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Teledyne RF & Microwave Solutions (RF&M) has over 50 years of experience in the design, development, and manufacture of sophisticated microwave/RF components and integrated assemblies for the most demanding challenges. Our products are sought after by civilian and military organizations spanning numerous markets, including Aviation, Communication, Electronic Warfare (EW/ECM/CIED), Industrial, Missile/UAV, Radar, Satcom, Space, and Test and Measurement. Our product portfolio is one of the most comprehensive RF/MW product lines in the world.

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  • Voltage Controlled Amplifiers

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) offers a variety of high-performance voltage controlled amplifiers operating over a 5 to 2500 MHz range. These VCAmps feature an AGC range of 20.0 - 50.0 dB and Response Times from 3 – 25µs. TMS has a broad range of component products to meet your demanding needs.

  • Super-Notch YIG Band-Reject Filters

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    YIG Tuned BRF patented technology gets closer to the ‘perfect notch'. Leveraging a long heritage of engineering innovation in YIG technologies, Teledyne RF & Microwave has developed a line of YIG Tuned Band-Reject Filters powered by patented new technology that overcomes many long-time design limitations inherent to YIG Band-Reject or “notch” filters. Our new line delivers major advancements and unequalled performance.

  • Voltage Controlled Oscillator Assembly With Heater

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    Teledyne RF & Microwave has designed a Voltage Controlled Oscillator to replace an existing application. The oscillator covers the 520 to 560 MHz frequency range. The oscillator provides +10 to +13 dBm output power. The oscillator has internal heaters designed to maintain the oscillator assembly at constant temperature. The unit operates over the 0° to 60° C temperature range with ~200 KHz frequency variation due to temperature variation.

  • 3-5 Watt Power Amplifiers

    CCM1095 and CCM2096 - Teledyne RF & Microwave

    The CCM1095 and CCM2096 are power amplifiers that use current efficient Silicon Carbide output semi-conductors to achieve +35 to +38 dBm output power. An internal sequencing circuit is included to provide for safe operation of the output power device.

  • Isolators & Circulators

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    A manufacturer of isolators and circulators for over 40 years, Teledyne Microwave Solutions maintains a broad portfolio of broad-band and high power isolators and circulators with full MIL-Spec performance capabilities. With extensive experience in producing standard as well as customized solutions for the most demanding specifications, TMS performs product modifications to support both wide-band and narrow-band requirements.

  • 3U VPX Downconverter

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    Covering a broad frequency range of 24-40 GHz, Teledyne RF & Microwave's 3U VPX Downconverter is ideally suited for airborne, shipboard and radar applications. This ruggedized unit offers excellent phase noise in a compact form factor. It offers long operational life and enhanced interoperability using a flexible open systems compliant architecture.

  • Integrated Assemblies

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    Teledyne RF & Microwave offers full first-level integration capabilities, providing not just performance components but also full subsystem solutions to help reduce program schedule and cost. Drawing on our expanding breadth of components, Teledyne RF & Microwave delivers customer-specified subsystems of analog and mixed analog-digital design, including hybrid, MMIC, and mixed hybrid-MMIC configurations. Designed to meet military or space applications, some typical subsystems Teledyne RF & Microwave delivers include I/Q demodulators, coupled detector assemblies, switched amplifier detector assemblies, and dual-band VCOs.

  • Combline Filters

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

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  • Wideband GaN Amplifiers

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    The Teledyne RF & Microwave family of GaN-based amplifiers maximizes power density and efficiency, and establishes a new benchmark for small size in the 0.1 to 6.0 GHz range that operates over multi octave. With dimensions of 2.5"L x 2"W x 0.42"H at only 2.1 cubic inches, these modular, non-ITAR GaN amplifiers maintain the rugged design characteristics needed for harsh airborne and land based requirements.

  • Amplifiers

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    We have designed and manufactured amplifiers using all major semiconductor materials, LDMOS, GaN, GaAs, and InP, to produce narrow, wideband, and pulse, receive and transmit amplifiers from 1 MHz to 220 GHz and power levels from mW to over 10 kW.

  • BAW Devices

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    Teledyne’s Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) Product Line has been producing BAW delay devices since the early 1960’s. Over the years, Teledyne Microwave Solutions (TMS) has constantly improved BAW technology and is currently the world’s only supplier of microwave bulk acoustic wave delay devices. Markets for BAW devices include instrumentation and radar altimeters and are available in connectorized, pin and surface mount configurations.

  • 2 To 18 GHz 6 Channel Downconverter

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    Teledyne RF & Micrrowave's Six Channel 2 - 18 GHz (RF and LO) downconverter operates with an IF of ~960 MHz, providing 25 dB of RF-IF gain, and bandwidth of ~500 MHz. This downconverter operates on a single LO at -6 dBm which is amplified, split, then again amplified to each of the 6 channels. Integrated into each channel is a range extension switch, controlled by a TTL input and adding 20 dB attenuation. Noise figure is ~ 13.5 dB and output IP3 is ~+25 dBm. The downconverter is 2- sided, hermetically sealed and designed for rugged applications.

  • Communication Systems

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    Tactical networking radio system comprising of transmit/receive modules, converters, synthesizer, RF switching, power supplies, controllers and an antenna array. The radio automatically selects the best communications path to create a self-forming, self-healing network.

  • Services

    Teledyne RF & Microwave

    For over three decades, Teledyne Microwave Solutions has built a strong heritage delivering advanced value added services to the military, space and industry sectors of aerospace. With test capabilities up to 40 GHz, TMS offers chip and wire assembly of products ranging from single die through complex hybrids which can then be submitted to a combination of customer-specified RF and DC testing and environmental screening. TMS offers a complete portfolio of screening and testing services for device sorting, labeling, lead forming and tinning, and tape-and-reel packaging, as well as LAT services on packaged devices or bare-die, including diodes, transistors, and MMICs.

  • 17 To 19 GHz QPSK Modulator

    CCM19001 - Teledyne RF & Microwave

    The CCM19001 is a Differential Drive Digital QPSK (Quadrature Phase Shift Keying) modulator operating across the 17.0 to 19.0 GHz frequency range. The modulator utilizes differential drive digital inputs (180º apart) to drive both of the bi-phase modulators (mixers) integrated into the assembly. The modulator is a combination of a matched pair bi-phase modulators, which are in quadrature (90º) to each other. It is modulated by switching polarities of the DC voltage controls in 4 different logic states ("0,0", "0,1", "1,0" & "1,1") for 4 phase states. The QPSK modulator provides constant amplitude, 90º vector: 0 (ref.), 90º, 180º, 270º and operates across the -55º to 85º C temperature range.

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