    Physical Acoustics Corp.

    Preamplifiers recognize the extremely low amplitude AE signal produced from AE sensors, and convert the signals into amplified and usable forms. As applications and testing conditions vary, project needs may change as well. Physical Acoustics offers an entire line of preamplifiers for a variety of testing requirements. Operating in conjunction with our specialized AE software, preamplifiers also moderate signal size during the data collection process, helping to produce accurate results.


    Physical Acoustics Corp.

    Physical Acoustics’ line of wireless systems offers users complete Acoustic Emission (AE) testing and monitoring solutions in portable devices, reducing the need for bulky equipment and cabling. Wireless AE systems provide users with improved mobility, while retaining full AE testing capabilities.Wireless systems are designed to communicate with a base station module, WiFi, or cellular modem. These products offer a distinct advantage over traditional wired systems, by simplifying and reducing installation costs, and easing transportation.

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