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Behind all of MB Dynamics’ product lines is a wealth of proven global industry experience in automotive, aerospace & defense, industrial, and in-laboratory R&D, spanning private, academic and government sectors. MB Technology includes excitation and motion test hardware, control system and data acquisition software, instrumentation, fixtures, etc. to complete noise and vibration testing jobs. Test Processes, whether MB developed or customer augmented, include application-specific test procedures, templates, test plans and guidelines for helping test and quality control end-users to fulfill their test jobs and requirements.

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  • Electrodynamic Shaker Systems

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    Electrodynamic shaker systems and amplifiers from MB Dynamics help to support a wide range of general-purpose vibration test requirements. The electrodynamic shaker systems are offered in a variety of force ranges, from 100N (25 lbf) to 22kN (5,000 lbf). The innovative design of MB Dynamics PM-Series electrodynamic shakers incorporates permanent magnet technology and the voice coil principle to create vibration. These heavy-duty electrodynamic shakers feature a robust design for maximum reliability, with end-users reporting a useful service life of 10, 25 or even 40 years! The shakers come in five unique sizes, with peak sine force ratings of 100 N, 200 N, 500 N, 1000 N and 2000 N; or, 25 lbf, 50 lbf, 100 lbf, 250 lbf and 500 lbf. The MB Dynamics C40HP electrodynamic shaker outputs 22 kN or 5,000 lbf peak. The C40HP is a part of the legacy C-Series of shakers, which have served as the foundation for today’s modern electrodynamic vibration test equipment industry.

  • Air Bearing Vibration Exciter

    CAL25HF - MB Dynamics Inc.

    The Model CAL25HF offers transverse performance over traditional flexural-based calibration exciters, with operation over an operating bandwidth of 3 Hz to 20 kHz. It is available as either a stand-alone unit, or as part of a larger automated calibration test system.

  • Full Vehicle Test Systems

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    4 poster test rigMB Dynamics delivers effective, low-cost, and quiet excitation technology to root source S&Rs in vehicles, trimmed bodies, subsystems and components,  including 4 poster test rigs. MB’s patented Direct Body Excitation (DBE) Road Simulator and Dynamic Vehicle Torquer (DVT) are advanced vehicle road simulation technologies which help detect vehicle S&Rs during development, launch, and production.

  • Material Compatibility Test System (MCTS)

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    Automotive squeaks occur when materials in contact rub against one another causing annoying noises from friction-induced stick-slips. Automotive itches are a special category of squeaks that can develop when rubber or plastic rubs against glass or paint. The MB Dynamics Material Compatibility Squeak & Itch Test System (MCTS) is designed and manufactured to subject contacting pairs of materials and actual vehicle parts to precisely controlled interference & motion under in-vehicle environmental conditions in order to acquire, monitor, analyze and report friction and acoustic characteristics with the objective to:

  • MB Millenium Dynamic Test Control System

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    The MB Millenium™ from MB Dynamics is a multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) and/or a multiple-input, single-output (MISO) dynamic test control system.

  • Modal Exciters & Amplifiers

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    Experimental modal analysis, or modal testing, is a process for physically obtaining a math model of a structure’s dynamic properties. Modal tests identify a structure’s modal properties: natural frequencies, mode shapes, mass, stiffness and damping. Modal test results help troubleshoot resonant excitation from operating forces, validate and verify finite element models, predict the benefits of structural modifications, support design verification, and understand structural responses due to complex loading conditions.

  • Non-Hydraulic Steering Module Test Simulator

    SMTS - MB Dynamics Inc.

    The Steering Module Test Simulator (SMTS) from MB Dynamics is a non-hydraulic turnkey lab test system, offering accurate, reliable and repeatable in-laboratory simulations of driver, road & vehicle inputs acting on a steering system, and their associated effects on steering system performance and annoying noises. Supports troubleshooting, identification, diagnosis, and resolution of root causes of unwanted noise and other performance issues common to EPS, EPHS, EPAS, MDPS, and HPS steering systems.

  • Shakers

    PM-Series - MB Dynamics Inc.

