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Teledyne Oceanscience is a world leader in development of hydrographic and hydrologic deployment equipment designed to save survey time and improve data quality. Our major products are remotely-controlled deployment boats for acoustic Doppler current profilers and unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) for remote hydrographic survey. Our Q and Z boats can carry a variety of payloads, The Q boats for hydrologic monitoring can accommodate most of the industry leading ADCPs including the Teledyne RD Instruments line of Doppler profilers. The Oceanscience Z-Boats can accommodate both single and multibeam echosounds and offer an interchangeable sensor well that allows for rapid reconfiguration of the boat. The Z boats are also typically outfitted with GPS positioning and data telemetry.

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  • Portable, Remotely-Operated Boat for ADCP Measurements

    Q-Boat1250 - Teledyne Marine Oceanscience

    ​Teledyne Oceanscience Q-Boats® are the number one choice for reliable remotely-controlled acoustic Doppler current profiling in streams, rivers, lakes and coastal waters all over the world. Whether you need to reduce your survey time, keep people safe during difficult conditions, or access hard to reach locations, there is a Q-Boat to suit your survey and your budget.

  • Remote-Controlled Dual Motor Remotely-Operated Boat

    Q-Boat 1800RP - Teledyne Marine Oceanscience

    ​The Oceanscience Q-Boat® 1800RP is designed to offer a reliable, high specification remotely-controlled platform for the deployment of popular acoustic Doppler current profilers from any of the major instrument manufacturers. Made of high-impact UV resistant ABS, the Q-Boat 1800RP features twin high power outdrives to give a 5 m/s (16 fps) top speed with the security of two engines. The flexible propulsion system allows the Q-Boat 1800RP to be equally effective at very low velocities (30 cm/s), providing a total solution to river discharge measurement. Ready for GPS and Oceanscience Hydrolink radio modems, the Q-Boat 1800RP is available with an optional extended range remote control system that allows control at over 750m distance.

  • Remotely-Operated Hydrographic Survey Boat with Multibeam Integration

    Z-Boat 1800RP - Teledyne Marine Oceanscience

    The Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boat® 1800RP with new ruggedized design and interchangeable sensor well, offers an entirely new option for high-resolution shallow-water hydrographic surveying. Get multibeam bathymetry data where conventional methods are not feasible or safe, and avoid mobilizing a workboat or vessel of opportunity. The Z-Boat 1800RP uses advanced radio telemetry to offer remotely-operated hydrographic surveys. All data is accessible in real time, giving the operator total control over the survey process. Z-Boat navigation is easy using the GNSS position and heading available onboard, and remotely viewed at the operator location. Data processing is available in real time through CARIS OnboardTM.

  • Single Beam Echosounder, Hydrographic Survey Boat

    Z-Boat 1250 - Teledyne Marine Oceanscience

    Teledyne Oceanscience Z-Boats® are the number one choice for reliable, remotely controlled, hydrographic surveying in streams, rivers, lakes, and coastal waters around the world.Whether you need to reduce survey time, keep people safe during hazardous conditions, or access hard to reach locations, there is a Z-Boat to suit your survey and your budget. The Z-Boat 1250 is easy to operate. The integrated echosounder has an embedded transceiver with digital signal processing and outputs depth & temperature using NMEA 0183 data output.

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