PXI Single 33x8 Matrix 2-Pole 1A

PXI Single 33x8 Matrix 2-Pole 1A

The World?s highest density 2-pole single slot 3U PXI Matrix Module, the 40-581has 264 crosspoints configured as a 2-pole 33x8 matrix. The use of high density electromechanicalrelays means that the 40-581 is a low cost high density matrix solution with currenthandling up to 1 Amp.The 40-581 module is suitable for matrix applications where two signals are requiredto be switched simultaneously, for example send and return signals in a telecomssystem. It is also suitable for applications where reed relay based matrices do nothave sufficient power handling capability.


Format: PXI


  • Micro-D (Male): Quantity: 1 Connector Positions: 96