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  • Portable 100G Field Testers

    FTB-890 & FTB-890NGE - EXFO Inc.

    The FTB-890 NetBlazer is the entry level 10M to 100G tester that covers a wide range of technologies including OTN, SONET/SDH, CPRI and Fibre Channel. The FTB-890NGE NetBlazer is the most comprehensive all-in-one tester, including testing for legacy networks at 64K up to next-generation networks at speeds of 100G. Testing traffic speeds ranging from 64K to 100G, the FTB-890 and FTB-890NGE offer a complete suite of testing capabilities to address the transformation of metro networks driven by the surge in demand for high-capacity video, voice and other services, as well as the specific testing requirements of DCIs.

  • Shoes and Wrist Strap Tester

    WST100 - Eurostat Group

    • Tester designed for checking the conformity of operators wrist strap and/or shoes to the ESD protection standard.• It is also designed to be permanent wall mounted in a production facility for daily testing of employee’s wrist straps and footwear.• Easy to operate, red and green LEDs give clear “pass” or “fail” indication• Individual tests for the wrist strap, the right and left shoe• Can register up to 60 000 different measurements• Output for interface with PC or automatic door opening system• Operates battery that can be supplemented with an AC net adaptor• Tester and calibration plug are delivered with a certificate ofcalibration

  • Smoke and Heat Detector Tester


    estifire is the world's first multi-stimulus detector tester for smoke, heat and CO fire detectors. It enables faster and more efficient testing of both single and multi-sensor detectors. There are two models available Testifire 1000 for testing smoke and heat and Testifire 2000 for testing smoke, heat and CO. Testifire is the result of several years of technological development and as a result is by far the most advanced tester available. Testifire is UL certified and is approved by leading detector manufacturers from around the world.Read more at the dedicated Testifire website or select from the products below alternatively view our wider range of kits including access poles and removal tools.

  • Ripple Current Tester

    Model 11800/1181/11810 - MEL Systems and Services Ltd.

    The Chroma 11800/11801/11810 Ripple Current Tester is a precision tester designed for electrolytic capacitors load life testing. Provides constant ripple current output and constant peak voltage (Vpeak = Vdc + Vac_peak) output digital control function. Let load life testing for electrolytic capacitors becomes easier and more reliable. And, The Chroma 11800/11801/11810 use excellent output amplifier design technology to reduce power consumption and internal temperature rising. For long time testing requirement, it can reduce electricity cost and perform high stability. The Chroma 11800/11801/11810 is a just right test solution for electrolytic quality evaluation.

  • Tire Plunger Tester

    Qualitest International Inc.

    Our advanced range of Tire Plunger Tester machines are available in different configurations for various tests such as, plunger test, bead unseating, vertical elasticity coefficient, lateral elasticity coefficient, footprint analysis, dimension measurement, envelope stiffness, bevel stiffness, torsion, and inflation pressure tests. It equips with a servo driving system, high precision load & displacement detection device and the real-time computer analysis system to help the test facile and comprehensive. This extensive range of Tire Plunger Tester machines are widely used in the tire industry and meet the corresponding ASTM and other international standard test methods

  • Webster Hardness Tester

    Mitech Co., LTD.

    Aluminum Webster tester is also called clamp type hardness tester, They are divided into MW, MW-20a, MW-20b three types, they are light and portable can be hold by one hand, do not need sample when testing, without high skill requirements. It can do fast NDT test of workpiece on site and meet the needs of quality control and qualified rate. It is widely used in production test, acceptance inspection and products quality inspection of aluminum industries and many companies of windows, door and curtain wall, as well as in engineering quality inspection and technical supervision departments. It is a necessary device in raising qualification rate and saving cost.

  • Intelligent Tester Ii for Toyota/Denso

    IT2 - Shenzhen Zeus Technology Co., Ltd.

    Intelligent Tester II for Toyota is designed to fully utilize the enhanced vehicle On-Board Diagnosis function such as improvement of data refresh rate (CAN protocol), enhancement of Freeze Frame Data and Active Test function and so on. As an aid in diagnosing electrical and electronic control system, it is capable of monitoring and testing Electronic Control Units (ECUs) for powertrain, chassis and body systems and their associated sensors and actuators. Easy and fast USB connection will realize tight integration with Personal Computer (PC) based applications and systems. The Intelligent Tester II has an ability of future extension via generic memory card slot and change of the optional unit. The wireless communication with PCs will be possible by using wireless card in the future.

  • Handheld Gigabit Ethernet Tester

    TC601 - Deviser Instruments

    The TC601 is a rugged, handheld Ethernet tester designed for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Ethernet services. The feature-packed unit supports both RFC2544 and Y.1564 testing for validating service level agreements for business services and residential triple play services.

  • Handheld Monitor, Analyzer & Tester

    DLM400 - Benedict Computer

    Serial RS422, RS423, RS232 analyzer tester and data line monitor with buffer capacity of 1 megabyte of memory. Line speeds to 230.4K (half duplex), 75-115,200 asynchronous, 75-64 kbps synchronous and bisynchronous, SDLC/HDLC, isochronous protocols. Supports MIL-Std-188-114 monitoring, testing and RS485 simulation. Small, lighweight and portable.

  • HDBaseT Install Tester

    4K-9000 - Smart-e Ltd.

    The Smart-e 4K-9000 (HDBaseT Install Tester) is a comprehensive test tool for any installer working with HDBaseT products. Problems on site can easily be identified, diagnosed and quickly rectified. Integral HDBaseT Transmitter/Receiver. HDCP & HDMI compliant. Cable length measurement. Signal strength indicator. Bit error rate (BER) measurement.

  • Heating Resistance Tester

    TF329 - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Heating Protection Tester, to determine the heating resistance and insulation performance of protective clothing and fabrics when exposed to the heat source of radiation and convection The heat source and radiator can be manually adjusted, easy to operate equipped with the heat calibration calibrator ensures the accuracy of the test results

  • EV Charging Station Tester

    EV : ChargeCheck - Rolec Services Ltd

    The EV Industry’s Charging Station Tester of Choice. • Simulates an electric vehicle • Tests J1772 (type 1) tethered leads • Tests IEC62196 (type 2) sockets • Tests IEC61851-1 mode 3 communication compliance • Tests for correct polarity • Tests for earthing presence • Tests contactor actions.

  • Fabric Electromagnetic Shielding Tester

    TF132 - TESTEX Testing Equipment Systems Ltd.

    Fabric Electromagnetic Shielding Tester, to determine the plane wave shielding effectiveness of materials, such as woven and non-woven fabric, metal sheet, coating, metal net, conductive film, conductive glass, conductive medium sheet, plate-type electromagnetic shielding materials etc.

  • Falling Dart Impact Tester

    Shandong Drick Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Falling Dart Impact Tester is applicable in the impact result and energy measurement of the falling dart from a certain height against plastic films and sheets with thickness less than 1mm, which would result in 50% tested specimen failure.

  • Film Impact Tester

    SKZ146 - SKZ Industrial Co., Ltd

    The tester is designed according to GB 8809, ASTM D 3420 applied to test the impact ductility of plastic, rubber, and foil, etc. It impacts and punctures the specimen in the certain impact speed through the semicircular impact anvil so that to test the energy that expended. The energy is the standard to evaluate the impact energy of the anti-impact of the specimen.