    PM-Series ShakerMB PM-Series Shakers use permanent magnet technology and the voice coil principle to create vibration. These general-purpose shakers are heavy duty, industrial-quality equipment with a proven track record of lasting ten, fifteen, even over twenty years in demanding applications. You can buy “bargain basement” shakers or you can invest in MB PM-Shakers that will provide you with years of dependable, reliable, and consistent testing. Choose from five different sizes – depending on your needs – with maximum sine force ratings of 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 pounds.

  • Shaker Systems

    C-Series - MB Dynamics Inc.

    C-Series ShakerThe MB Dynamics C10E, C40HP, C90HP and C150HP Electrodynamic Shakers comprise current deliverables in a long history of reliable and rugged shakers earning a well-deserved reputation for high performance, longevity, and dependability. They build upon MB’s family of CSeries products (C10, C25, C40, C50, C60, C90, C125, C126, C150, C200, C210, C220) with a heritage spanning 50 years.

  • Squeak And Rattle Test Solutions

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    sandrAnnoying noises like squeaks and rattles have become a significant quality issue for customers of passenger vehicles, light & heavy commercial vehicles, increasingly off-road vehicles, and even airplane applications. These unwanted sounds are a problem for numerous reasons including customer dissatisfaction, sizeable warranty expense, and the overlying difficulty to diagnose and fix. MB Dynamics offers an innovative line of Buzz, Squeak & Rattle (BSR) or Squeak and Rattle (S&R) Test Solutions, focused on helping to eliminate annoying noises through prevention, design verification testing, and production verification testing, before the product reaches the customer.

  • Squeak & Rattle Sub-System And Component Testing

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    At MB Dynamics, we’re proud to provide clients in a wide range of industries with quiet, custom turnkey component testing systems for combined squeak & rattle testing as well as durability testing of different components and subsystems (in 1 to 6 DOF). Test items can be excited in one or more axes to understand and characterize the physics and root causes of BSRs. Real-world, on-road vibration conditions are multi-axis simultaneous – vertical, fore-aft or longitudinal, lateral, roll, pitch, and yaw – 6 degrees of freedom or 6 DOF. Affordability drives decisions to find BSRs by exciting in one or two – fewer than 6 DOF. That has been a driving force for MB – be effective at finding BSRs with a lesser number of shakers (DOFs) and thus reduce the test equipment cost of finding BSRs. Vertical-only can be effective; sequential vertical then fore-aft then lateral is one step closer to real-world; creating vibration in four or five axes of response simultaneously is even closer; and full 6 DOF systems that are quiet come closest to duplicating in the lab the on-road conditions. MB offers all these possibilities to meet trade-offs of budget, test time, road replication, and BSR detection effectiveness.

  • Steering Module Test Systems

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    Steering test systems for quiet evaluation of rattle, NVH & performance issues – non-hydraulic. The MB Dynamics Steering Module Test Simulator family of technologies (SMTS) is an assembly of components and software designed to facilitate the quiet testing, development, troubleshooting, and auditing of a variety of steering gear and steering column assemblies — collectively referred to here as steering modules (including components).

  • Suspension Component Test Systems

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    Acoustic quality, vehicle dynamics and stability, and driver comfort play an increasingly important role in the development of new chassis and suspension systems – both passive and active. Noises in suspension components can cause customer dissatisfaction and lead to high warranty costs and are difficult to diagnose especially on historically-used, noisy hydraulic test rigs. The MB Suspension Component Test Rig (SCTR) enables dynamic simulation of real road excitations and synthesized waveforms, performing industry-standard Force-Velocity and Force-Displacement tests and low speed friction tests, and assessing other NVH and structure-borne noises for comprehensive performance characterization and sound and vibration analyses on a wide variety of chassis components.

  • Transducer Calibration

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    When it comes to finding the perfect transducer calibration system, look no further than MB Dynamics. Our Calibration Systems offer an extensive range, from the Win475-Basic, the trusted calibration solution for the United States Air Force; to the first of its kind Win475-TS, which measures a transducer’s transverse sensitivity. No matter what your needs, you’ll find the calibration equipment that works for you.

  • Vibration Test Equipment & Measuring Products

    MB Dynamics Inc.

    At MB Dynamics, we take great pride in our ability to serve clients in a wide range of industries with world-class vibration testing and vibration measurement and analysis products. MB’s family of products has grown over the years, beginning with electrodynamic shakers and developing into an extensive inventory which includes a variety of application-specific solutions.