Teledyne Marine Real Time Systems

Teledyne Real Time Systems provides seismic source synchronizing equipment to the global seismic data acquisition community.

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  • Seismic Sensor

    SmartPhone D - Teledyne Marine Real Time Systems

    The highly rugged encapsulated SmartPhone D was designed for use with the SmartSource controller, or SmartPhone D system, for real-time monitoring of near-field signatures.​ The integrated 24-bit digitizer at the sensor element provides the lowest noise interconnect between the phone element and digitizing electronics, eliminating the issues of long signal lines and cross coupling while providing unprecedented signature fidelity at a sample rate of 2 kHz. The unique straight-to-digital design allows more flexibilty in umbilical design by providing digital communications clarity with even the longest of umbilicals. Built-in calibration ensures that the system will always report calibration levels. An on-board disciplined precision oscillator provides PPM-level sample rate accuracy. Built-in testing features and self-monitoring provide the user with instant assessments of the health of the phone.

  • Controller System for 2 to 96 (128 Optional) Marine Seismic Sources

    BigShot - Teledyne Marine Real Time Systems

    The BigShot controller system will synchronize 2 to 96 (128 optional) marine seismic sources, with 0.1 msec resolution. It features automatic Continuity/Leakage testing of Solenoid/Sensor lines, as well as monitoring of source Depth and string Pressure. The BigShot also monitors Manifold Pressure over 2 channels, offers Summed Sensor Timebreak detection, and allows configuration for Hydrophone, Shuttle, or PCB sensors. BigShot can handle Near Field hydrophone acquisition at 1 kHz with 16 bit data. The BigShot can also be run with an optional Windows-based Graphical User Interface software package, and a control PC, and is capable of expanded hydrophone data acquisition with the SmartPhone D system.

  • SmartPhone D System

    Teledyne Marine Real Time Systems

    Teledyne Real Time Systems’ new SmartPhone D system represents decades of experience in marine seismic exploration, and is the next generation of digital marine acoustic Near-Field Hydrophone (NFH) systems. This new product provides high speed 24-bit data acquisition of near-field hydrophone channels. Recorded data are available in SEGY or SEGD format.

  • Modular Controller for 1 to 4 Source Units

    HotShot - Teledyne Marine Real Time Systems

    Each HotShot controller contains a 4 channel power supply and will drive 1 to 4 source units of the most common types with 0.1 msecs of timing resolution. Small arrays up to 8 sources can be controlled by combining multiple HotShot units.

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