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As an owner-operated company, we’ve been developing testing and automation systems for various products from different industrial sectors since 1989. What began in the basement of a private home is today a manufacturer that is active and well-known worldwide and currently has around 200 employees. At the company headquarters in Toenisvorst near Duesseldorf and at eight other locations in Germany, the USA, China, Mexico, Hungary, and Serbia. We have an extensive partner network of leading companies, such as Anritsu, dSPACE, Keysight, NI (National Instruments), Siemens, and Rohde & Schwarz, who supplement our own expertise with their respective skills. Our intelligent solutions are established in the automobile and telecommunication sector as well as in the application areas of the IoT (Internet of Things), consumer electronics, Smart Homes, medicinal technology, and the semiconductor industry.

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  • Radar Test System

    UTP 5065 - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    Radar sensors are core elements to realize autonomous driving. The UTP 5065 radar test system from NOFFZ Technologies has a compact vertical design and contains everything needed to allow State-of-the-Art measurement and sensor calibration. The test bench setup and component selection are tuned to get best possible results for highly accurate and cost-efficient testing in production of automotive radar sensors.

  • UTP Software Suite

    NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    Increasing customer requirements, shorter product cycles and higher time to market demands dramatically influence the long-term goals in software development. With the Universal Test Platform Software Suite (UTP Suite), we introduce a robust standard that features a great set of tools for configuring, developing, analyzing, debugging and executing test sequences.

  • A²B® Automotive Audio Bus Solution

    ITD 1024 - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    ITD 1024 is an off-the-shelf solution for A²B®, an emerging automotive audio bus. In combination with a comprehensive set of software tools, ITD 1024 allows rapid testing of various A²B® components such as audio speakers, amplifiers, microphone arrays, sensors, and actuators.

  • Universal Wireless Tester

    UWT - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    The combination of evolving standards and the integration of multiple wireless technologies with a lot RF Ports into new product designs means that measurement speed and quality become a priority to maintain throughput and yield targets. Noffz and NI have partnered to create the Universal Wireless Tester (UWT) to address these test challenges.

  • Software Suite for Automated Test

    UTP Automated Test - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    Increasing product complexity, centralized test data management and different hardware platforms from different manufacturers – these are typical challenges of test software developers for which we offer specific solutions.Our test software solution is based on certified development environments such as NI TestStand, NI LabVIEW and .NET. Thanks to our expertise based on more than 30 years of experience, we have managed to create a hardware abstraction layer that serves hardware and software developers alike and improves their collaboration. At the same time, it also covers all the needs of maintenance engineers and operators.The UTP Suite for Automated Testing includes a wide range of tools for configuring, developing, analyzing, debugging, and executing test sequences. It helps you speed up your developments while maintaining a consistently high quality standard.

  • Non-Signaling RF Test Platform for Validation & Production

    Universal Wireless Tester - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    Wireless communication standards are increasingly integrated into vehicles as well as smart home and Internet-of-Things applications. They form the basis for connected services, advanced HMIs, and autonomous driving. The combination of constantly evolving standards and the integration of multiple wireless technologies with many RF channels into new product designs means that measurement speed and quality are becoming a priority.

  • Test Tool for Modern Wireless Communication Devices

    ITN 1000 for WLAN and Bluetooth™ - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    Functional Test Tool for Modern Wireless Communication DevicesDevelopment, prototyping, validation and production testing of wireless devices supporting the Internet of Things need low cost, easy-to-use test equipment with support for the latest standards:- Wi-Fi 6E: 802.11ax, 2×2 MIMO; 2/5/6 GHz - Bluetooth™: 5.2 BDR/EDR/BLE

  • GNSS Signal Simulator

    sUTP 5017 - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    With the increasingly complex RF landscape, expectations for validation and functional testing of GNSS equipment are also rising. A large number of different navigation signals need to be reproduced under conditions that are as realistic as possible. The additional generation and injection of interference into the GNSS signals are supposed to simulate the real environment.

