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  • UV Cameras

    Company: Inframet

    Solar blind UV cameras are imaging devices optimized to detect ultraviolet light of wavelengths below about 280nm. Such cameras are insensitive against sunlight due to negligible sensitivity to visible and long wavelength UV light. Solar blind UV cameras are used in a series of applications like corona detection, fire detection, combustion analysis, plasma research, testing UV lamps, etc. However, highly sensitive corona detection is the main mass application and these devices are of crucial importance in electric power industry. These imaging devices enable easy detection of degraded insulators of high voltage transmission lines, distributions and substations. They can see the emission of UV light when discharges occur at defect insulators. From design point of view solar blind UV cameras are actually bispectral imaging systems built by combining true UV camera with typical visible camera. These bispectral imaging system generate output image as overlay of typical visible image with UV image of analyzed UV source.

  • TruCheck 2D UV™ - Barcode Verifier

    Company: Webscan

    The TruCheck 2D UV is the first commercially available hand held barcode verifier for the UV barcodes used in security applications such as track and trace. The new barcode verifier incorporates UV wavelength LEDs and a UV sensitive CCD camera in order to test the readability of these new invisible barcodes.

  • Beam Diagnostics

    Company: Gentec Electro Optics

    We offer camera-based devices with wavelength ranges from UV to IR. All are cameras are USB3.0, for the fastest data transfer rates.

  • MicroVista NIR/UV Cameras

    Company: Intevac Imaging

    MicroVista low-power C-mount compatible cameras combine 100% fill-factor and high Quantum Efficiency (QE) from proprietary coatings that provide NIR or UV sensitivity comparable to scientific grade CCD cameras. With their small form factor and 1280 x 1024, 10.8 m resolution, MicroVista cameras are ideal for OEM and end-user applications.

  • CoroCAM 504 - Corona Camera

    Company: Ox Creek Energy Associates

    The CoroCAM 504 is a unique Daylight corona camera with color visible and solar-blind ultraviolet for specialized applications such as electrical corona and arcing detection and imaging. The CoroCAM 504 also has the patented feature using the on-screen menu to remove the solar-blind filter from the UV detector optical path which increases the UV sensitivity in low-light environments, such as generator winding inspection. This is the most sensitive corona camera available!

  • Corona 350 - Power Line Inspection System

    Company: Ox Creek Energy Associates

    The Corona 350 IR inspection system offers utility companies a complete solution for the inspection and maintenance of transmission lines, distribution and substations. The thermal imaging camera and UV technologies are complementary and are an ideal combination for setting up a well established predictive maintenance program.

  • Streak Cameras and Frame Tubes

    Company: BIFO Company

    Streak tubes are the main part of streak cameras . We produce streak tubes of varios types for image registration in visible, IR, UV and X-ray ranges of the spectrum. Limiting temporal resolution of our streak tubes lies in the femtosecond range.

  • UVSee Corona Camera

    Company: Zhejiang ULIRvisionTechnology

    Non Destructive Testing equipment, which detects, pinpoints and documents flash-arc corona and arcing partial discharge camera. Being with high sensitivity, it is a power tool to detect UV emission in full daylight with high signals from faraway and nearby sources.

  • LED Measurement – UV, VIS, NIR

    Company: Ophir Photonics

    UV, VIS, and IR LEDs are replacing traditional light sources and are enabling new applications. Ophir offers a number of choices in LED power measurement - use the LED sensor finder to find the right sensor. For cases where a complete image of the beam distribution is necessary, use a beam profiling camera.

  • KURO - Back-illuminated Scientific CMOS Cameras

    Company: Princeton Instruments

    Back-illuminated scientific CMOS (sCMOS) sensor architecture, KURO provides >95% quantum efficiency and 100% fill factor. Furthermore, this next-generation sCMOS camera significantly reduces the fixed-pattern noise seen in front-illuminated sCMOS cameras and eliminates the need for the performance-limiting microlenses they often require. The lack of microlenses allows the unique KURO to detect light from the UV to the NIR without a reduction in quantum efficiency.

  • US-454 - dual-frequency eddy

    Company: United Western Technologies

    The US-454 dual-frequency eddy current instrument is well suited for data collection in the laboratory and offers both UV and camera capabilities. Screen capture allows the operator to save a bitmap "snapshot" of the screen to save and archive data. The EddyViewTM also features a built-in strip chart recorder and reject output alarm. The instrument's x/y outputs on top of the instrument enable data streaming with your automated system.

  • Gas Infrared camera

    Company: Scope T&M Pvt Ltd

    UVSee TD90 is an innovative Non Destructive Equipment, that detects, pinpoints and documents flash arc corona and arcing partial discharge camera. Being with high sensitivity UVSee TD90 is a power tool to detect UV emission in full daylight with high signal from faraway and nearby sources. UVSee TD90 is an ideal predictive maintenance device for Transmission Lines and High Voltage Substations.

  • Air Mass-Albedo-Sunlight Source

    Company: Labsphere

    Solar spectrums for use in R&D by the satellite, airborne,field imaging and sensing systems Test as You Fly: Solar Spectrum Cameras and sensors >16bit, Actual -23bit (150dB) Albedo 1 (AM 1) down to night vision light levels UV ranges Resolution and adjustability to meet customer's application and budget High level of absolute characterization

  • SpectroCam - Multispectral Wheel Camera

    Company: Pixelteq

    The SpectroCam™ multispectral wheel camera offers a sophisticated, flexible platform for development and deployment of various imaging applications. Available in UV, VIS, and SWIR versions. Designed to reduce development times and simplify the design cycle, SpectroCam™ features a high speed, continuously rotating filter wheel containing 6-8 interchangeable optical filters. Combined with the scientific grade CCD array, this filter design creates a fully portable and configurable, high speed multispectral imaging system. With minimal pixel shift and high frame rates, this dynamic device is a powerful product development tool.

  • VQV - Media Files Player/Viewer/Analyzer/Converter

    Company: VideoQ

    VQV is a compact, but powerful program, featuring: Raw YUV/Y4M/BMP files player with sophisticated viewer/analyzer functionality Wide range of frame sizes, input and output formats; powerful "Save as" file format converter Displays XY positions, YUV and RGB levels of every pixel; switchable zoom ratio and signal gain Automatic measurement of Active Image size and position – LetterBox and PillarBox detector YUV and RGB levels display, video frame information, Black Crash and White Crash statistical analysis Built-in high-gain spatial and temporal high-pass filters reveal even hardly visible artefacts Selectable RGB, Y, UV, R, G or B view channels, adjustable filter mask size and position Right-click submenu allows fast creation of snapshots or thumbnail .BMP images Running multiple VQV instances provides for quick frames/profiles comparison and benchmarking Easy-to-use tool, instantly revealing your video camera, codec, scaler, converter or other video device performance Input and output uncompressed video material data – bit by bit, pixel by pixel, frame by frame Fast and effective tool for 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SDI/HDMI/LAN/WAN equipment testing and video data fidelity verification Ideal tool for development labs, software developers and high volume manufacturers