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Thorlabs is a leading designer and manufacturer of photonics equipment for research, manufacturing, and biomedical applications.

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  • Electro-Optic Modulators

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs’ selection of electro-optic (EO) modulators includes free-space and fiber-coupled LiNbO3 modulators. Free-space amplitude, phase, or resonant modulators can operate at speeds up to 100 MHz. We also offer liquid crystal EO modulators for speeds up to 2.5 kHz. Fiber-coupled intensity, phase, or IQ modulators for speeds up to 40 GHz can be driven by our EO modulator drivers. A modulator bias controller is also available for use with fiber-coupled intensity modulators.

  • Electrophysiology

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Burleigh's® microscope platforms, micromanipulators, and accessories provide leading edge stability and control for electrophysiology research. The Gibraltar® platform supports microscopes from popular third-party manufacturers such as Olympus, Zeiss, Nikon, and Leica, and our manual and motorized micromanipulator assemblies offer excellent control for patch clamping experiments.

  • Fiber Photodiode Power Sensors

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    These interfaces provide communication between an attached sensor and a PC or other external control unit. They are designed to be controlled via an external device or operated autonomously using the analog output; there are no controls or display screens.

  • High-Speed, Fiber-Optic Reference Transmitters

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs' Reference Transmitters are designed for high-speed fiber optic test and measurement applications. They are fully-integrated and user-configurable solutions based on proven lithium niobate (LiNbO3) modulator technology driven by high-fidelity RF amplifiers.

  • Imaging Systems & Components

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs offers a wide selection of laser scanning, widefield imaging, and OCT imaging systems, including multiphoton microscopes, confocal microscopes, electrophysiology rigs, swept-source OCT systems, and spectral-radar OCT systems.

  • Incoherent Sources

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Our Incoherent Sources include unmounted LEDs, mounted LEDs, collimated LEDs, LED light sources, superluminescent diodes, and broadband light sources. Our collimated LEDs are particularly popular and are compatible with many microscopes. Versions are available with center wavelengths from the UV into the NIR or that emit white light.

  • Light

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Welcome to Thorlabs; below you will find links to light emitters, sources, and controllers, a subset of our entire line of photonics products. Our light sources are conveniently separated into coherent and incoherent sources. The coherent source category includes laser diodes, laser diode modules, tunable lasers, HeNe lasers, and femtosecond lasers, while the incoherent source link brings you to a selection of LEDs, white light, and broadband SLD sources. The Quantum Electronics category includes optical amplifiers, modulators, and gain elements that are frequently used in research and OEM applications. All of our light sources and optical amplifiers are supported by an extensive line of mounts, sockets, TEC controllers, and current controllers.

  • Optical Isolators

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs manufactures a wide selection of narrowband and broadband free-space optical isolators (Faraday isolators) that operate in spectral ranges from 365 nm to 9.80 µm, including high-power options, as well as fiber isolators designed for wavelength ranges from 650 to 2010 nm for polarization-independent versions and 770 nm to 2010 nm for polarization-dependent versions. For customers whose needs are not met by our stock selection, we offer a custom isolator service that can combine the best features across our entire isolator family. The Optical Isolator Selection Guide displays wavelength ranges and isolator types for all stocked isolators.

  • Optical Switches

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs' optical switches are available for fiber-optic circuit integration or construction. We offer optical switches with integrated MEMS technology, optical switch kits, and PRO8 modules. Also available are optical switches for applications requiring an optical shutter in the 1500 - 1600 nm range.

  • Optogenetics

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs offers a line of optogenetics equipment that allows for in vivo optical stimulation for neuroscience research. We currently offer a large selection of optogenetics supplies, including implantable fiber optic cannulae with ceramic or stainless steel Ø1.25 or Ø2.5 mm ferrules, available both cleaved and scissor-cut. We offer lightweight multimode patch cables with an optional rotary joint. They have ferrule ends for mating to our cannulae using an interconnect or ceramic mating sleeve. A separate 1x1 rotary joint that accepts FC/PC multimode patch cables is also available. Cannula holders and implant guides provide additional stability and accuracy when implanting cannulae. Our optogenetics kits provide all the necessary components for an optogenetics experiment including LED, patch cable, cannulae, and accessories. Customers can add, remove, or replace parts in these kits to customize the purchase for their needs. We also offer couplers/splitters, a 1x2 rotary joint splitter, fiber-coupled LED light sources, and a 473 nm fiber-coupled laser.

  • Optomechanics

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Welcome to Thorlabs; below you will find links to our extensive Optomechanical product line, a subset of our entire line of photonics products. Optomechanics is a broad category that includes optical tables and breadboards, optical mounts and construction components, mechanical devices with integrated electronics, kits that make it easy to buy a popular set of components or a set of components that can be assembled to perform a specific function, and general laboratory supplies and tools. Because of the large selection, Optomechanics does not include translation and rotation stages and their controllers; instead those products have their own category.

  • Portable Connector End Face Geometry Interferometer

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs’ Vytran® Connect-Chek® Interferometer automatically and precisely measures radius of curvature, apex offset of polish, and fiber undercut or protrusion on any PC or APC, single-fiber connector. The CC6000 interferometer uses a non-contact tilted-phase-analysis technique for fast, reliable measurements of connector end faces. This compact interferometer has a carrying handle and must be attached to a desktop or laptop computer (not included) with a standard USB 2.0 port for operation. The included CC6000 software, which is used to control the interferometer, can be installed on a computer with the minimum requirements in the table below. Designed for use in both the factory and the field, this interferometer provides crucial quality information needed to assure long-term performance of fiber optic connectors. One CC250P Mount for Ø2.50 mm PC Connectors and one RT250P Reference Tool for calibrating the CC250P mount are included with the CC6000 interferometer; mounts and reference tools that enable measurement of other PC or APC, single-fiber connectors are available separately below. When used with an appropriate mount for APC connectors, the CC6000 interferometer is also capable of measuring the APC angle and key error.

  • PRO8 LD / TEC Drivers

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    This section includes single-channel laser current controllers, temperature controllers, and combined LD/TEC controllers compatible with our PRO800 and PRO8000 chassis.

  • Receivers

    Thorlabs, Inc.

    Our selection of ultrafast photoreceivers for telecom applications provide bandwidths up to 40 GHz. They are available as fully operational instruments or in compact, hermetically sealed packages for OEM applications.

  • sCMOS Camera

    Quantalux - Thorlabs, Inc.

    Thorlabs' Quantalux™ Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) Camera offers extremely low read noise and high sensitivity for demanding imaging applications. The compact housing has been engineered to provide passive thermal management for the sensor, reducing dark current without the need for a cooling fan or thermoelectric cooler. These features makes the Quantalux camera ideally suited for low-light imaging applications such as fluorescence microscopy.

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