  • Test Solutions for Networked Vehicle Components/Connected Cars

    Infotainment & Telematics - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    Developing automatic test systems for the automotive industry is one of our core areas. This industry in particular is characterized by rapid technological progress and ever faster time-to-market requirements.In the vehicle, multimedia devices are used for pure entertainment, but also as vehicle information, which are intended to cover security and navigation services.Infotainment and telematics devices such as eCall modules, connected gateways, instrument clusters or the HMI (Human Machine Interface) are networked with each other and with the most important vehicle functions. All of this is made possible - in addition to GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) - by wireless and new communication standards such as A 2 B, BLE, C-V2X, Wi-Fi 6 and 5G.The complex networking is a very attractive factor for drivers and passengers, but this complex communication can become a major challenge for developers.High-speed interfaces and high-frequency modules used in combination must send and receive signals between the different devices absolutely error-free.With our individual and sensitive test and inspection systems, we also simulate vehicle components or emulate the vehicle environment and thus ensure the functionality of your devices. We take your pioneering developments to the next level.

  • Comprehensive Simulation of Master, Slave and End Nodes in A 2 B ® Networks

    Infotainment Test Device ITD 1024 - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    The complexity, cost and weight of audio systems are significantly reduced with the Automotive Audio Bus (A 2 B ® ) from Analog Devices Inc. Regardless of their hierarchical structure or use as master or slave, all A 2 B ® products must be adequately tested before use. This applies, for example, to HiFi amplifiers/loudspeakers, head units, eCall systems, microphones, vibration/noise suppression units, actuators or sensors.Our small and very compact infotainment test system ITD 1024 takes on this task for you: It comprehensively and extremely reliably tests all A 2 B ® signals and communication in all phases of the product development process - during development, for validation and in production.

  • Precise Testing & Simulation of A2B® Networks

    A2B®-Component-Tester - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    The Automotive Audio Bus (A²B®) is a bus developed by Analog Devices Inc. for infotainment systems in automobiles. It is increasingly being used in other applications such as AV conferencing systems. Typical A²B® -products are Hi-Fi amplifiers/speakers, head units, eCall systems, microphones, vibration/noise suppression units, actuators, or sensorsCommunication happens via a simple two-wire UTP (Unshielded Twist Pair) cable. All A²B® -components are connected in a master/slave architecture to form a network. The complexity of audio systems in these A²B® -networks is reduced, and with it the cost and weight.

  • Flexible Monitoring of Voltage & Current in A 2 B ® Networks

    Line Test Box LTB 1024 - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    The Automotive Audio Bus (A 2 B ® ) from Analog Devices Inc. reduces the complexity of audio systems. In addition to the automotive industry, it is also increasingly being used in other areas such as conference systems. We have developed a line measuring device specifically for this A 2 B ®technology: the Line Test Box LTB 1024.

  • Emulation of the Mobile Wireless Environment from 2G to 5G

    Base Station Emulator sUTP 5018 - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    Bring a whole mobile network to your lab or production: NOFFZ Base Station Emulator (BSE) creates a customized cellular wireless environment. This makes testing wireless devices easier than ever before.Compact, cost-effective testing of multiple DUTs in parallel from 2G to 5G, including endurance testing for several days.

  • Parallel Testing of Multiple DUTs with High RF Channel Count

    Test Rack UTP 7033 RF for validation - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    Our basic test rack UTP 7033 (33 rack units) is intended for equipping with various products and therefore for various application areas.The rack shown here as an example is prepared with products and measurement instruments to test automotive devices with high channel count.

  • Testing Large Radar Sensors with CATR Technology

    CATR Radar Test System UTP 5069 - NOFFZ Computer Technik GmbH

    Modern driver assistance systems must recognize increasingly complex traffic scenarios and convert them into appropriate vehicle reactions with the help of artificial intelligence (AI) and specific algorithms. Imaging radar sensors with a higher spatial resolution, so-called imaging radar sensors, are therefore required. These can better distinguish larger from smaller objects and, due to the larger antenna apertures, also require larger dimensions of the test environment or larger far-field distances. Testing these sensors in the direct far field ( UTP 5065 ) would therefore require very large absorber chambers up to ten meters in size and more.Our efficient test system UTP 5069 offers exactly the right solution:By using CATR technology (Compact Antenna Test Range), 4D, imaging and other radar sensors with large far-field distances are calibrated with high precision in a small footprint. With the extremely low-reflection NOFFZ absorber chamber, the system is very well suited not only for validation, but also for EOL tests.

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